Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rough Couple of Days

Well my dentist appointment was miserable to say the least:(  I had to have a root canal! Yes 35.5 weeks pregnant and I had to have a root canal and then ended up getting two other cavities taken care of as well. I HATE HATE HATE going to the dentist and it had been about a year since I had been, I knew I had some cavaties that needed to be taken care of however my insurance was maxed the last time I was there so I was waiting and then I got pregnant etc... So that is how I ended up with a root canal and right next to that tooth was another cavatity and they were going to fill because I would already be numb. Well apparently there was some miss communication between the dental assistant and the dentist and they ended up filling the wrong one so that is how I ended up with a root canal and two fillings! Needless to say Monday night I was feeling miserable, I was hungry because my appointment was at 6pm (I can't eat prior due to medication I have to take etc...) and I didn't get done till 8pm, had to pick the kiddos up from my mom and dad's and get home. I couldn't eat because my mouth hurt and was still numb. I did have a fruit smoothie around 10 or so that night because I had to have something.
Before I go on something that really TICKED me off when I was at the dentist, and I am sure that part is hormones, part is I HATE being/going to the dentist etc... But the dental assistant made some comment about how nice that I had two adopted kiddos and now I was having my own- UM EXCUSE ME?! My kiddos are my own! Then she was taking to the dentist about me and made some comment about how lucky I am to have so many kids. Yes I am VERY BLESSED- that is the word I would used. Luck, um if you only knew what my hubby and myself have been through in our 8.5 years of marriage to have the family we have! It just rubbed me the wrong way and I needed to express my feelings.
The next morning was my daughter's graduation from kindergarten and I was still feeling bad, my mouth hurt and I hadn't slept well. The graduation went well! Then the rest of the day was bad news, my mouth hurt, I had a headache (I assume from my dental work), the AC went out again, the computer was acting up (why I couldn't update my blog), it just seemed like one thing after another.
Today my mouth seems a little better, still hurting and cannot eat on that side of the mouth etc.. I took the kiddos to my daughter's school for their art fair, that went well, and was very cute! Then it was onto my blood work for the month. After that is when my day started going down hill! My mom called wanting to make plans for a cookout to celebrate my birthday this weekend, everything sounded great until she said my in-laws were invited-UGH! She just RUINED it right there, I told her I would rather not celebrate my birthday, I know that sounds horrible but it is the truth. I would rather not do anything than spend "celebrating" my birthday stressed out the entire time! I am just hoping that she will cancel the whole thing but knowing her she won't. Honestly I had mentioned to my hubby about wanting to take the kids to a baseball game this weekend, I would rather do that for my birthday. My daughter wants to take me to the zoo- LOL! Yes I enjoy the zoo but I really think this is more for her. Anyhoo that is what has been going on.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Making Progress

