Friday, November 25, 2011


Yes, yes I am still here, just never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything I want or need to get done. At the end of the day I find myself with just a few minutes before I go to bed and I veg out in front of the tv and just breath. I do still read although I don't comment as much on others blogs. Often I am reading others blogs/ catching up while sitting in carpool line waiting for my little ones to get out of school. I cannot believe that November is almost over! Time is flying by, Miss L is now 5 months old, and oh my what a personality she is developing- for the most part she is a very happy, smiley, laughing baby who is VERY attached to momma- LOL!
Thanksgiving was not what we had anticipated we all except for hubby have been battling a nasty stomach bug and it hit my M on Wednesday and she is still fighting it :(  So Thanksgiving was spent at home just the 4 of us (H went to my parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving because he was all upset that he was going to miss the big feast, the boy loves his food- LOL!), it didn't feel like Thanksgiving at all. I took care of M all day and of course Miss L too; as well as hubby because he twisted his ankle yesterday morning on his way to get the newspaper. Today there was no black Friday shopping, I have spent it doing laundry all day and watching a little football inbetween, hubby is at work. Tomorrow I am throwing a surprise 60th bday party for my mom, so I am hoping and praying we are all healthy and that she is completely surprised. Sorry this is a short catch-up but I have sooo much to do to get ready, and more laundry to take care of as well as kiddos. I hope everyone had a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Weekend

We had a Fall filled weekend. Saturday after gymnastics and lunch we headed to H's school for their Harvest Block Party. I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out. I thought since it was a gorgeous day and the event was practically free including the food that it would be packed but thankfully it wasn't. The kids enjoyed doing craft activities, playing in the inflatables, playing the games and enjoying yummy food- hot dogs, nachos, Carmel apples etc and yes it was all free:)Plus it was another reason to wear their cute costumes! We all had a fun afternoon, and I got a great deal on some mums for my flower garden. We headed home and my helpful little helper H, helped me plant my new flowers. As we were working H looks over with a BIG grin on his face, gives me a thumbs up and says "momma sure is a nice day for digging!". Love his little heart. We ended the day with a new recipe- pizza casserole which was a hit. A much better way to end the day than the night before with our car accident. Hubby talked to our insurance agent and we won't thankfully have to pay a penny out of our pocket!
Sunday started out great with surprising the kiddos with homemade biscuits however the rest of the day was not so great. We headed to a local farm for fall fun and pumpkin picking (we were suppose to go last Sunday however we had to have lunch with the in-laws instead and of course last Sunday was gorgeous!). It started raining on the way to the farm and it rained the entire time we were there:( I ended up staying in the car with L because with her wheezing she didn't need to be in the cool damp weather. The other kiddos had fun picking pumpkins, playing in the corn box, riding on the barrel train, doing the corn cannon and of course the hayride to the pumpkin patch. I was really bummed, I had visioned a great family picture with all five of us in our Halloween shirts (girls in their matching pumpkin shirts I had made)on a beautiful fall day in the pumpkin patch. We got no sunny fall day, no family picture. This is the second straight year it's rained on us for pumpkin picking. Not how I had planned to spend Sunday or end our weekend. Hoping for a good week this week!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

4 Months Old!!

Well we went yesterday for Miss L's 4 month check up. The appointment went well, and it turns out it was good we had an appointment because I noticed L was wheezy. Turns out she is wheezy and they put her on breathing treatments 3 times a day! So now I have two kiddos taking breathing treatments. The doctor said that L was the happiest wheezy baby she has seen:) The rest of the appointment went well aside from the nasty shots (1 in each leg and an oral vaccine). She is a healthy 15.1 pounds (90%); I don't remember her exact length or head circumference but she was 50% for length and 90% for head circumference. So we have a chubby baby with big brains:)
The rest of our day went well, we enjoyed dinner out with my parents and were headed to take the kids for dessert when we were in a car accident. THANKFULLY!!!!! we are ALL okay, shook up but okay. Hubby saw the guy pulling out (in a uhaul truck) and avoided him as much as he could, if he hadn't it would have been worse! So looks like my vans going to be in the shop for a while:( Miss L slept through the whole ordeal, H was excited about seeing the police and M wants to move her seat as she was sitting where we were hit! I'm just so very thankful everyone is okay and it wasn't any worse than it was!
We have a fun weekend ahead with a harvest block party at H's school and then pumpkin picking on Sunday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Still Here

Yes I am still here, and reading every one's post :)  I just haven't had much to post about or much time for that matter. This week we marked to major milestones. On Tuesday we celebrated one year since I found out I was pregnant with our sweet little Miss L! WOW- what a year it has been. Then today Miss L turns 4 months old! She is a pure joy, she truly is a sweet sweet baby. She is growing and changing so quickly! We go back to the doctor tomorrow for her 4 month check-up. I say go back because we were just there last week because poor Miss L had a nasty virus, she had diarrhea for over a week and developed a NASTY diaper rash:(  Thankfully she is over the virus and the diaper rash is healing up. While we were at the doctors they put her on the scale and she was a whopping 15.3 pounds!!!!
Miss L is loving tummy time, we got her some new toys including a mirror and she just loves looking at the adorable baby in the mirror and talking to her:) We are still working on rolling over, still haven't quite got that- I think due to limited tummy time because of her spitting up so much.
We are all geared up for Halloween. We went to our local zoo this past weekend for the BIG Halloween party there. All the kiddos seemed to have fun including Miss L who enjoyed watching everything- she went as a Halloween princess wearing a black onsie that says Happy Halloween and has an orange tutu attached. This weekend we have more Halloween activities planned including going pumpkin picking at a farm close by, and going to a fall festival at H's school. We are finally having some fall like weather although today feels more like winter! YIKES it's cold- in the lower 40's with gusty winds making it feel more like 35 degrees, and it't rainy. Good news is the weekend is suppose to be more fall like with warmer temps and sunshine:)
Hope everyone is doing well:)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

WOW!! 1 Year!

Wow! It was one year ago today we had our transfer. I cannot believe an amazing year has already passed. I remember what one year ago was like, all the emotions, it seems just like yesterday. Then I look sown at our L and I'm amazed and so blessed with this beautiful blessing. I love her mom and more everyday, she is an amazing, happy, wiggly, beautiful baby.
I'm continuing to pray that all of you get to experience a beautiful blessing too!! I have not forgot nor will I ever forget what we went through and what so many are still going through.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just a busy life!!!

Well no real excuses except I lead a busy life!!! I start my morning at 5am and ends usually at 11:30pm sometimes even later, and I can never seem to get everything done:( Last week we were all dealing with colds- Ohio Valley crud, thanks to the crazy weather we have and the allergies in these parts. I ended up taking Miss L and H in to the doctors just to make sure it wasn't anything more serious. Well Miss L aka chubawuba- LOL! is up to 14.7lbs. Unfortunately a week later Miss L is still congested and coughing which is leading to more spit-up:( H also is still coughing etc and taking extra breathing treatments.
This past weekend we FINALLY got L's 3 month, M's 6 yr and H's 4 yr pictures, as well as all three of them together. We got some good pictures but it was frustrating because the studio was running behind, our appointment was at 10:40 and we finally got called back at 11:20!
Another reason I guess I haven't been blogging is because I'm struggling with a lot of things, we are struggling financially, and our marriage is struggling. I honestly believe if it weren't for the kids we would already be separated. I don't know how to explain it, other than we just aren't on the same page sometimes I feel as though we aren't even in the same book! We are just going through the motions. It sucks!
Not to change the subject but wanted to update about pumping. Looks like my days of pumping are almost over, I am producing less and less, I get less than .5oz a pump. Given the cost of renting the pump and our financial situation it just doesn't make sense. Believe me I wish I could continue, and my body would cooperate for once but it's just not the case. On top of that my husband isn't supportive of the pumping, he has been after me to stop pumping for over a month, but mommy's guilt has kept me going.
Anyhoo that's what has been going on. M is on fall break this Friday and next Monday and Tuesday so I'm hoping to do some fun stuff with the kiddos, looks like the weather is going to cooperate and be nice:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 months old

I know hard to believe our sweet red headed princess is 3 months old today! Miss L is just growing and changing way too fast!!! She is a very very happy baby:) Her smiles just melt my heart and make getting up at 5am to start my day so much easier:) She is becoming more and more active, moving those arms and kicking those legs. She is "talking" more and more, it's so sweet to see her interact with her brother and sister. We are still having some spit up issues, but I'm just not ready to start cereal, I personally feel it's just too early. Anyhoo. On the issue of pumping- to stop or not too stop?! Well I felt guilty in stopping even with only getting minimal amount. So I decided to continue pumping. Here is the thing the day that I renewed the pump my milk production really dropped off?? Each time I pump I barely get enough to cover the bottom of the bottle. So now what to do? Ugh!!!! Why can't my body work right for once??? I know Miss L needs the antibodies especially with the cold season coming up! Anyhoo we will just have to see what happens, hoping my milk supply goes back to at least what it was!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well Miss L has been having a time lately. She started spitting up more, quite a bit more several weeks ago when she had a cold and was really congested, I just chalked it up to congestion. Well she isn't nearly as congested and she is spitting up more, at times she is like a fountain, and this can happen 2 hours after a feeding! Needless to say we go through lots of outfits, burp clothes and bibs! So I decided it was time to call the pediatrician to see what they think we should do, I called yesterday morning and they finally got back to me this morning. The doctors suggestions: reduce her feedings by 1 ounce; keep her elevated at, at least 30 degree angle at all times, burp her good (which we do, every ounce or so) and had rice cereal into her bottles. Here is the thing I am not comfortable with the rice cereal etc... We didn't start our other two on cereal until 6 months old, there is some controversy in starting cereal too soon. So what would you do? My thought is to try everything else first before resorting to cereal. I would love some feed back and suggestions!
I have been pumping since Miss L was born and I have never gotten huge amounts by any means but I have noticed that my supply is starting to drop off- maybe an ounce sometimes just 1/2 and ounce each time a pump and mind you with my crazy schedule I am only able to pump 3 times a day. So I think the time has come to quite pumping:(  I am really sad about this for several reasons, I felt like I was doing something "special" for Miss L, I know how beneficial breast milk is and another (selfish) reason is that I really think it has helped with my weight loss and keeping the weight off etc... However I also know that the little bit she is getting probably isn't doing much for her, it would free up time to spend with all my kiddos but especially Miss L while the others are at school and would save us money that we are spending on the pump rental ($80 a month). In a perfect world my body would work like it is suppose to and I would be able to breast feed (and of course their wouldn't be IF!), but this isn't a perfect world. For now I have the pump till the 21st of this month so I will continue to use it and pump what little I can get till then, but I know it is not going to be easy to quite:(
On another note I am hoping to be able to blog more fingers crossed! We are almost through the birthdays, M and H have their joint friends party this weekend- I will be making at least 50 cupcakes! This past weekend was Miss M's 6th birthday and I have to admit I was a little disappointed in my family (it was her family party), only about half of who was invited showed up! We had TONS of food left over because as usual NO ONE in my family RSVP's- I don't understand that! I was hoping that Miss M was busy having fun not to notice however she asked me several times why weren't there many people at my party? I felt so bad for her, but I also know she enjoyed playing with her cousins and having the one spend the night. Anyhoo, hopefully things will begin to settle down after that:) I am also looking forward to more Fall weather!!!!! We are having some more fall weather today and tomorrow and I am loving it!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

CRAZY life!

