Thursday, November 29, 2012

First ultrasound

After very little sleep, and an anxious morning I had my ultrasound. Well hubby went with me and we had L, had no idea kiddos weren't allowed, so hubby had to stay in the waiting room- I about broke down walking back to the ultrasound room without hubby. I think the ultrasound tech realized because she was very sweet. We have a beautiful baby with a heartbeat (146)!!!!!! The baby measures 8wks but my calculations I'm 7wks 3 days, so that is what they are going with which makes my due date July 15th. It sure was a relief to see the baby and the heartbeat!!! I know we aren't out of the woods. I met with the nurse this morning after my ultrasound, then had blood work done; I see the doctor for the first time next Thursday morning. I'm praying that everything continues to go smoothly and our little ones continues to grow healthy and strong:)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm here

Sorry it has been a bit, hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and if you participated in Black Friday had a good shopping experience with lots of good bargains. Me Thanksgiving was good, the two youngest had the start of a cold, which I thought was H's allergies and L's teething. We got together with family we hadn't seen in a while, which was nice. Friday was spent at home, just vegging- hubby works on Friday and I don't do black Friday shopping. As it turned out the three kids and I weren't feeling real good, L started running a fever and by Saturday M and L were both running low grade fevers. Hubby wasn't happy that the kiddos were sick because we were suppose to go to his family for Thanksgiving on Saturday. He ended up going as soon as his workout was done on Saturday, he did take H with him because he threw a fit to go, so I stayed home all afternoon and evening with the girls trying to get them better. Thankfully my mom brought some Thanksgiving leftovers for us to eat, as I didn't have much in the house for dinner and didn't want to drag the girls out in the cold weather. It was nice just to relax, nap and not do much however I was bummed that we didn't get any Christmas decorating done:( I have no idea when we will get to the decorating, with Hubby's crazy schedule it doesn't lend it self to much of that. Hubby isn't much for decorating, although he will do the outside lights for me and help set up the Christmas tree; what I really need help with right now is getting all the stuff up from the basement- hopefully this weekend.
We did get some good news last weekend:) The owner of the car, that caused the accident that we were in finally contacted us, so we are starting to move on getting my car fixed:)
Well I have made it to week 7 (by our calculations) and this Thursday is our first ultrasound- the viability scan. I am so nervous, I have run every scenario over and over in my head. I want to be prepared but we are so excited for this baby, I pray and pray that all is well and we see a beautiful, healthy baby with a heartbeat:) My back is still bothering me off and on, which of course gets me worried- I know it is "normal" as long as there is no bleeding- which thank God there has not been. I started worrying that something has happened when I don't have any symptoms, or I don't "feel" pregnant which is crazy I know because I am only 7 weeks but it still freaks me out. I am hoping that I get some comfort in the ultrasound. Over Thanksgiving I found out that my cousin had an ectopic pregnancy (she had to have surgery for, and thankfully the surgery went smoothly with very little bleeding and no damaged to her tubes), so then my mind started to wondering and worry. I try to not worry because I know it is not good for me or the baby and it accomplishes nothing; I am trying to pray each time I start to worry. My ultrasound is scheduled for this Thursday at 10am- please pray for us and for our baby, that we see a beautiful healthy baby with a beautiful healthy heartbeat:) (It would be a great way to celebrate our 10 yr wedding anniversary that is this Friday!)
I will try to update everyone sometime Thursday afternoon.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Doctors appointments and insurance companies- UGH!!!!!