Before I get to my doctors appointment today I want to talk about my crazy, crazy weekend! Friday when I got home from the doctors my niece was at the house (she ended up staying all weekend) and the handyman was there fixing a few things around the house along with putting a new fixture in the kiddos bathroom:) Saturday ended up being a long day. We got up early and I took the kiddos to the breakfast performance of Pink.a.liciou.s at a local theater- it was a cute show and the kiddos really enjoyed it. Then on our way home I stopped at a local restaurant because they were having a pirate weekend. Well all they had at that time was a guy dressed as Cap.tain but it still made my son's day- he is REALLY into pirates ever since we went to Dis.ney Wor.ld and he rode of the They were suppose to have swashbuckling demos at 1 that afternoon so my hubby took little man up there however they were disappointed because when they got there they said it wouldn't be until 2 (I was a little ticked off about that because just 20 minutes earlier when I was up there they said it was at 1!).  Well we already had plans to go to the outlet mall for a little early bday shopping for me:) The trip to the mall took over 3 hours thanks to traffic/ construction so we didn't get to shop too much but I did get the diaper bag I wanted:) We had a late night, by the time we got home it was 10:30 at night and I hadn't had an opportunity to put my feet up all day long so needless to say my feet, cankles and legs were swollen!
Sunday my daughter had a gymnastics meet, so we all went to that to cheer her on- I was SO SO proud of her!!! She did awesome:) Thankfully after the meet I was able to get my son down for a nap, my niece and daughter played and I was able to put my feet up for a bit. However we realized that when we got home from the meet that our air conditioner was not working:( It was getting hot in the house especially upstairs, thankfully downstairs it was still comfortable. I thought it was going to be a long miserable hot night however when we got home from dinner hubby worked on the ac and got it working:) YAH! Knock on wood the ac is still working and keeping this momma cool:)
Today was run, run, run too! I took my daughter to school for her last regular day of classes, then hurried to the grocery, felt like I sprinted through the grocery so I could get home, put the groceries away and make it to my doctors appointment on time.
Doctors appointment went great:) First up was the usual, weight, blood pressure, and urine sample. The bp was great again- yah! Then it was time for the NST, it went great and it was enjoyable to sit down, feet up and relax in a quiet room. Then it was time for my doctors appointment, I met a different doc in the practice this time. He was nice and explained everything, he measured my belly, and then did the strep test- I will more than likely get the results next week at my appointment.  Then he examined me and I am a finger tip dilated and my cervix is softening- so I am making progress! WOW, hard to believe our little one will be here in 4.5 weeks or less!!!! My next appointment is this Friday for a NST and BPP. I went ahead and scheduled my appointments for next week too. Looks like I get to spend my birthday in doctors offices:( I have a heart doc, ekg, and echo in the morning and that afternoon I have a NST, BPP and ob doc appointment.
Now I am going to rest with my feet up while the kiddos rest before having to head to the dentist:(
UGH!! Please keep me in your prayers I know it seems trivial but I really really dislike going to the dentist especially for a filling. Just praying all goes smoothly, quickly and painless. I will update on how it goes tomorrow.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Wanted to give a quick update since I am not sure when I will be able to update because I have a super busy day and weekend ahead. Well last night I barely slept and it had nothing to do with pregnancy. I have a toothache that kept me up most of the night (as well as the million and one trips to the bathroom). I have known I have had a cavity for several weeks now but have avoided going to the dentist because
1.) I HATE the dentist!
2.) I was afraid to go because of being pregnant (I have to pre-medicate due to heart condition) and didn't want to put anything in my body that might harm our baby etc...
3.) I am not happy with the dentist I have been seeing and want to switch just don't know who to switch too (LONG story on why I am not happy)
4.) My gag reflex has gotten worse since becoming pregnant
5.) trying to schedule an appointment is next to impossible because of all the other doctors appointments, daughters school schedule and trying to find someone to watch the kiddos

 EXCUSES, EXCUSES just didn't want to go and deal with it but now I have no choice! I called this morning and cannot get in until Monday evening. So I will have to go through the weekend with this tooth pain:( But it will give me an opportunity to talk to the doc today while I am there for my next NST and BPP as to what I can take, what they can do etc... what all is safe since I am pregnant.
NOT how I wanted to start my weekend. Hoping the pain will ease over the weekend but I do plan on keeping my appointment!

I am struggling to stay awake right now, and there is no time for a nap today:( I have to pick my daughter up at school at noon,stop by the grocery because hubby just called and he wants pizza rolls for lunch and we don;t have any,  the handyman is coming at 1:00 (hubby is suppose to be home at that time too for lunch and to watch the kids), leave to go to 1:30 BPP and 2:00 NST; get home, load the kiddos up to drive an hour+ to get my niece for the night; drive back home and get dinner and then hopefully crash for the night.
Tomorrow I am taking my niece and daughter to breakfast and the  play Pin.kali.cious. Then we are suppose to head up to the outlet malls for a little early bday shopping for me thanks to hubby:) Sunday my daughter has her spring gymnastics meet. I am going to be exhausted come Monday which may be good, maybe I can just sleep while the dentist works on my tooth! I wish!!!!
Anyhoo I hope everyone has a great weekend, with beautiful weather!!!!!