Well I feel as though I lead a crazy life but one that I love! Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged, I'm having a hard time finding time to blog. I have very little to no "me" time. Having two kiddos in different schools across town, leads to LOTS of running! I have also been getting ready for M's birthday party we had this past weekend and the friends party next weekend. Miss L is doing fantastic!!! She is growing and changing so much. She is pretty much sleeping through the night. She is a happy, happy baby whose smiles light up the room:) she us becoming more vocal, trying out her voice more and more. I LOVE her little giggles. She is very ticklish! I could go on and on, she is just so amazing:)
My other two kiddos are doing great, adjusting to school and actually enjoying it:) Miss M hasn't quite adjusted to the long days, afternoons after I have picked her up aren't pleasant! Miss ATTITUDE shows up- Grrrrr!!
We are finally experiencing some cooler temps, even fall like, and we are loving it!! The kids are able to get outside more, enjoy the fresh air and get rid of some energy:) Hubby and I are also enjoying the return of football!
Well that's a quick update. Even though I haven't been good about keeping up my blog, I'm still reading everyone else's!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

LOL at myself:)

Ok maybe I'm a little sleep deprived, pre-occupied or both!!! Just did Miss L's laundry and when I got the laundry out of the dryer there were little cotton balls all over the clothes??!! So I go to fold the laundry, come to find out disposable diapers don't laundry to well-LOL!! Apparently instead of throwing her diaper in the diaper ch.amp I threw it in her laundry basket! Needless to say it was a long weekend, and an even longer week without my hubby. I will be so glad for Wednesday night to get here when he will be home and off work for five days:)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two month check-up

Yesterday was Miss L's two month check-up, good grief where does the time go?? Miss L is perfect (but then we already knew that). She seems to be getting over the virus/cold. Miss L is basically an average length, chubby little girl with lots of brains:) she is in the 50% for length and the 90% for weight and head circumference. I dis go ahead and get her shots since she hadn't run a fever since Sunday and seemed to be doing better! I hate shots but they are a necessary evil. Poor L had to get two shots, one in each leg-OUCH! yesterday afternoon you could tell the shots were bothering her, she was very fussy and just not herself. I'm hoping today will be better.
Well this morning I dropped M off at school, I'm home pumping and then heading off to a parent mtg at H's school. It's never ending, run, run,run!!! Oh almost forgot I FINALLY got L's 6week baby pictures and announcements- long story, just glad to FINALLY have them even though the order was screwed up!

Monday, August 22, 2011

a sick little one:(

We had a busy weekend getting ready for H's big family birthday party- he had a great time and even told us it was the BEST birthday ever till everyone had to leave- LOL! Saturday I spent all day getting ready for the party, cleaning the house etc... and poor Miss L just wasn't herself, fussy, spitting up quite a bit, not taking all her bottles etc.. She had been having some congestion that I was using saline and suction but really wasn't getting much. Then on Sunday poor Miss L started running a fever, it never went over 100 but still worried me. My hubby also left yesterday afternoon for 10 days on a business trip- I was already worried about having all three kiddos and keeping my sanity etc... I noticed throughout the day yesterday that Miss L seemed to be getting worse- I could see it in her eyes, and she was getting more congested. I was surprised that she slept through the night, her last bottle was around 9pm and I had to wake her up around 6:30 am to give her a bottle (I had to wake her because I didn't want her waking up as we were going out the door to take my other daughter to school etc...). She seemed really congested, had developed a cough etc but wasn't running a fever. I decided I was going to call the doc first thing and get an appointment, my main concern was rsv- we dealt with that with H when he was a baby. Luckily I got a morning appointment with the pediatrician I usually try to avoid but he was actually great with L and with me too:) He too was concerned about rsv so they tested L which involved a nose swab, and a heel prick:( L was a trooper! THANKFULLY it was not rsv just a nasty virus but that also means there is nothing they can do. L has her 2 month check-up on Wed. (they did weight her today and my little chunky monkey is 12 pounds 10oz!!!!!) which I am glad that we will be going back this week so they can determine if she is getting better etc... Although I am seriously thinking about waiting on her shots until she is better- anyone have thoughts on that?  I just want L to get better I HATE it when one of my kiddos is sick:( L is just pitiful, you can tell she feels bad but she still gives me the BIGGEST grins that just melt my heart:)
On another note, M had a great day at school- hope this is a trend:) Although mornings are still horrible- she just is NOT a morning person at all!!! I am just happy happy happy to hear that she is having good days at school and seeing her shining face when I pick her up at school.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What a Week, and it's not even Friday yet!!!

WHEW!!!! What a week I have had! I am EXHAUSTED! I have not adjusted to getting up at 5am to start my day. I haven't figured out how to fit some down time in for me once the kiddos are in bed, and get to bed at a decent time (before 11:30 preferably!). With all that I have been busy busy busy and had an emotional week. Monday wasn't too bad, but it was filled with getting ready for the first day of school. Tuesday was an emotional day with M's first day of school (see previous blog post for more info!). She did great going into school, but mommy didn't. I was soooo excited to pick her up from school and hear all about her first day. Unfortunately M had a rough first day at school and was in tears! She was upset because she missed me, she didn't like how loud it was in the cafeteria and they didn't give her enough time to finish her lunch:( She didn't want to go back to school she just wanted to stay home with me. We stayed positive with her and fortunately she went back to school the next day without much fuss- but she did let us know she wasn't happy about it! Wednesday was a better day for her-YAH!!! So this morning I didn't hear anything about not wanting to go to school etc... However this afternoon when I picked her up we had more tears because I was a bad mommy and forgot to put dessert in her lunch box:( I felt HORRIBLE!! But I also know she never gets to the dessert part of her lunch because she is a slow eater and ran out of time. I did make it up to her by taking her out after school today for a sweet treat:) She was also very upset because the teacher didn't call her name to pick something out of the treasure box (she had gotten something the past two days; it's for good behavior) and she didn't have any strikes:( I said what probably happened is M's name is last on the class list due to our last name and she probably forgot. OH MY HEART just hurts for M, she is really struggling with school, I just want to wrap my arms around her and keep her at home forever! BUT I know that would not be good for her.
Yesterday was my son's 4th birthday! But before we get to his birthday, he had a peanut challenge at the allergist yesterday morning and PASSED- YAH!!!!!! So H can now have peanuts:) So for H's birthday lunch we went to Ch.ik Fi.l a where he could eat chicken nuggets and play on the playground for the first time:) We also went out to dinner to celebrate H's birthday, he got to choose where we went and of course we went to Yan.g Noo.dle his FAVORITE place! Then we came back to the house and had cookie cake- his choice once again (something he has not been able to have/enjoy due to his allergies) and opened presents from us and my parents (his BIG family party is this weekend and his friends party will be in September. M and H have birthday's just a couple weeks apart so we are doing their friends party together).
I would say I am looking forward to Sunday to relax a little bit but that isn't going to happen because I have to take Hubby to the airport to fly out on a business trip- he will be gone 11 days:(  UGH! It is going to be a LONG 11 days for me.
Through all this craziness L is doing fabulous! She is my little chunky monkey:) She has her 2 month check up next week and I am anxious to see how much she weights! For the most part she is sleeping through the night (the other night we had a rough night she just wanted to be held, I think she was having gas issues), with her last feeding around 10 or 11pm and going to sleep afterwards and then waking either right when I get up at 5am or after my shower. So thankfully I am not having to feed her in the middle of the night with the little sleep I am getting.
I am hoping and praying that the end of my week and the weekend is better than my week has been. I am also asking for prayers while my hubby is gone for 11 days. Thank you:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rough morning for Mommy!!!!