Okay I'm sorry about this rant but I need it!!!! Okay let's start with insurance companies- they are a necessary evil; and yes I'm very thankful for the insurance that we have (and pay dearly for)! With that said, can they PLEASE do their job, and do it right!!! H sees an OT once a week; this OT doesn't take insurance so we have to take care of the billing which I thought wouldn't be that big of a deal- so wrong! First of we have what is called a "gap exception" because this provider is out of network so each month that I fill out the paperwork a d submit the bill along with the paperwork I have to include the gap exception number on each form which I do, and highlight. Each month I have to call the insurance company to find out where the check is, because each month they file it as out of network and applied to our deductible! Now tell me why I put the gap exception # and highlight it so it's very visible??!!! I asked them what can I do to not have to call every month and do you know what they told me, nothing I'm doing everything I'm suppose to do and apparently someone there isn't! To top things off we never get paid the same amount and I've asked why and they said they "discount" it?! What the?! Ugh so very frustrating!!!
Another rant about insurances, went to pick up my test strips for the month for my blood glucose monitor, and about fell over when they told me they would be $120!! Apparently the insurance co had decided to change my test strips to a non formulary drug whatever that means so they will only cover a small portion of these strips (pharmacist informed me that insurance co can do this as much as 3 times a yr!). So I had to get my doctor to order a new monitor that takes different strips that the insurance company would cover. The new strips for the month and my new monitor came to $60, half of what just the strips were going to cost me. Oh the hoops we go through!!!!
Now my rant about my OB. I LOVED my experience with this OB last time however this time around has been less than desired . I think because last time I didn't start with them until I was 12 wks along. I've gotten nothing but the run around this time. It took me almost a week just to get my ultrasound scheduled! I would call scheduling to schedule it, they would say there wasn't an order so they would send me to the nurses desk, where I would have to leave a message, nurse wouldn't get back until 5 pm or after, and scheduling would already be gone! Finally got my ultrasound scheduled for November 29th (a day before our 10th wedding anniversary). However my appointment for labs, meet with the doctor etc isn't until Dec 14th?! It's suppose to be around 6 weeks but it's scheduled at 8 or so weeks. Anyhoo I'm hoping to get it done sooner, once I have my ultrasound.
So now I've developed a rash, very similar to the rash I had when I was pregnant before with L, except it didn't start this soon. It's on my stomach, legs and arms- its small red itchy bumps (before I was told I had pupp). So I called the OB's office first thing Friday morning (8am)left a message for the nurse explaining what was going on, and should I be concerned etc. Do you know they did not call me back till 5:25pm!! The nurse proceeds to say well since its so late, just use 1% hydrocortisone cream; take benadryl every 6 hours (um how is that going to work, when I'm already tired and have 3 kiddos to take care of?!). If it doesn't help or clear up in 48-62 hours call your regular physician or a dermatologist. So now basically I feel like I've been "labeled" a problem patient and they just don't want to deal with me. I hate that, all I want to know is, is it going to hurt the baby!! Once again very frustrating, I'm scared as it is, so afraid of losing this baby, and the doctors and nurses don't seem to understand that.
Okay, okay enough ranting. I'm looking for a peaceful and hopefully quiet weekend at home with not much planned before the craziness of the week begins. M has two days school and H is out of school all week:) M's cheer leading practices begin this week - Mon and Tues nights 6-7pm; H has basketball practice Mon nights 5-6.  Then the holiday fun begins. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! THANK YOU again for all the love, support and encouragement!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Not the weekend I had planned