Well there was a change of plans. Thankfully my niece had a field trip here in town and my sister in law went on the field trip, so after it was over they were able to bring my niece over to our house. So now I don't have to drive one hour + each way to go get my niece. I am now able to relax this afternoon, my son is able to get his nap- which he still really needs:)
My doctors appointment/ NST and BPP went really well. They were fast and efficient at the doctors office. The BPP was first and it was great to see our little girl:) Can never get enough of that! She is doing fabulous, my fluid level was actually up from last week, and I found out my my ribs have been hurting/ sore! Little Miss is breach with her head, and feet in my ribs! Thankfully there is still plenty of fluid for her to flip back to head down (but that also means there is plenty of fluid for her to flip back again to breach).  The NST went smoothly, she was plenty active but they were still able to get a good reading. So I go back on Monday for my doctor appointment (first pelvic) and an NST.

Monday, May 16, 2011

NST and doc appointment

So today I had my first NST of the week, and baby girl did great, she was very active! My blood pressure was great (again, which I love to hear) and I had another appointment with the doctor. I had just seen the doctor on Thursday and all he did was "talk" to me so I was wondering why I was being seen again. Well I am now officially seeing the doctor once a week, NST's twice a week and a BPP once a week, so we are getting even closer to baby girls arrival:)
Friday I have my next NST and a BPP- get to see baby girl again on the ultrasound:) Then next week, Monday I meet with the doctor again, this time for my first pelvic (first in a while), oh joy!
This past weekend was a busy weekend celebrating my niece's 6th birthday which is always bittersweet for me, she was born on my son's due date so when I celebrate her birthday I cannot help but think that we should also be celebrating William's birthday too (he too would have been 6 years old).
Yesterday my mom came over and helped to get the nursery more together. My mom and hubby took down the border, and cleaned the walls; we got the valance up, the closet door pulls changed, the changing table pad put on the changing table, and hubby put the swing and bassinet together. So we are making progress! We are still waiting for the piece for the crib to be able to put it together. I do feel much much better/ prepared for our little one's arrival. Now I just need advice from anyone on what I NEED to take to the hospital, so please, please I could use some input. THANKS:)
Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, May 13, 2011

34 weeks and an update

I am 34 weeks today!!!! And I am finally getting around to updating (apparently Blogger was down most of the day/ afternoon and night yesterday).
Let's start with Mother's Day. I had a good day, slept in which was much needed since I am having a hard time sleeping/ getting comfortable. Then my daughter surprised me with a card, and some cute things she made at school- I LOVE the homemade stuff!!! My son I could tell was upset because he didn't have anything for me, and he headed to his room looking for something to give me- love his heart! So I went in and told him that what Mommy really really wanted was hugs kisses; and he said "you don't want surprises?, you don't want presents?, all you want is hugs and kisses?". Then he gave me big hugs and kisses:) While I was getting ready for the day the kiddos went with their daddy to get me breakfast, according to my son, my favorite breakfast from Harbee's- LOL! Yes they got me a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from Har.dee's (my husband's favorite breakfast place!); it was yummy and since I am limited on what I can eat it was nice not to have to cook:) During breakfast hubby surprised me with a little shopping spree to the BIG baby store for stuff we need and I was beginning to panic about. (I had told hubby I didn't want him to spend any money on Mother' Day because we still had a lot to get for baby girl, plus we start paying on our son's preschool tuition this month and our daughter's school tuition in July, and not to mention all the medical bills that will be rolling in soon!) So after breakfast we went shopping and we got the stroller, car seat- YAY! we can bring her home now;) swing, wrap, and changing pad cover. We also made a side trip to tarjay for stuff we needed at home etc... When we got home it was lunch time, nap time for mommy and the kiddos and daddy worked in the yard. After the kiddos and I got a decent nap in and daddy cooled off from working outside in the yard we headed over to my parents to celebrate Mother's Day with them (my brother and his family were there too!). We all headed out to dinner (the mother's got to put their choice of restaurant on a piece of paper and then we drew where we were going to eat- it was the place I chose:) We had a good dinner and then headed out for dessert at a local ice cream shop that my kids LOVE and I had introduced my mom to several weeks ago and she wanted to go back. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside on the patio of the ice cream shop while everyone (except me- no ice cream for me!) enjoyed their treat, chatted and the kids played- great way to end Mother's Day:)