I have had a very rough morning, hoping my day gets better!!!! First of all this is kind of an emotional week for me, yesterday Miss L turned 8 weeks old; today my oldest started kindergarten and tomorrow my son turns 4years old- my kiddos are growing up WAY TO FAST:(
Our morning was going smoothly (aside from Miss L spitting up on daddy's uniform for work and then peeing on him while he was changing her-LOL!!!), M woke up without any issues for the first day of school, ate breakfast, and got ready for school without any issues from her:) which is HUGE because she is NOT a morning person and she has to get up super early since school starts at 7:50am!!  H slept in since he didn't have school, so I just put flip flops on him and he rode to M's school in pj's. We were able to get pictures of M in her school uniform with mommy and daddy. Then it was time for daddy to head to work and mommy to take M to school for her first day of kindergarten. Everything was going well, and I was holding it together well until carpool line. M decided she wanted to go through carpool line, which I was okay with however it moved faster than I anticipated and before I knew it she was out of the car and on her way into school like a big girl (she looked so small, with her backpack on going into school with the "big" kids). The only problem was mommy wasn't prepared and I didn't get to give her a kiss or a hug:( Well as I pulled off I lost it, I was a mess crying and trying to drive while H is in the backseat asking me over and over what was wrong? Then next thing I know I am getting pulled over by a cop! Of course the cop walks up and I am a sobbing mess, and I try to explain to him what was going on however he was none to sympathetic. Apparently when I registered my vehicle at the beginning of the year I forgot to put the renewal sticker on the license plate (it was cold and snowy when I did it and then just forgot to put the sticker on) so that is why I was pulled over- thankfully I had the sticker on the registration in the glove box so he made me get out and put it on right then, He also said I was speeding- I was going at most 5 over the speed limit, I was going down a large hill and breaking trying to slow my momentum when he pulled me over. UGH!!! Just what I needed this morning! Thankfully he only gave me a warning, but something tells me he will be looking for me each morning!
I am looking forward to this afternoon when I get to pick M up from school and hear all about her day. I hope and pray that she has a fabulous first day and loves her new school, classmates and teacher.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I DID it!!!!!

So last night I was determined I was going to get that wrap thing on and use it!!! Well after getting some tips, and seeing some more pictures I got the wrap on with Miss L in it!!!!! YAH!!! I was so excited, now it wasn't perfect but I was so proud that I actually got to the point where she was in it and I was using it. I am sure after more use and practice I will get better at it.
Today was a FABULOUS day:) Miss L slept through the night till 7am WOO-HOO!!! We had a good morning, things went smoothly and I decided to take advantage of the LOVELY and yes I do mean LOVELY weather we have been having. For most of the summer we have been having HOT HOT days with HIGH humidity. But thankfully this week we are in the 80's with yesterday and today in the low 80's with low humidity. So I decided to venture to the zoo with the kiddos and we had a WONDERFUL day together it was really really great. Miss L slept through most of it but when I fed her we were at the playground at the zoo in the shade and she LOVED it:) I was so happy to have a great day with my kiddos before school starts next week for my oldest. Trying to get as much "FUN" in before school starts, who knows what tomorrow will bring:)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I think I need a PH.D!!!

Okay back when I was pregnant I bought one of the wraps because they looked comfy and would come in handy with three kiddos etc... Well I got it out the other day to attempt to use it because it really could come in handy. LOL!!! I could NOT believe the instructions- 8 yes 8 steps to put the stupid thing on and I was stuck on step #3 UGH! I swear I think I need a PH.D to figure this thing out, that or a rocket scientist neither of which I have. I have yet to re-attempt putting the thing on, I am so frustrated with it but at the same time I really want to use it. Anyone out there have one and have any advice?
On a different note I think my kiddos have been watching way too much television between me not being able to get out and the heat etc... So today the weather was GORGEOUS, low 80's for temps with low humidity etc.. so I decided to take the kiddos to the park as a surprise. Well all they did was complain from the time we got there, they wanted to go to a different park, why didn't I pack a lunch?, etc... then my son tells me it would have been better if they had a tv there! I asked Where at the park? his reply: Yep momma! UGH!!!! So frustrating. I thought about attempting the zoo tomorrow however with todays attempt a bomb I am not so sure that is a good idea. So after all there complaints, etc... we left the park after only 20 or so minutes there. The sad part is that Miss L was really enjoying the fresh air!

Monday, August 8, 2011

growing up too fast!!!

Well our little Miss L is growing and changing so much! In the last week or so she has started smiling at us, her face just lights up and I LOVE it!!! Then today she found her voice and she was laughing and "talking" to me. Oh it was so cute and precious. I just love her soooo soooo much and I am loving this opportunity to experience it once again.
A couple of you have mentioned pictures and wanting to see our precious little one. Well here is the deal, I do not feel comfortable posting pictures of my kiddos on a public blog, I am sorry but that is just how I feel. I have a private blog that I try to post pictures on when blogger will let me. I have apparently reached my limit of pictures I can post? So I have to make slide shows of my pictures and post those- I don't really care for this method but I don't have much choice.
Pictures, we are still having "issues" over the pictures. I really really want to go to a "real" photographer however hubby says no and I understand money is tight especially this month (we have the start of school which means school supplies for two kiddos, uniforms for one, two kiddos birthdays which involves three parties, presents etc... and our oldest daughters gymnastics dues are do and our son is starting soccer so we have that to pay for as well- OUCH!). However our Miss L is only little once and I want to capture that in good quality pictures. We still haven't heard back from the e-mail that I sent last week, about some questions that I had and what we wanted on announcements. My mom ordered her pictures online (typically we order all the pictures and share them with the grandparents but my mother can be VERY stubborn!) and she already has hers!! So I am really pissed now but what can I do?!
My incision did open back up some, I think when the doctor used the silver nitrate on it caused it to open back up. However I think that is closing back up and I am not too concerned about it. I am taking care of it, cleaning it with peroxide and bandaging it twice a day and hopefully that will take care of it.
This week is the last week of "summer" for us because our oldest daughter starts school next week:( I am so not ready. Thankfully this week the temps are suppose to "cool" off  with less humidity so I am planning so do some special outdoor activities with the kiddos before school starts. Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

6 week check-up

I had my six week check-up yesterday and all went well. I also had an incision check, where he said it is all but healed up and its closed up finally! He did have to take some silver nitrate to "burn" some "extra" skin, let me tell you that is not a pleasant experience- it is the second time he has had to do that! I was sooooo excited to know I wouldn't have to come back. I don't know what I am going to do with myself- LOL! I have been going to their office at least once a week since April! However with that said when I was cleaning my incision (it still needs it and to be bandaged because it still has a little drainage) it looked like the incision had opened up some?! I am hoping that it did not and that it won't require a doctor visit!
On the picture front, we picked out the pictures we wanted, the wording we want on announcements and e-mailed everything to the photographer the other night however we have yet to hear anything:(
Well that's the latest here, we have a busy weekend that includes back to school shopping. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well we finally took our little one for pictures, she is exactly 6 weeks yesterday!!! We took her to a different portrait place than we normally go. We have been going to the same portrait studio since our oldest daughter was a newborn, so I was nervous. We went to the place where we had our 3d/4d ultrasound done and where my hubby has connections. So Anyhoo the pictures are adorable because they are of our sweet little one however I was not real impressed and really disappointed in our session. I took two outfit changes and all she took pictures of was her in her diaper, which I wanted some that way, just not all. She had only allowed a half hour for our session which isn't much time at all! She kept saying I wish she was more sleepy- well had I known that's what she wanted I could have scheduled the appointment when she is normally sleepy. We did get some good pictures there just isn't a good selection, it is a lot of the same poses. I also wanted to a collage of pictures of her body parts-hands, feet, head etc... Well when we got online to view our pictures there were only ones of her head and feet, even though she took Picts of her hands. So to sum things up I'm pretty bummed, however hubby thinks they are great and since he is friends with them I can't voice my opinion. Truth be told I want to go some where else to have her pictures re-done! However hubby won't hear of it:( so I just have to make due with what we have!
On the milk production front, I have been taking the herbals since last Thursday without any noticeable difference in milk amounts:( I'm really disappointed I was hoping this was the answer! So it looks like I'm going to be returning the pump and going to strictly formula. As of right now I'm lucky if I produce 3oz of milk a day, I just don't see any reason to keep doing it, however I'm having a very difficult time giving it up! I feel let down, and such a failure, it's like my body can't do anything right.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Okay I know I am slacking in blogging, but I am just overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate right now. We survived the weekend, with all the wedding festivities- it was a beautiful wedding:) My daughter had a blast being the flower girl, and of course she was adorable! She really enjoyed getting her nails and hair done as well as all the pictures taken;) LOL! It was great seeing all my family especially some that we don't see very often.
Enough about the wedding, I want to talk about my milk supply or lack there of, well apparently it was conversation of my husband and a co-worker?! Anyhow she suggested- and uses herbals to help her with her milk supply. I was wondering if any of you all have heard of this, used them etc... Yes my husband has purchased them and I started taking them so we shall see. I'm taking blessed thistle and fenugreek, 9 capsules of each throughout the day. I really hope this helps! I am thinking if it doesn't help then I will probably be done with pumping etc.. Because I just don't produce enough, although the doctor said some is better than none.
Our little girl is doing fantastic:) she is growing and changing so much!!! We are out of newborn diapers and some newborn clothes. She finally likes/ tolerates bath time; becoming more expressive and starting to find her voice:) We are still dealing with some gas issues, but the changes we have made seem to help.
I went to the doctors once again- yes I have been going once a week for what seems like forever! Incision looks good, healing up slowly and it is still open (but closing up). I go back again next week for my 6 week post partum check as well as an incision check.
Hard to believe August is all but here! I am starting to gear up for the start of school for my two kiddos, I am so not ready for summer to be over/ school to start:( I also have my kiddos birthday parties to plan, so if I am not blogging much I apologize but I have a lot on my plate. I am reading and trying to stay up to date on everyone elses blogs!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Month!!