I had planned on posting this before my weekend started. I'm attempting to post from my phone as I'm waiting in car pool line for H. Little Miss L has been sick ALL weekend:( She woke up on Friday morning with a fever, we went to the doctors on Saturday and they ruled out ear infection, strep, her lungs sounded clear and they attempted to get a urine sample to no avail. Poor L wouldn't eat anything and is taking small sips here and there of juice, her fever was as high as 103.8 over the weekend. I took her back to the doctors this morning with a urine sample and that came back normal so they ran some blood work (which I don't understand why they didn't do this on Sat.?!) and determined its a virus that has to run its course. L is so pitiful:( just lays around, sleeps a lot, not herself at all- she is down almost 2lbs since Saturday morning. I'm hoping the worst is over and she will start feeling better and getting her strength back!! Thankfully (knock on wood) everyone else is okay:)
Now on to me. I got a call from my OB's office late Friday that scared me because I wasn't expecting a call. The nurse wanted to make sure I got my beta hcg results from Thursday but she actually gave me the wrong ones- the ones from Monday (again scared me!!!) so I had her double check my results from Wed/Thurs and they were right:) While I had her on the line I got some "clarification", I am 4weeks (5weeks) tomorrow, so they will want to see me next week or the week after for some lab work, and ultrasound. So I've got to call and set that appointment up with them today (scheduling was already gone when I got the call on Friday), I'm going to try and get an appointment for the week after Thanksgiving because H is out of school all next week and M is off Wed- Fri.
So I think I might have a yeast infection:( I'm not sure, I've only had one, one other time. Hope this isn't TMI but I've got itching, but no odor or discharge. So I don't know if it's just the hormonal changes or a yeast infection so I guess when I call the doctors office I need to talk to the nurse, and see what they want to do. My blood sugars have been out of whack all weekend so I had to call my doctor for adjustment on my insulin- but this is a good sign because as the pregnancy progresses it will affect my blood sugar readings, I just have to continue with my strict diet and keep on top of taking my blood sugar and administering my insulin. Right now I'm faxing my blood sugar reading to my endocrinologist every day (except Sat. and Sunday).
So that's what's been going on with me:) THANK YOU ALL again for your continued prayers, support and kind comments!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I've been waiting ALL day, with my stomach in knots for the doctors office to call with my Beta hcg results. Every time the phone rang, I would get nervous and my heart would race- I know not good for me or the baby. Finally at 4:10 I could take it no longer I was so afraid the doctors office would close and I wouldn't get the results till tomorrow. So I called, and whoever gave me the results was nice but I still have answers I need answered. My beta was 444.6 (it was 201) on Monday so that is a good number:) I just want to know where we go from here, hoping for an ultrasound around 6 weeks. Anyhoo they are suppose to call me back to let me know but I doubt I will hear something today. I'm just relieved to have a good number. I pray that this pregnancy continues to go smoothly and our little surprise/ miracle continues to stay put and grow!!! THANK YOU ALL for the support and prayers- please keep them coming we have a long road ahead of us- I hope and pray!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Prayers Please

I'm really scared! Late this afternoon I felt a little crampy, and now my lower back is hurting. I'm so afraid that I'm losing the baby:( I'm trying not to worry and pray- and leave it in God's hands. It is sooo hard to do that. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my endocrinologist/ diabetes doctor and then after lunch I have my beta/ hcg labs. I will not get the results till some time on Thursday. So I'm please asking for several things:
1.) pray that I'm able to leave it in God's hands, and be okay with his plan
2.) the pain I'm feeling is implantation/ baby growing
3.) at least a 402 or larger number from my beta/ hcg results on Thursday

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers and support, it truly means a lot to me!

Monday, November 5, 2012

**UPDATE** Blood Test Results

Okay well I just got a call from the nurse at the obgyn's office and it really doesn't ease my nerves. My number was 201 so she says I am very early on, only like 2 weeks- which scares the hell out of me because that means I have a LONG way till 12 weeks (the time when I feel like I can take a small sigh of relief). I don't know if this is a good number or not. (Btw THANKS to blogger and my blog- I posted on October 9th that I had started my period, so that is about in line with the doctors thinking that I am only 2 weeks or so). I didn't realize that the urine pregnancy test would pick up soooo early!!
So you all know the drill I go back Wednesday for another blood draw (and this time they are not going to stat it), I will find out Thursday the results. So prayers, fingers crossed etc... that the number at least doubles!!! I mentioned to the nurse about using progesterone or as I call it baby glue, she said typically 9/10 times that a pregnancy without fertility treatments you don't use anything, which makes me even more nervous.
PLEASE, PLEASE keep us in your thoughts and prayers- MUCH appreciated!


