Monday, June 13, 2011

Change of Plans

Well looks like there is a change of plans with my c-section, that I thought was set for this Friday. Saturday in the mail I received my hospital orders which stated that I was scheduled for Monday June 20th?! I was confused by this change and called first thing this morning to find out that when the doctor told me this Friday he didn't realize he was off that day (even though he looked at his desk calendar when he told me- LOL!). So a week from today our little girl will be here:) We have once again rearranged our plans and got the kiddos covered for who will be taking care of them etc... They start bible school on Monday and I really didn't want them to miss that so thankfully my mom is going to take them, unfortunately I won't be able to see her before I go in for my c-section (unless of course I get bumped or delayed etc...). Last Friday the headboard for the crib FINALLY arrived, and hubby put the crib together on Saturday along with hanging our little one's name and putting the rug down. We just have a few more final touches to add and our little one's room will be ready:)
Hubby keeps pushing me about who I want at the hospital, and visitors etc... I really don't know what to expect so it makes it hard. I understand why he wants to know so he can make sure my wishes are followed but it is hard not knowing. Right now I have told him the first day my parents, our kiddos, his parents, my brother, sister in law and beyond that I am not sure I am going to be up to having anyone else. I do want our "special time" where it is just hubby, myself and the baby for at least an hour or so after she is born and then I want our kiddos to meet their sister with just us in there and then after that the grandparents can come in. To be completely honest I am not looking forward to my hubby's parents being at the hospital but I don't have much choice.
Anyhoo things are starting to come together:)


  1. Oh good luck and I am praying that your in-laws are on the least offensive side of themselves for this special occasion!! ;)