Yes it is hard to believe our beautiful little girl is already one month old!!! She is growing up WAY to fast, this past month has flown by but I am loving every second with her, it is such a blessing. Today I took her for her one month check-up and she is perfect- but then we already knew that;)  She is gaining weight without any issues (unlike when she was first born when she was losing weight), she is now up to 9lbs 13oz and in the 70%!
While I was at the pediatrician's today I discussed our little one's gas issues, and they gave us a prescription. I am not thrilled about giving her medication but if it helps her than I guess we will do it. We have changed formulas that we are supplementing to the breast milk, we have also purchased different bottles- the dr.bro.wn one's and we have been using drops and all those things have helped but she is still having issues. She seems to do better with breast milk and I wish I could produce more so that she didn't have to take formula at all but I need to be thankful that I can even produce milk etc..
Tomorrow is my "check-up" day I go to my endocrinologist for follow up as well as my ob for incision check- another busy day, hoping for all good news for me:)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rough Weekend

Well the weekend started off good but went downhill fast! Friday night was good, we went out to dinner and dessert (for the kiddos), something low key etc... Then Saturday morning my mom attempted to take my son to his taekwondo class however he refused to go in:( So I wasn't going to push the issue and it was a good thing, turns out little man wasn't feeling good and ended up running a fever later in the day. Then that afternoon we had a girls outing, my mom, both girls and myself did a little shopping- I needed a dress for my cousin's wedding next weekend- ended up getting 2 dresses:)
Then after getting home we were getting ready for my niece and nephew to spend the night until we realized little man was running a fever, and a few hours later I started feeling like crap! I couldn't get warm for anything, I started running a fever and I think I have mastitis:( It was a rough nights sleep for all of us. Today- Sunday we are having a lazy quiet day, as I am still not feeling 100% and little man is still running a fever:(
On top of all this our little lady is having issues with gas- major gas!!! I feel horrible for her and wish there was something I could do to help her. I swear when she passes gas she sounds like an old man. Thankfully we go to the doctors this week for her 1 month check-up and I am going to talk to them about it. We have tried a different formula as well as drops anybody with suggestions on how to help our little one would be greatly appreciated.
I just hope we all start feeling better, we have a CRAZY week ahead! The beginning of the week is a normal week however it gets crazy from there- we have 4 doctors appointments, the cleaning lady is coming at some point this week, my husband is going out of town for work most of the week and then next weekend is my cousin's wedding- Friday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (my daughter is the flower girl so we have lots of wedding festivities next weekend); wedding on Sat which is an all day a fair with hair appointment in the morning, pictures at noon etc... then next Sunday they are having a post wedding brunch- WHEW I am worn out just thinking about everything we have going on this week. I will try to update, especially with our little girls one month check- up:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to a new normal?!

I think I am slowly coming to a new normal for me?! I am starting to feel more like myself and the past two days I have ventured out on errands with all three kiddos in tow. Now granted it seems to take us forever to get moving in the morning and I haven't been waking up too early but it is the summer so I figured we can be a little relaxed right?! Yesterdays venture out was a little rough and had some drama involved! I had to get lab work done, so I thought it would be a quick trip in etc... Well the lab place I go, is very tiny- the size of a closet. Well when we got there, there were already several people in the waiting room, and then you add my crew it was bad news from the beginning. My older two kiddos wouldn't sit still and were misbehaving. Finally get my lab work done, leave the building, get out in the parking lot to realize blood is pouring down my arm! So needless to say I get the kids in the car and deal with the blood- it took a good 5 minutes or more to get it stopped. Never a dull moment:)
Sorry I have been slacking on the blogging, I have tried to keep up reading and commenting (finally figured out what was wrong/ why I couldn't comment on everyone's blogs- this made me happy happy to figure it out!).
I go back to the doctors tomorrow for an incision check- hopefully all is healing up:)  Next week is CRAZY for me, as of right now we have 3 doctors appointments and possibly a 4th; plus next weekend is wedding craziness. My daughter is in my cousins wedding as a flower girl, so Friday night we have rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, Saturday is the wedding (so we have hair appointments in the morning and have to be at the church by noon for pictures) and Sunday is a post wedding brunch- I am looking forward to seeing lots of family and showing off our newest little one:) but also know it will be a tiring weekend.
Speaking of our newest little one, she is just perfect, I am LOVING every second with her and I think we are all adjusting. As far as breast feeding goes, I am strictly pumping. She wasn't too fond of the breast, it hurt when I would breast feed (I really believe it was do to the breast reduction) when she would bf it would be like 40+ minutes and still want a bottle afterwards. My milk supply is still not great even after the medication that made me feel all funny (I did finish the medicine!). I am not sure how much longer I will continue to pump, it's a hard decision. I cannot pump like they suggested- every 2-3 hours; it is just not doable with a newborn, a VERY active 3 year old little boy and a 5 year old little girl; I was losing my mind.
Well that's all I have right now, hope to keep the blog more updated:)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Some good news!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday fully anticipating that they were going to have to re-open my incision up. However we got some great news!!! The left side that re-opened on it's own is healing up very nicely and home health is no longer needed:) yah!!! The right side still has the blood clot but it no longer appears to be infected:) so they are hoping my body will just absorb the blood clot. So now I go back next Friday for a follow up to see how everything is looking. I'm so relieved that things seem to finally be healing up.
This weekend I'm going to venture out to the local park. The adoption agency is having there annual picnic this Saturday and we are going to go for a little while, hoping the weather cooperates and it's not too steamy hot! Our plans are to go first thing when it's not too hot. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well I had every intention of updating early but one thing lead to another etc... So here I am sitting with no electricity on the middle of the summer for no apparent reason- gotta love it!! So I'm writing this using my phone once again. So this no electricity deal is really messing up my plans for the night!!! I need to pump but obviously can't because it's electric, kiddos need bathes but too dark in the bathroom , so at least for now I'm catching up on my blogging some (till my phone battery does and I can't recharge it).
So I went to the doctors yesterday and they did an ultrasound on my incision, turns out that yes I do have a blood clot however the doctor got called to an emergency c-section. So they said to put heat on it at least 3 times a day for 15 minutes ( as if I didn't have enough to build into a routine already! But I figured while I pump this is a good time!); continue taking my antibiotic; and come back on Thursday. So I'm going back tomorrow and if there is no change or it has gotten bigger than they are going to reopen me up to take the blood clot out-ugh! When it rains it pours!!! I just want to heal up and get better!!!! So please say a pray or two for me tomorrow- THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

rough road of recovery

Like I said in my previous post everything was going smoothly with my recovery, I was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon after they took my staples out. I was home resting and trying to breast feed, recovery and get into some type of routine. I was very weak because I had lost a lot of blood during the c-section so I am no anemic and on a high dose of iron 2 times a day. Things were going smoothly until Thursday night when we were getting ready for bed that is when we noticed my incision was bleeding quite a bit and after further inspection found that my incision had opened up. Well needless to say I was FREAKED out!!! I just knew I was going to have to go back to the hospital and would once again be separated from our little girl. Thankfully we called the on call doctor and she said that from what we were saying as long as we bandaged it good that we could wait to be see in the office the next day so that is what we did.
The next day- Friday we headed to my doctors where they cleaned out he incision, packed it and bandaged it up and ordered home health to come in a do the same thing twice a day. That is what I have been dealing with and continue to deal with since June 23rd. I am hoping and praying that it heals up very soon! At one point because I was running a fever they thought it was getting infected but thankfully it turned out that it was not:)
On top of all this I was severely constipated! I could not believe they let me leave the hospital without having a bowel movement but they did. I ended up having a bm the day that I came home from the hospital and the next day but then I didn't have one for very LONG time- 7 days!!!! They started me on medicine (Co.lac.e) and that didn't do anything and I was getting really really uncomfortable. Then finally on the following Thursday they said I would have to do an enema so hubby ran to the store to get one for me. Well as it turns out that is all I would need to see the enema box with the instructions to scare the "poo" out of me! LOL!!! Thankfully things have been running more smoothly lately in that department.
Breast feeding has been a slow, painful, and heartbreaking process. Yes I am thankful that I am able to breast feed because I know that there was a good chance that I was not going to be able to due to breast augmentation some years ago. However my milk production has been slow and low, but thankfully after talking with my doctor he prescribe something that would help with production and has seemed to help some. Our little one however has issues with latching (I have tried nipple guards however she won't breast feed when I use those and I have heard that they can decrease your milk production too) which is painful for me and causes sores on my nipples. So we are working through all of this( I am pumping and encouraging breast feeding too but she prefers the bottle because it is quicker and easier) while I am still trying to heal.
Once the kiddos came home from my parents house it was a re-adjustment for everyone especially for our son who is the youngest. We had a lot of jealousy issues, misbehavior and attitude issues from both of them which is all to be expected but we are trying to work through all them and help them as much as possible. This past weekend my parents took them to the lake for a couple of days and then when they came back my hubby made a special day and took them to the movies etc... So we are slowly all adjusting.
Today is my first day at home with all 3 kiddos by myself, hubby had to go back to work. Things are going pretty smoothly so far, hopefully we will all continue to adjust.Also say a few prayers for me today I have a doctors appointment to check an area of my incision that has healed up and stayed closed however it is hard, red and starting to hurt which could mean a blood clot and they would have to re-open me:(