OMG!!! Where to begin? A week ago this past Friday I was putting L into the suv to go pick M up from school, it was raining and I was having to reach to put her into her seat (she sits in the middle), both of my feet slip on the running board and I BANG my legs- it HURT!!!! It was all I could do not to cry it hurt that bad. Anyhoo I had to get to M's school to get her so I couldn't worry about it. Not till I got home and pulled my pants legs up did I see how swollen my one leg was- my shin looked like my knee! I keep it elevated as much as possible with ice on it and over the next couple of days the swelling went down but not completely and it still hurt especially when I hadn't been on the leg for a while. Then by Thursday I noticed it started to itch- I thought oh it must be getting better! Friday hubby comments on how red it looks and I say yes and it is warm to the touch.  Of course we google it and you can imagine the things that come up! I was SCARED!
Saturday evening hubby and I have a date night! Yes you read that right, a date night! I couldn't tell you the last time that happened! Nothing fancy just going out to dinner just the two of us:) My parents were going to watch the kiddos, and the two older ones decided to spend the night. I showed my mom my leg before we left on our date and she said I should really get it checked out. Anyhoo we go on to dinner- nothing fancy just a chain seafood restaurant but it was nice. Then at dinner I start to get worried about my leg and decide maybe I should go ahead and get it checked out. So after dinner we head to one of the local hospitals to get it checked out- I know some date night! LOL!
I was surprised to see no one in the waiting room, and they moved very efficiently before I knew it I was back in a room. So I am getting checked out and they really think it is an infection (I don't get that since I didn't have an open wound etc..?! but ok) but they want to get an x-ray to make sure it is nothing more. In order to do an x-ray they want me to do a urine sample/ pregnancy test just to make sure- so I oblige them, whatever! So I am laying in the hospital bed hubby is watching the football game next to me, the lady from registration is taking my insurance info and the nurse looks at me a mouths YOUR PREGNANT! WHAT did you just say????!!! HUH?! Talk about being in COMPLETE SHOCK both hubby and I couldn't believe it! So the nurse asks if we want the test run again- UM YES! SO he runs another urine pregnancy test and it comes back positive too, he says "girlfriend you are pregnant!"! OMG! I cannot believe this is happening.  (Btw my leg turned out to be an infection and I am on some heavy duty antibiotics).
Now we are in COMPLETE SHOCK, EXCITED and SCARED out of our minds!!! The lines on the pregnancy test seem a little faint to me so that has me questioning things, I don't have a clue as to how far along I might be because I don't know normal cycles and I don't keep track (I hate keeping track- a infertility thing). I think or should I say my best guesstimate of when I had my period last was the end of September.
So first thing this morning I start calling my doctors- I called my obgyn and the got me in around lunch time for a blood test- so now I am trying to patiently wait, I should know the results this afternoon some time. I called my diabetes doctor but surprisingly haven't heard back from them. So I wait and wait, with my stomach in knots. I sooooooo want everything to be all right and this pregnancy to go to term; I am trying to be optimistic yet at the same time prepare myself. I want to get started on medications right now! to help with this pregnancy, you know "baby glue" etc... I sooo want to be far along in the pregnancy that I don't have to wait much longer for the 12 week, sigh of relief but yet I know I haven't been taking the best care of myself so I wonder what that might have done to the baby. And through all of this I keep telling myself  "don't worry, just pray". So will you please keep me and my baby in your thoughts and prayers!!!! (BTW you all are the only ones besides hubby and my parents that know., it is so hard I just want to SHOUT it our to the whole world)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween, maybe pink eye and then some

