Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This afternoon I had another dentist appointment to get my crown put on (or as my daughter said: your going to be crowned Queen for a day LOL!), thankfully hubby is on vacation this week to watch the kiddos for my appointments. So once again (I AM SOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!!!) something was wrong with the crown, and they had to put the temporary back on. The last root canal/ crown I had done at this dentist it took 3, yes 3 visits for them to get the crown right!!!! Well here is the problem I don't have a lot of time before my due date so I need this done ASAP! I go back next Monday and hopefully they can get it right this time! Yes I will be getting a new dentist, I am not happy with this one, not to mention it is a ways away from our house. I do NOT like going to the dentist so this really frustrates me, I know it is just a crown but I don't like it at all! UGH!


  1. You know...I thought all crowns took 3-4 visits because I had never had one.... I ended up with three over a 3 year period at my old dentist (who I really liked)...but when my insurance changed and I went to a new guy and needed a crown...it amazed me that I only had to go in for the initial appt and then back once more for the permanent....it was soooo easy with no adjustments necessary...it just fit!!! Wow....so if you are having issues...I hight suggest finding a new dentist...but get a recommendation from someone you know first...that usually makes a big difference.

    Only a couple more weeks and then baby girl is here. I have a 7 month old daughter thru embryo adoption and it is the greatest feeling ever to be able to carry and birth your adopted child. Good luck.


  2. I hate all dental work too, but I'm telling you having a dentist you really like can make all the difference in the whole world and there are good ones out there!!!! You're so close!! I told a friend to find your blog b/c she's doing her FET with Embie Donation on Tuesday!!!

  3. I hate having fillings and crowns. One of the worst pains is attaching that damned thing. I really hope the next fit is the final fit and that you have no further issues with your teeth until after the baby is born and you have had time to find a new dentist!

    Take it easy over these next couple of weeks!