Birth Story

Okay I am going to attempt to post our little one's birth story. I had a scheduled c-section for June 20th at 9:30am. We of course had to get to the hospital by 7:30 so the kiddos spent the night at my parents house (where they would be staying for the rest of the week) to make things more smoothly. Thankfully my brother took the day off from work and he took our kiddos to their Vacation Bible school Monday morning (my brother and sister-in-law took care of our kiddos that day for us- thankfully so that my parents could be at the hospital).
Check-in and pre-op "stuff" went smoothly, my parents arrived early so they were able to hang out in the room with us before the c-section. I met the anesteciologist, it was not the same one I had met with to discuss my history but I ended up liking this anesticaologist as well if not better he was very comforting and talked me through everything.
We of course got bumped by an emergency c-section so it ended up being later than anticipated but not too much later. When it was time I was walked in the OR while hubby waited (for 45 minutes!) outside while they prepped me-  I had to have an atrial line (that is an IV put into an artery in your wrist), a regular IV, central line (that is an IV in your neck- it is sewen in! OUCH!), a catheter, and the spinal/ epidural combo all administered or put in prior to hubby entering the OR. The worst of all that was the central line put into my neck- no fun at all:(
Then once hubby entered the OR things went pretty fast, and everything went smoothly.  I felt some tugging and pulling but other than that nothing. Then our sweet little girl entered the world at 11:13am weighting 8.6 lbs and 20inches long and a nice set of lungs. As soon as I heard her cry and saw her sweet face the tears were flowing, our healthy little girl had arrived!!!! Hubby went over and took pictures and watched as they assessed and cleaned up our little one; and the doctors finished up on me. We got some great first pictures including pictures of hubby, myself and our little one.
Then came the upsetting news for me- our little one would be going to the nursery and I would be going to ICU for monitoring for at least 24 hours. Thankfully the let me hold our daughter all the way to the nursery, so our plans (of one hour of bonding just the 3 of us followed by the kiddos meeting their new sister first before anyone else) went out the window and then my parents and hubby's parents were out in the hallway so when they wheeled us out they were the first to see her and all her hair! (She has reddish blond hair that was in a Mohawk! LOL!)
I was devastated that they weren't going to let our daughter in my room, so that meant I would not be able to see her until I was transferred to a regular room in a minimum of 24 hours:( So needless to say I was quite upset and emotional. Thankfully hubby got to the bottom of things, turns out nursery was saying ICU wouldn't let the baby down there and ICU was saying nursery wouldn't let the baby down in ICU. So after a little bit of convincing hubby got them to allow our little one in my room for feeding since I had plans of attempting to breast feed (even though unbeknown st to us she had already been give 2 bottles in the nursery at some point in the first day while I was in ICU). So I was happy to see our little one and for our kiddos to be able to meet their little sister.
After 24 hours in ICU I was moved to a regular room and really for the rest of my visit (I had the c-section on a Monday and was released on Thursday afternoon) things went smoothly. Our little stayed in our room the entire time (unless she had testing or nurses were switching shifts etc...) and it was nice to be able to take care of her myself.
Our little one was losing weight which is quite normal in newborns however she was very close/ right at the 10% mark so we were going to really have to watch her wet/ dirty diapers and bring her to the peds office on Saturday morning for a weight check. I really think this was all due to my milk production or lack there of, it took some time for my milk to actually come in and when it did it wasn't that much:( I will update on this in my next post.
Things went smoothly coming home and things were going well until my first night home and that is where I will write my next post.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm still here

I promise I'm still here, it has just been one thing after another around here! I'm hoping to get our little girl's birth story posted this weekend or early next week:) Like I've said I've been dealing with a lot and trying to get adjusted. Hubby goes back to work on Tuesday so reality will really set in, then.
I'm having issues with breast feeding, I'm very thankful that I'm even producing milk since as I've said before I had breast reduction/ lift some time ago. But I wasn't producing much milk, thankfully I mentioned it to my OB and he gave me a prescription that should help- fingers crossed. The other issues are that the little one isn't much on breast feeding, and she doesn't latch properly:( I'm not sure what to do there. In the mean time I'm pumping, and still offering the breast hoping she will breast feed.
Another issue that I've been dealing with is the night that I came home from the hospital my c-section incision opened up! Freaked me out!!! They had used staples, and took those out right before I left the hospital. Anyhow I've been going back and forth to the doctors to have it looked at/ re-checked; as well as having home health come every day to pack it, clean it and bandage it. My mom has been coming in the evenings to do the same thing because it has to be done twice a day. I'm just hoping it heals ups quickly! Anyhoo this is a little of what I've been dealing with:( I figured while I was pumping I could try and type up a post in my phone- first time I've done this hope it works!
I'm still trying to read and comment on everyone's posts. Hope you all have a Happy and Safe fourth of July!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

She is Here!!!

I am so so sorry that it has taken me so long to update this blog! This is the first time I am getting on the computer. This post isn't going to be long and as soon as I feel up to it I will update you all on everything. Just wanted to let you know that our precious, perfect little girl arrived Monday June 20th at 11:13am, 8.6lbs and 20in long. She has a head full of hair with a reddish tint to it ;) We are all completely in love with her.
We spent several days in the hospital and came home Thursday afternoon however it has been a rocky road since. Like I said I will update as soon as I feel up to, and I plan on catching up on everyone's blogs too!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well I am officially starting to get nervous about tomorrow! Not sure what to expect tomorrow, so many emotions are running through me right now. I still have so much left to do before tomorrow- I am still doing laundry trying to get caught up, I have to pack myself for the hospital and I have to pack the kiddos stuff for at my parents house this week; and I have to figure out what we are taking to the hospital for our little one to wear.
I am of course still stressed about the whole situation with who gets to see our little one first, etc... but I am starting to just let that go or at least trying. I know God is in control and everything will go fine but I am still nervous.
Today was spent for the most part celebrating Father's Day with my hubby:)  The kiddos gave them their presents this morning and we made him breakfast- bacon, omelet (eggs, sausage and cheese nothing fancy but that is what he likes), biscuits and cina.bon muffins (my daughter wanted me to make these so I did). I gave my hubby his gift from me last night- I got him the very popular book, Go the F*&$. to S.lee.p he loved it! This evening the plan is to go over to my parents and spend a little time with them. Anyhoo I hope everyone is having a good weekend/ Father's Day! I will try to update the blog as soon as I can with news of our little one:) Please say a pray or two for us tomorrow and THANK YOU for ALL the wonderful comments and Prayers they are MUCH appreciated:)

Friday, June 17, 2011


My family is really really stressing me out! I should be excited and not worrying about this but it is all centered around our little one's arrival. I had told my mom she could be in the delivery room (thinking that I would have a vaginal birth) however with the change in plans (c-section) there is only one relative/ person allowed in the OR (assuming I have a spinal and not general- if I have general than no one is allowed in there). I am sorry but my hubby trumps my mom, it is not my rules on only one but I would think that she would understand. So that is stresser #1.
Stresser #2 is who gets to see our little one and when. Hubby and I have decided to take the professionals advice and take advantage of the "golden hour". Thus meaning after I am out of recovery hubby, myself and baby girl will have an hour of bonding without interuptions (when we first mentioned this my mother through a fit and told my brother and sister in law it was a hospital policy and it was for 24 hours! To which my sister in law- miss know it all said that isn't true her friend just had a baby at the same hospital and she was in the delivery room etc.. okay so this once my sister in law was right but needless to say my mom had the family in an uproar). Then we have decided that next to see our little one is our kiddos, we want them to meet there baby sister without outside influences (everyone making over there new little sister)- now honestly I don't expect this time to last long especially with my son he will be rambunctious but I also want to give them all the time that they want. Then after that we are allowing grandparents, and my brother (sister in law if she wants to come to the hospital etc...)to come in the room and see our little one and I have expressed to my hubby and parents that I don't really want any other visitors because I really don't know what to expect or how I will feel etc... Well apparently our wishes are just ridiculous! My mom told my brother that we didn't want visitors so he was texting me last night thinking he wasn't allowed at the hospital- I of course explained everything and he was good with it and understood. My parents have decided that they aren't coming to the hospital until I call and say they can see their granddaughter. I feel totally stressed out and that I am being a horrible person. I don't want to feel like this at all, I don't want people to be upset by our decisions- I get that they are excited as we are too! but I would like people to respect our wishes, am I asking a lot?!.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dentist visit again!

So with my busy, busy day I got to end it with the lovely dentist (*note the sarcasm here!*), because my crown was ready. Thankfully my parents watched the kiddos so I could go. Something that really irritates me is EVERY single time I have an appointment the dentist office calls to see if I can come in earlier- um HELLO if I could come in earlier don't you think I would schedule it earlier?! Anyhoo I am not happy with the dentist, and to add to it I DO NOT like going. But then given my luck I cannot imagine why-LOL!
To sum up the appointment: the crown did NOT fit AGAIN! I was furious!!! This is the second time this has happened! The last crown I had to have (prior to this one) it took 3 visits for them to get it right! Well thankfully my c-section was changed from this Friday to Monday because Saturday morning I am going to the dentist to see if they got the crown right this time. But this time I will be going to the dentist with both the kiddos with me because my parents are going to the lake, and my hubby trains (personal training) on Saturday. Gotta love this the dentist says I guess you want this taken care of before you have the baby? UM you think?! She then said well it is your lucky day because we happen to be open this Saturday (they are only open 1 Sat. a month- even though they advertise Sat. hours). And here I was thinking if it was my lucky day I would NOT be here much less having to come back! I think what ticks me off more than anything is the dentist is so non-chalant about the whole thing saying they did everything right it is the lab's fault for not getting the crown right- well I would be getting a new lab this is ridiculous!
Oh and when re-doing my impressions she kept getting upset that I wasn't biting down all the way. Well once she finally took the bite tray out of my mouth I explained it was hurting and hitting my gums etc.. in the back to which she looked and said "Oh you still have your wisdom teeth!" UM yep and they call you then dentist? WOW encouraging! UGH!
YES I will be finding a NEW dentist, and get established with that dentist in the very near future! Right now I am just hoping and praying that they can get the stupid crown right this time because we are out of time!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Change of Plans

Well looks like there is a change of plans with my c-section, that I thought was set for this Friday. Saturday in the mail I received my hospital orders which stated that I was scheduled for Monday June 20th?! I was confused by this change and called first thing this morning to find out that when the doctor told me this Friday he didn't realize he was off that day (even though he looked at his desk calendar when he told me- LOL!). So a week from today our little girl will be here:) We have once again rearranged our plans and got the kiddos covered for who will be taking care of them etc... They start bible school on Monday and I really didn't want them to miss that so thankfully my mom is going to take them, unfortunately I won't be able to see her before I go in for my c-section (unless of course I get bumped or delayed etc...). Last Friday the headboard for the crib FINALLY arrived, and hubby put the crib together on Saturday along with hanging our little one's name and putting the rug down. We just have a few more final touches to add and our little one's room will be ready:)
Hubby keeps pushing me about who I want at the hospital, and visitors etc... I really don't know what to expect so it makes it hard. I understand why he wants to know so he can make sure my wishes are followed but it is hard not knowing. Right now I have told him the first day my parents, our kiddos, his parents, my brother, sister in law and beyond that I am not sure I am going to be up to having anyone else. I do want our "special time" where it is just hubby, myself and the baby for at least an hour or so after she is born and then I want our kiddos to meet their sister with just us in there and then after that the grandparents can come in. To be completely honest I am not looking forward to my hubby's parents being at the hospital but I don't have much choice.
Anyhoo things are starting to come together:)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We have a plan