Kind of a late post about Halloween, hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween with lots of treats and no tricks! Our Halloween was okay. Tuesday afternoon after school I noticed H's eye's were really really red, and I just knew it was pink eye. Since it was late in the day I decided to see what it did in the morning (crusty etc..), however H had his first wrestling practice- not real thrilled that hubby wanted to get him involved but he was willing to take him so I thought he could give it a try. Well since we weren't sure if it was pink eye, H went to the practice but just watched- which is super hard for him because he wanted to get out there and get in the middle of the action! Wednesday morning rolls around, H's eyes are still super red but no drainage or crusty's etc.. however L's eyes are draining, no red?! What is a mom to do? I decided to not be "that mom" and told him he couldn't go to school that I needed to take him to the doctors, just in case it was pink eye, so that all his friends wouldn't get it.. Well H threw a HUGE fit, first of all he is the kiddo who LOVES school and second of all it was there Halloween party and they were getting to wear their costumes. He said "I was the worstest mom ever!". While all this is going on, I look over at M and she is rubbing her eyes like crazy trying to make them red so she doesn't have to go to school- yes she is the kiddo who EXCELS at school but doesn't like it! So I get an appointment at the doctors appointment for later that morning, I had my annual lady appointment (GRRR...) with a new doctor first thing that morning. I liked the new doc, things went well but those old feelings of being "the infertile" one crept back in while waiting in the waiting room with all the preggos, and then having to rehash my history. Anyhoo the appointment went well and fairly quick. Took L and H to their doctors appointment, doctor doesn't think it is pink eye, thinks H's is allergies (even though he is on claritin and benadryl) and L's is a cold. He did go ahead and give me a prescription for the medicine for pink eye incase L's eyes got red and H's started to drain. Still not convinced of this diagnosis but then I am not a doctor! L's eyes are still crusty when she wakes up although not bad, but no redness; H's eyes are still red and now M's eyes are a little red but no drainage/ crusty so what is a mom to do?
Needless to say H went back to school yesterday, I sent a note saying the doc didn't think it was pink eye that it was allergies etc..and to call if they started bothering him.. Of course H comes home that afternoon and tells me he told his teachers and friends that  he has pink eye! UGH!!! So I am sure I am now "that mom" that lies to send her son to school.
Back to Halloween day, so H missed school and his halloween party for nothing so I am the worstest mom ever! M went to school had a fun day and Halloween party at school. That afternoon we finally decorated our pumpkins (M had a little attitude and was upset that we hadn't decorated our pumpkins saying it was going to be November before we got to it!), we took the "easy" way out and bought the decorations that you just push in to the pumpkin- LOVE it!!!!! The pumpkins turned out super cute, and the kids could do them with very little help.
Since M was a baby we have always gone over to my parents house to have dinner and trick or treat. Well late Halloween afternoon my mom called and said they weren't going to be at home, that my brother and his family were going to be at a local firehouse halloween party and they were invited (my brother and his family live about an hour away and have always chosen to stay there to trick or treat). Well I was just a little upset! We don't know our neighbors well enough to trick or treat, and hardly anyone in our neighborhood hands out candy ( one day I hope to live in a nice neighborhood where everyone hands out candy and LOTS of kids trick or treat, of course if that ever happens our kids will probably be too old to trick or treat). So I wasn't sure what we were going to do, didn't really have anywhere to go! Then my mom called and said we could come too, I wasn't thrilled but at least we had somewhere to go. We went to the firehouse party, my brother and his family hardly talked to us- don't know what there deal was?!; it was SUPER crowded and it just wasn't "Halloween" to us, I like tradition. However with all that said the kiddos had fun and got candy. I was bummed because we don't have any pictures of the kids "trick or treating", especially of L on her first Halloween where she could participate. Anyhoo I hope next year we go back to the "traditional" Halloween. M went as supergirl, H went as Jan.go and L went as Str.awb.err.y Sho.rt.cak.e.
Update on the accident we were involved in:
We got the police report this afternoon, doesn't have the guys insurance, says he has it but didn't have it with him. I would be willing to bet he doesn't have any! Oh and their apparently was a passenger in the  car- which makes me even more suspicious of what went on, because the guy had been drinking (blew .048 and legally drunk is .08) and said he had worked all night and was tired. I just don't get how two people in the car can get on the wrong way, speeding and they not realize it unless they were on drugs and or drunk!!! I am sooooo upset with everything it makes me sick! So now we have to try and contact this guy, send a certified letter etc.. to get his insurance info and if we can't then we have to take him to court!
Anyhoo that is the latest. Hope everyone has a great (and safe) weekend!