Okay about my week, well really about my NST's (non-stress test) and Bio-Physical Profile (BPP). Tuesday afternoon I had my second BPP and an NST. The BPP was good, she wasn't real active at that point, but we did see her "practice" breathing, and got a cute picture of her little toes flexed:) She is head down :)  Next it was on to the NST room. Well I got a little ticked because the chick hooking me up to the monitor didn't listen to me when I told her how our little girl was positioned, she put the monitor on the opposite side and thus after 20 minutes on the monitor the reading wasn't clear/ good enough,because anytime she moved they didn't get a reading. UGH! I was on the monitor FOREVER!!! I ended up having to text my hubby to go pick our daughter up from school, which was a task texting, because I was having to hold the monitor on my belly with one hand, push the button with the other each time she moved, kicked etc... all the while I was trying to text! When I finally got done all was well, it was a good reading and she was very active. I went to check out/ schedule my next 2 weeks of test and their computers were down:(  Get out to the car and hubby is in a BAD mood because it took so long and he was away from work for so long, and oh by the way he tells me not to drive too far because the gas light is on and the van needs gas! So I go to fill up at the gas station and while I was at the docs gas took a HUGE jump (40 cent jump to be exact), but what are you going to do you need fuel so I fuel up get back into the car to leave and my little one has to go to the bathroom. OMG! I felt like I was never going to get home!
That same day I had to take the kiddos back to the hospital (where my ob's office is) for their sibling class, thankfully hubby joined us:)  Well the sibling class was interesting, I think my daughter enjoyed it and got some stuff out of it however my son was not cooperative at ALL!!!! I have come to the conclusion that when son is embarrassed or uncomfortable in a situation he acts out- and this is exactly what he did! He would not participate, ran around, making noises etc... he wouldn't settle down until they had snack and watched a movie- which he did watch. Anyhoo I am hoping that he got something out of it.
Then yesterday I had my second NST of the week and an OB check-up (with a different doc than I usually see because my doc is on vacation). So I do the usual bp check (which the last two times has been FANTASTIC:), weight (um, no comment), urine sample etc... Then I am taken into the NST room by a nice nurse who actually listens to me about where baby girl is and we have no problems with the recording this time:) So I am suppose to be on the monitors 20 minutes. 20 min., pass then 30, no one has come into check on me or anything at this point! then 40 minutes, oh and at this point the machine runs out of paper- LOVELY. So I start hollering trying to get someone's attention to no avail, finally after 45 min. on the monitor I get up with monitors still attached, go to the door and holler out into the hallway to get someone's attention. Apparently it is funny that I was forgotten on the monitor, and the nurse comments well at least there was enough paper for your recording, then tells me I can unhook myself from the monitors- gee thanks. So finally I am put in a room to see the doc. Doc comes in seems nice enough, all we do is talk!??? What no belly measurements? I understand no need to listen to her heartbeat since I just finished my NST. He says everything looks good to him. So I go to the check-out desk to schedule my next two weeks of NST's and BPP's (b/c remember their computers were down on Tues). well apparently for some reason don't know why the ob doc wants to see me back on Monday?! Um ok and he only put me down for one NST for next week. I told the receptionist I am to get 2 NST's a week and 1 BPP a week so thankfully she did schedule me for those next week but unfortunately my usual ob doc is still on vacation next week. So I am not sure what to expect. SO FRUSTRATING!!!! The good news was even with all the chaos at the appointment I got done in time to pick my daughter up from school so hubby was in a little better mood when I got done.
On a good note I sent in my pre-admit forms today in the mail:) And I got a nice surprise in the mail too!!!! My momma ordered me covers, crib sheet and a changing pad cover and it came in the mail to me- a very nice surprise!!!!!!
Well if you have managed to finish reading my ramblings pat yourself on the back:) and thanks for hanging with me! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Bio-Physcial Profile