Today I went for my NST, BPP and 38 week check-up (technically I won't be 38 weeks till tomorrow). BPP went great, she was moving around, still head down etc... Next up was the NST, she was once again very active- LOL! She does NOT like to be monitored. She is active but she is REALLY active when she is on the monitor. Next up was my doctors appointment, he did the exam and then wanted to discuss the plan in his office. Everything is fine, baby girl is fine, however I am not making any progress. The doctor has decided that next Friday will be our baby girl's birthday. I will be having a c-section, because I am diabetic and he does not like to induce diabetic mom's because of not knowing how long labor will be and trying to manage blood sugars etc... The good news is I will be able to have a spinal, be awake and hubby will be in the room. I am full of emotions right now! I am so nervous and scared about a c-section etc... I am disappointed because it is a c-section and I won't get to experience labor at all. I am sad because my pregnancy is almost over and I don't know if I will ever experience this again. I am excited to meet our little girl. OMG I am a mess right now! I cannot believe we are here!
I still have so much to do! The good news is hubby called the crib makers and the part we needed for the crib was shipped yesterday and we might have it tomorrow. So if we do get the part tomorrow we can get the nursery in order tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out what to take to the hospital and what clothes I will need especially after she arrives. Anyhoo just wanted to update:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This afternoon I had another dentist appointment to get my crown put on (or as my daughter said: your going to be crowned Queen for a day LOL!), thankfully hubby is on vacation this week to watch the kiddos for my appointments. So once again (I AM SOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!!!) something was wrong with the crown, and they had to put the temporary back on. The last root canal/ crown I had done at this dentist it took 3, yes 3 visits for them to get the crown right!!!! Well here is the problem I don't have a lot of time before my due date so I need this done ASAP! I go back next Monday and hopefully they can get it right this time! Yes I will be getting a new dentist, I am not happy with this one, not to mention it is a ways away from our house. I do NOT like going to the dentist so this really frustrates me, I know it is just a crown but I don't like it at all! UGH!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Well this past weekend I started experiencing contractions- or what I assume are contractions since I don't really know what to expect/ what they feel like etc... Of course I am sure it didn't help that Saturday evening we took the kiddos to a local baseball game. We had gone the weekend before, had awesome seats in the shade, behind home plate, with a nice breeze etc... So I was thinking even though it was in the 90's we would be okay- LOL! WRONG! We had different seats (we got the seats free through my hubby's work), actually better seats for watching baseball however we were in the sun:( I was miserable, my daughter was complaining, my son my sweating worse than a whore in church. We attempted to move to the shade however the people whose seats we were in showed up, so we decided just to leave, which was the BEST move! We got home, I changed my clothes, headed for the basement where it is coolest, and propped my feet up. Needless to say Saturday was when my contractions started, and I have been having them on and off, no rhythm to them yet.
This morning I had another NST. Baby girl was once again VERY active when she is on the monitor, so they had a hard time keeping her on it but thank goodness they did not send me to L&D again:) The nurse did comment that I had a pretty decent contraction while on the monitor. So sounds like we are getting closer to meeting our baby girl!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Spent a couple of hours in L&D

So this afternoon I had my usual NST at the doctors office, thankfully my dad had the day off today and was able to watch the kiddos for me:) I thought things were going smoothly when I got called back right away, and hooked up to a monitor pretty quickly (blood pressure was good etc...). Well once I was hooked up to the monitor it didn't take long for baby girl to get active. The nurse had to re-adjust the monitor a couple of times etc... and she took the reading to the doctor to see what she thought. Next thing I know the nurse comes back and says I am going down to L&D triage for monitoring but everything is okay?! Well if everything is okay why am I being sent down there? So I quickly call hubby to let him know what was going on, and I head to registration. Once I am registered (by the way the girl in registration asks why I am there and when I tell her my story she says "oh there office is getting ready to close for the day and that is why they sent you down here") I am put in a triage room, get into a gown, asked why I am there to which I reply I am no sure?! and they get me hooked up to a monitor. The nurse comes back in to check on me and says everything looks great, that I have no reason to worry. So I stay on the monitor, keep in touch with hubby through texts, and just hang out watching tv- would have been better if I could have changed the channel but I couldn't find the remote anywhere. So the nurse comes back in takes my history, looks at the monitor readings, says they look great, she isn't sure why I was sent down to them and she was going to call the doctor on call which thankfully was my regular OB:) A short time latter she comes back in, says I am good to go, I can get dressed and leave. So THANKFULLY nothing was wrong and we are all doing well aside from a little minor scare! I am home resting comfortably on the couch while the kiddos play wii:)
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
OH almost forgot to mention I am considered FULL Term now, I am 37 weeks today!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Questions with UPDATE

First Question: Is anyone else having problems leaving comments on other's blogs? I am! I just keep getting re-directing to the sign in even though I have already signed in. UGH! Very frustrating.

Second Question: I cannot remember if I have already asked this or not but I am planning on attempting to breast feed (I had breast augmentation done 12 yrs ago and I am not sure that I even can but I am going to try!) however I want to get new bottles. We used play.tex drop ins with my other two kiddos however with the drop ins that is an added cost (buying the inserts) so that is one reason why we want to switch, also there are new bottles on the market etc.. and I want something that will be best if I am able to breast feed etc... SO here is the question- I need suggestions on what bottles you would recommend! I seem overwhelmed by all the choices.

Blogger won't even let me comment on my on blog! UGH! Anyhoo I just wanted to clarify my breast augmentation was a breast reduction and lift but still hoping we can use them;) LOL!

THANKS for any help you can give me:)


Sorry guys that I haven't posted in a while, it has been CRAZY around here!!! I had a very busy week and weekend- the weekend was good though with lots of family time:) And then this week has been doctors appointments and dealing with a computer that wasn't working properly.
Yesterday was my birthday (we kind of celebrated with a cookout on Sunday at my parents house with my brother and his family), but it really was a normal day for me other than the fact that I spent ALL day in a doctors office. (Hubby had given me my birthday present the weekend before- the diaper bag that I wanted)My mom ended up taking the day off which was a God send, and she watched the kids for me. I started the day off at the cardiologists, where I had an EKG and ECHO with all GOOD news and results which means they see no reason not to let me labor or have an epidural =) Then it was time to head across town, grab a bite to eat for lunch and then go to the OB's office for an NST, BPP and exam. I was VERY frustrated because I had to wait quite a while to be taken back and then I got the nurses assistant that thinks she knows everything and doesn't listen to the patients, hook me up for the NST. Well she didn't listen and I ended up on the machine for 15 minutes without a good reading, she kept blaming the baby for moving too much yet I kept telling her where they usually place the monitor etc.. UGH ! VERY frustrating and it ended up taking way longer than scheduled or necessary. So then that made me late for my BPP, and once again they were backed up there so I had a wait. But I got to see baby girl:) She is doing fantastic, the u/s tech says she weighs about 7.1 lbs now and if I got to my due date she expects her to weigh right around 8.5 lbs. She says she has a full head of hair too:)  SQUEAL!!! LOTS of bows and hair accessories=) Everything was good with the BPP. Next up was the exam, thankfully I didn't have to wait too long. The doctor is happy with how everything is going, although he did note my edema- swelling in my feet, cankles and legs. Then he examined me- ouch! and there was no change:( But I am happy to get good reports!
After the doctors I went to my parents house to pick up the kiddos and visit for a little bit. Then it was time to head home and fix dinner. My little girl wasn't acting herself, turns out she has a little bug and was running a fever:( So that made for a bad night- I HATE when my kiddos are sick!  Hubby actually made it home in time for dinner and to hang out for a few minutes before heading to the gym. While he was at the gym I cleaned up the kitchen, bathed kiddos and got them ready for bed. So just a normal day, but I guess that is what happens when you get "old" and your a mom!
This morning my little girl was feeling better- thank goodness! I had yet another doctors appointment this time with my endocrinologist and I had to take the kiddos with me. The appointment went well, she was very happy with my A1C, blood pressure etc... however she was concerned about the swelling in my legs, feet etc... and said I need to stay inside where it is cool (we are in the 90's ALL week and weekend with several days flirting with the 100 degree mark- not cool at all when you are 9 months pregnant!), keep my feet propped up as much as possible etc..
Side note the other night I had a very vivid dream about baby girl. I dreamt that I had a c-section, everything went fantastic, she was healthy, weighing 9.6lbs (WOW!), big round face, BIG blue eyes and blond hair. Which is very strange because hubby and I both picture her with dark hair just because our other two kiddos have dark hair- LOL! The round face I saw in the dream does not match the face we see in the ultrasounds either, who knows but it was a good and interesting dream.
I hope everyone is doing well, had a good holiday weekend and is staying nice and cool:)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rough Couple of Days

Well my dentist appointment was miserable to say the least:(  I had to have a root canal! Yes 35.5 weeks pregnant and I had to have a root canal and then ended up getting two other cavities taken care of as well. I HATE HATE HATE going to the dentist and it had been about a year since I had been, I knew I had some cavaties that needed to be taken care of however my insurance was maxed the last time I was there so I was waiting and then I got pregnant etc... So that is how I ended up with a root canal and right next to that tooth was another cavatity and they were going to fill because I would already be numb. Well apparently there was some miss communication between the dental assistant and the dentist and they ended up filling the wrong one so that is how I ended up with a root canal and two fillings! Needless to say Monday night I was feeling miserable, I was hungry because my appointment was at 6pm (I can't eat prior due to medication I have to take etc...) and I didn't get done till 8pm, had to pick the kiddos up from my mom and dad's and get home. I couldn't eat because my mouth hurt and was still numb. I did have a fruit smoothie around 10 or so that night because I had to have something.
Before I go on something that really TICKED me off when I was at the dentist, and I am sure that part is hormones, part is I HATE being/going to the dentist etc... But the dental assistant made some comment about how nice that I had two adopted kiddos and now I was having my own- UM EXCUSE ME?! My kiddos are my own! Then she was taking to the dentist about me and made some comment about how lucky I am to have so many kids. Yes I am VERY BLESSED- that is the word I would used. Luck, um if you only knew what my hubby and myself have been through in our 8.5 years of marriage to have the family we have! It just rubbed me the wrong way and I needed to express my feelings.
The next morning was my daughter's graduation from kindergarten and I was still feeling bad, my mouth hurt and I hadn't slept well. The graduation went well! Then the rest of the day was bad news, my mouth hurt, I had a headache (I assume from my dental work), the AC went out again, the computer was acting up (why I couldn't update my blog), it just seemed like one thing after another.
Today my mouth seems a little better, still hurting and cannot eat on that side of the mouth etc.. I took the kiddos to my daughter's school for their art fair, that went well, and was very cute! Then it was onto my blood work for the month. After that is when my day started going down hill! My mom called wanting to make plans for a cookout to celebrate my birthday this weekend, everything sounded great until she said my in-laws were invited-UGH! She just RUINED it right there, I told her I would rather not celebrate my birthday, I know that sounds horrible but it is the truth. I would rather not do anything than spend "celebrating" my birthday stressed out the entire time! I am just hoping that she will cancel the whole thing but knowing her she won't. Honestly I had mentioned to my hubby about wanting to take the kids to a baseball game this weekend, I would rather do that for my birthday. My daughter wants to take me to the zoo- LOL! Yes I enjoy the zoo but I really think this is more for her. Anyhoo that is what has been going on.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Making Progress

Before I get to my doctors appointment today I want to talk about my crazy, crazy weekend! Friday when I got home from the doctors my niece was at the house (she ended up staying all weekend) and the handyman was there fixing a few things around the house along with putting a new fixture in the kiddos bathroom:) Saturday ended up being a long day. We got up early and I took the kiddos to the breakfast performance of Pink.a.liciou.s at a local theater- it was a cute show and the kiddos really enjoyed it. Then on our way home I stopped at a local restaurant because they were having a pirate weekend. Well all they had at that time was a guy dressed as Cap.tain but it still made my son's day- he is REALLY into pirates ever since we went to Dis.ney Wor.ld and he rode of the They were suppose to have swashbuckling demos at 1 that afternoon so my hubby took little man up there however they were disappointed because when they got there they said it wouldn't be until 2 (I was a little ticked off about that because just 20 minutes earlier when I was up there they said it was at 1!).  Well we already had plans to go to the outlet mall for a little early bday shopping for me:) The trip to the mall took over 3 hours thanks to traffic/ construction so we didn't get to shop too much but I did get the diaper bag I wanted:) We had a late night, by the time we got home it was 10:30 at night and I hadn't had an opportunity to put my feet up all day long so needless to say my feet, cankles and legs were swollen!
Sunday my daughter had a gymnastics meet, so we all went to that to cheer her on- I was SO SO proud of her!!! She did awesome:) Thankfully after the meet I was able to get my son down for a nap, my niece and daughter played and I was able to put my feet up for a bit. However we realized that when we got home from the meet that our air conditioner was not working:( It was getting hot in the house especially upstairs, thankfully downstairs it was still comfortable. I thought it was going to be a long miserable hot night however when we got home from dinner hubby worked on the ac and got it working:) YAH! Knock on wood the ac is still working and keeping this momma cool:)
Today was run, run, run too! I took my daughter to school for her last regular day of classes, then hurried to the grocery, felt like I sprinted through the grocery so I could get home, put the groceries away and make it to my doctors appointment on time.
Doctors appointment went great:) First up was the usual, weight, blood pressure, and urine sample. The bp was great again- yah! Then it was time for the NST, it went great and it was enjoyable to sit down, feet up and relax in a quiet room. Then it was time for my doctors appointment, I met a different doc in the practice this time. He was nice and explained everything, he measured my belly, and then did the strep test- I will more than likely get the results next week at my appointment.  Then he examined me and I am a finger tip dilated and my cervix is softening- so I am making progress! WOW, hard to believe our little one will be here in 4.5 weeks or less!!!! My next appointment is this Friday for a NST and BPP. I went ahead and scheduled my appointments for next week too. Looks like I get to spend my birthday in doctors offices:( I have a heart doc, ekg, and echo in the morning and that afternoon I have a NST, BPP and ob doc appointment.
Now I am going to rest with my feet up while the kiddos rest before having to head to the dentist:(
UGH!! Please keep me in your prayers I know it seems trivial but I really really dislike going to the dentist especially for a filling. Just praying all goes smoothly, quickly and painless. I will update on how it goes tomorrow.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Wanted to give a quick update since I am not sure when I will be able to update because I have a super busy day and weekend ahead. Well last night I barely slept and it had nothing to do with pregnancy. I have a toothache that kept me up most of the night (as well as the million and one trips to the bathroom). I have known I have had a cavity for several weeks now but have avoided going to the dentist because
1.) I HATE the dentist!
2.) I was afraid to go because of being pregnant (I have to pre-medicate due to heart condition) and didn't want to put anything in my body that might harm our baby etc...
3.) I am not happy with the dentist I have been seeing and want to switch just don't know who to switch too (LONG story on why I am not happy)
4.) My gag reflex has gotten worse since becoming pregnant
5.) trying to schedule an appointment is next to impossible because of all the other doctors appointments, daughters school schedule and trying to find someone to watch the kiddos

 EXCUSES, EXCUSES just didn't want to go and deal with it but now I have no choice! I called this morning and cannot get in until Monday evening. So I will have to go through the weekend with this tooth pain:( But it will give me an opportunity to talk to the doc today while I am there for my next NST and BPP as to what I can take, what they can do etc... what all is safe since I am pregnant.
NOT how I wanted to start my weekend. Hoping the pain will ease over the weekend but I do plan on keeping my appointment!

I am struggling to stay awake right now, and there is no time for a nap today:( I have to pick my daughter up at school at noon,stop by the grocery because hubby just called and he wants pizza rolls for lunch and we don;t have any,  the handyman is coming at 1:00 (hubby is suppose to be home at that time too for lunch and to watch the kids), leave to go to 1:30 BPP and 2:00 NST; get home, load the kiddos up to drive an hour+ to get my niece for the night; drive back home and get dinner and then hopefully crash for the night.
Tomorrow I am taking my niece and daughter to breakfast and the  play Pin.kali.cious. Then we are suppose to head up to the outlet malls for a little early bday shopping for me thanks to hubby:) Sunday my daughter has her spring gymnastics meet. I am going to be exhausted come Monday which may be good, maybe I can just sleep while the dentist works on my tooth! I wish!!!!
Anyhoo I hope everyone has a great weekend, with beautiful weather!!!!!

Well there was a change of plans. Thankfully my niece had a field trip here in town and my sister in law went on the field trip, so after it was over they were able to bring my niece over to our house. So now I don't have to drive one hour + each way to go get my niece. I am now able to relax this afternoon, my son is able to get his nap- which he still really needs:)
My doctors appointment/ NST and BPP went really well. They were fast and efficient at the doctors office. The BPP was first and it was great to see our little girl:) Can never get enough of that! She is doing fabulous, my fluid level was actually up from last week, and I found out my my ribs have been hurting/ sore! Little Miss is breach with her head, and feet in my ribs! Thankfully there is still plenty of fluid for her to flip back to head down (but that also means there is plenty of fluid for her to flip back again to breach).  The NST went smoothly, she was plenty active but they were still able to get a good reading. So I go back on Monday for my doctor appointment (first pelvic) and an NST.

Monday, May 16, 2011

NST and doc appointment

So today I had my first NST of the week, and baby girl did great, she was very active! My blood pressure was great (again, which I love to hear) and I had another appointment with the doctor. I had just seen the doctor on Thursday and all he did was "talk" to me so I was wondering why I was being seen again. Well I am now officially seeing the doctor once a week, NST's twice a week and a BPP once a week, so we are getting even closer to baby girls arrival:)
Friday I have my next NST and a BPP- get to see baby girl again on the ultrasound:) Then next week, Monday I meet with the doctor again, this time for my first pelvic (first in a while), oh joy!
This past weekend was a busy weekend celebrating my niece's 6th birthday which is always bittersweet for me, she was born on my son's due date so when I celebrate her birthday I cannot help but think that we should also be celebrating William's birthday too (he too would have been 6 years old).
Yesterday my mom came over and helped to get the nursery more together. My mom and hubby took down the border, and cleaned the walls; we got the valance up, the closet door pulls changed, the changing table pad put on the changing table, and hubby put the swing and bassinet together. So we are making progress! We are still waiting for the piece for the crib to be able to put it together. I do feel much much better/ prepared for our little one's arrival. Now I just need advice from anyone on what I NEED to take to the hospital, so please, please I could use some input. THANKS:)
Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, May 13, 2011

34 weeks and an update

I am 34 weeks today!!!! And I am finally getting around to updating (apparently Blogger was down most of the day/ afternoon and night yesterday).
Let's start with Mother's Day. I had a good day, slept in which was much needed since I am having a hard time sleeping/ getting comfortable. Then my daughter surprised me with a card, and some cute things she made at school- I LOVE the homemade stuff!!! My son I could tell was upset because he didn't have anything for me, and he headed to his room looking for something to give me- love his heart! So I went in and told him that what Mommy really really wanted was hugs kisses; and he said "you don't want surprises?, you don't want presents?, all you want is hugs and kisses?". Then he gave me big hugs and kisses:) While I was getting ready for the day the kiddos went with their daddy to get me breakfast, according to my son, my favorite breakfast from Harbee's- LOL! Yes they got me a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from Har.dee's (my husband's favorite breakfast place!); it was yummy and since I am limited on what I can eat it was nice not to have to cook:) During breakfast hubby surprised me with a little shopping spree to the BIG baby store for stuff we need and I was beginning to panic about. (I had told hubby I didn't want him to spend any money on Mother' Day because we still had a lot to get for baby girl, plus we start paying on our son's preschool tuition this month and our daughter's school tuition in July, and not to mention all the medical bills that will be rolling in soon!) So after breakfast we went shopping and we got the stroller, car seat- YAY! we can bring her home now;) swing, wrap, and changing pad cover. We also made a side trip to tarjay for stuff we needed at home etc... When we got home it was lunch time, nap time for mommy and the kiddos and daddy worked in the yard. After the kiddos and I got a decent nap in and daddy cooled off from working outside in the yard we headed over to my parents to celebrate Mother's Day with them (my brother and his family were there too!). We all headed out to dinner (the mother's got to put their choice of restaurant on a piece of paper and then we drew where we were going to eat- it was the place I chose:) We had a good dinner and then headed out for dessert at a local ice cream shop that my kids LOVE and I had introduced my mom to several weeks ago and she wanted to go back. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside on the patio of the ice cream shop while everyone (except me- no ice cream for me!) enjoyed their treat, chatted and the kids played- great way to end Mother's Day:)