Yesterday morning I had my first BPP, which is just an ultrasound- YAY! for ultrasounds!!! There are several things that they look for during this ultrasound: baby's weight, fluid level, movement, heartbeat etc... and apparently they give the baby a score- however that wasn't explained. Yesterday the ultrasound tech said everything looked good! Baby girl weights about 4lbs 12oz, and she was head down- which I kind of figured she was because I could tell she had moved and could feel where she was (my bladder was feeling it for sure!). I got two more pictures to keep (they are the regular ultrasound kind), one of her looking straight on and another was a profile picture.
After my BPP it was time for my second Non-stress test (NST), but first we had the usual urine sample, weight and blood pressure- which she commented was slightly up again?! I don't get it, the only place that my bp is up, is at their office. Anyhoo it was time for the NST, I got comfy in the chair and they tried to locate Baby Girl's heartbeat but were having a hard time getting it to stay on the monitor. They asked me if I have ever had the "zapper" used? It's something that they put on my belly that doesn't hurt the baby or me just makes noise and gets her to move. Well they did that and they PISSED off Baby Girl!!!!! I am quickly learning Baby Girl might just have a temper- LOL! Well she moved alright, she went straight to her "hiding" spot, she moved from head down, mainly on my left side to my right side up in my ribs. The ENTIRE time that they were monitoring me she was moving, rolling and kicking at the monitor. They had a terrible time getting a reading. They strapped the monitor on my belly and then I had to hold the monitor on as well because she was moving so much. The nurse said she had never seen anything like it, my belly was a rockin and a rollin! Baby girl didn't settle down for probably 30-40 minutes after they were done monitoring me, and she stayed in her "hiding" spot too. So I am curious to see what happens next week when I have my next NST; I have a lot going on next week- 2 NST's, 1 BPP, 1 OB doctors visit, and the kids have their sibling class at the hospital.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, a HAPPY Derby Day (if you are in/ around KY, or involved in horse racing etc... you know what I am talking about) and a VERY HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY to everyone, especially those whose snowflakes are in heaven!

Monday, May 2, 2011

First Non-Stress Test

Today I started the "more monitoring"as the doctor put it, I had my first non-stress test this afternoon. THANKFULLY my mom watch the kiddos for me, still don't know what I am going to do about my appointment for Wed. morning?! So the non-stress test consisted of the usual, urine sample, blood pressure (which they commented was up, I find that quite funny being as I was at the endocrinologist this morning and my bp was normal?! I think it has something to do with their office!), weight, and then the actual test. The non- stress test is where they strap monitors on my belly to listen to baby girls heartbeat etc... for about 20 minutes and I am relaxing in a nice comfy recliner- yes I did enjoy it!!!!! So it was going well, nurse comes in to check reading and the machine wasn't recording! So we try again, she comes back in about 5 minutes later and ask me if I am pushing the button each time baby girl moves? Um, no, didn't know I was suppose to since it was first one, and oh by the way she has been moving like crazy! So we extend the test again! LOL! Yes I know I really didn't mind because it was relaxing and I enjoyed listening to baby girl:) however I was worried about my hubby and mom getting worried because it was taking so long, and especially since my mom was watching the kids at her work etc...So the results of the test- everything looked good- YAY!!!! I go back Wed. morning for another non-stress test as well as a bio-physical profile which I found out is just another fancy name for an ultrasound;)
I also had an endocrinologist appointment (as mentioned earlier) this morning and everything went great there:) My blood sugar readings/ A1c and thyroid were all great. I have one more appointment with them before delivery! WOW it really is getting close:)