Okay about my week, well really about my NST's (non-stress test) and Bio-Physical Profile (BPP). Tuesday afternoon I had my second BPP and an NST. The BPP was good, she wasn't real active at that point, but we did see her "practice" breathing, and got a cute picture of her little toes flexed:) She is head down :)  Next it was on to the NST room. Well I got a little ticked because the chick hooking me up to the monitor didn't listen to me when I told her how our little girl was positioned, she put the monitor on the opposite side and thus after 20 minutes on the monitor the reading wasn't clear/ good enough,because anytime she moved they didn't get a reading. UGH! I was on the monitor FOREVER!!! I ended up having to text my hubby to go pick our daughter up from school, which was a task texting, because I was having to hold the monitor on my belly with one hand, push the button with the other each time she moved, kicked etc... all the while I was trying to text! When I finally got done all was well, it was a good reading and she was very active. I went to check out/ schedule my next 2 weeks of test and their computers were down:(  Get out to the car and hubby is in a BAD mood because it took so long and he was away from work for so long, and oh by the way he tells me not to drive too far because the gas light is on and the van needs gas! So I go to fill up at the gas station and while I was at the docs gas took a HUGE jump (40 cent jump to be exact), but what are you going to do you need fuel so I fuel up get back into the car to leave and my little one has to go to the bathroom. OMG! I felt like I was never going to get home!
That same day I had to take the kiddos back to the hospital (where my ob's office is) for their sibling class, thankfully hubby joined us:)  Well the sibling class was interesting, I think my daughter enjoyed it and got some stuff out of it however my son was not cooperative at ALL!!!! I have come to the conclusion that when son is embarrassed or uncomfortable in a situation he acts out- and this is exactly what he did! He would not participate, ran around, making noises etc... he wouldn't settle down until they had snack and watched a movie- which he did watch. Anyhoo I am hoping that he got something out of it.
Then yesterday I had my second NST of the week and an OB check-up (with a different doc than I usually see because my doc is on vacation). So I do the usual bp check (which the last two times has been FANTASTIC:), weight (um, no comment), urine sample etc... Then I am taken into the NST room by a nice nurse who actually listens to me about where baby girl is and we have no problems with the recording this time:) So I am suppose to be on the monitors 20 minutes. 20 min., pass then 30, no one has come into check on me or anything at this point! then 40 minutes, oh and at this point the machine runs out of paper- LOVELY. So I start hollering trying to get someone's attention to no avail, finally after 45 min. on the monitor I get up with monitors still attached, go to the door and holler out into the hallway to get someone's attention. Apparently it is funny that I was forgotten on the monitor, and the nurse comments well at least there was enough paper for your recording, then tells me I can unhook myself from the monitors- gee thanks. So finally I am put in a room to see the doc. Doc comes in seems nice enough, all we do is talk!??? What no belly measurements? I understand no need to listen to her heartbeat since I just finished my NST. He says everything looks good to him. So I go to the check-out desk to schedule my next two weeks of NST's and BPP's (b/c remember their computers were down on Tues). well apparently for some reason don't know why the ob doc wants to see me back on Monday?! Um ok and he only put me down for one NST for next week. I told the receptionist I am to get 2 NST's a week and 1 BPP a week so thankfully she did schedule me for those next week but unfortunately my usual ob doc is still on vacation next week. So I am not sure what to expect. SO FRUSTRATING!!!! The good news was even with all the chaos at the appointment I got done in time to pick my daughter up from school so hubby was in a little better mood when I got done.
On a good note I sent in my pre-admit forms today in the mail:) And I got a nice surprise in the mail too!!!! My momma ordered me covers, crib sheet and a changing pad cover and it came in the mail to me- a very nice surprise!!!!!!
Well if you have managed to finish reading my ramblings pat yourself on the back:) and thanks for hanging with me! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Bio-Physcial Profile

Yesterday morning I had my first BPP, which is just an ultrasound- YAY! for ultrasounds!!! There are several things that they look for during this ultrasound: baby's weight, fluid level, movement, heartbeat etc... and apparently they give the baby a score- however that wasn't explained. Yesterday the ultrasound tech said everything looked good! Baby girl weights about 4lbs 12oz, and she was head down- which I kind of figured she was because I could tell she had moved and could feel where she was (my bladder was feeling it for sure!). I got two more pictures to keep (they are the regular ultrasound kind), one of her looking straight on and another was a profile picture.
After my BPP it was time for my second Non-stress test (NST), but first we had the usual urine sample, weight and blood pressure- which she commented was slightly up again?! I don't get it, the only place that my bp is up, is at their office. Anyhoo it was time for the NST, I got comfy in the chair and they tried to locate Baby Girl's heartbeat but were having a hard time getting it to stay on the monitor. They asked me if I have ever had the "zapper" used? It's something that they put on my belly that doesn't hurt the baby or me just makes noise and gets her to move. Well they did that and they PISSED off Baby Girl!!!!! I am quickly learning Baby Girl might just have a temper- LOL! Well she moved alright, she went straight to her "hiding" spot, she moved from head down, mainly on my left side to my right side up in my ribs. The ENTIRE time that they were monitoring me she was moving, rolling and kicking at the monitor. They had a terrible time getting a reading. They strapped the monitor on my belly and then I had to hold the monitor on as well because she was moving so much. The nurse said she had never seen anything like it, my belly was a rockin and a rollin! Baby girl didn't settle down for probably 30-40 minutes after they were done monitoring me, and she stayed in her "hiding" spot too. So I am curious to see what happens next week when I have my next NST; I have a lot going on next week- 2 NST's, 1 BPP, 1 OB doctors visit, and the kids have their sibling class at the hospital.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, a HAPPY Derby Day (if you are in/ around KY, or involved in horse racing etc... you know what I am talking about) and a VERY HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY to everyone, especially those whose snowflakes are in heaven!

Monday, May 2, 2011

First Non-Stress Test

Today I started the "more monitoring"as the doctor put it, I had my first non-stress test this afternoon. THANKFULLY my mom watch the kiddos for me, still don't know what I am going to do about my appointment for Wed. morning?! So the non-stress test consisted of the usual, urine sample, blood pressure (which they commented was up, I find that quite funny being as I was at the endocrinologist this morning and my bp was normal?! I think it has something to do with their office!), weight, and then the actual test. The non- stress test is where they strap monitors on my belly to listen to baby girls heartbeat etc... for about 20 minutes and I am relaxing in a nice comfy recliner- yes I did enjoy it!!!!! So it was going well, nurse comes in to check reading and the machine wasn't recording! So we try again, she comes back in about 5 minutes later and ask me if I am pushing the button each time baby girl moves? Um, no, didn't know I was suppose to since it was first one, and oh by the way she has been moving like crazy! So we extend the test again! LOL! Yes I know I really didn't mind because it was relaxing and I enjoyed listening to baby girl:) however I was worried about my hubby and mom getting worried because it was taking so long, and especially since my mom was watching the kids at her work etc...So the results of the test- everything looked good- YAY!!!! I go back Wed. morning for another non-stress test as well as a bio-physical profile which I found out is just another fancy name for an ultrasound;)
I also had an endocrinologist appointment (as mentioned earlier) this morning and everything went great there:) My blood sugar readings/ A1c and thyroid were all great. I have one more appointment with them before delivery! WOW it really is getting close:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

32 week check-up

So tomorrow I will be 32 weeks along ! I had my check-up and again it was the usual "quick" check up, weight, blood pressure (which nurse commented was up but doc didn't say anything about it), urine sample, belly measurement, and heartbeat. The doc did mention my visit with the anesthesiologist, and asked if I liked him etc...I said yes BUT he scared me! He said well he just wants you to be prepared. I asked about coming appointments because the appointment before last he mentioned an ultrasound for this appointment and I didn't have one (I am fine not having one since we just had the 3d/4d ultrasound done but I just was wondering). Well ask and you shall receive! I am now going TWICE a week to the doctor. I am having a non-stress test done twice a week and a bio-physical profile once a week; and still seeing the OB every other week. I will be having a full body ultrasound in two weeks and then I probably won't have another one until right before delivery time.So my calendar is QUICKLY filling up! I have my appointments made for the next two weeks. The MAJOR issue is figuring out who is going to watch the kiddos?! Right now I have scheduled most appointments while my daughter is at school, and then my son goes to my mom's work however she works at a doctors office and that is not ideal; she also said that she can't have him there as often as I will be going to the doctor now. Hubby is going to try and cover some of them, but with his job that is not easy and he wants to be at a few of the appointments (he surprised me today and went to the appointment, I think after my scare with the anesthesiologist he figured he better go!). Oh almost forgot to share this funny story. So last night hubby and I were talking about my doctors appointment for today, and I was wondering what it would entail, when they would start examines, and more monitoring etc... Well hubby says "oh they probably won't do that for a while, probably not for 6 weeks". I said "HUH, really they are going to wait till the last 2 weeks to do that?!" hubby says "WHAT!!!!!! We only have 8 weeks???? OH I am so NOT ready!" LOL! Well he better get ready:)