Monday, November 12, 2012

Not the weekend I had planned

I had planned on posting this before my weekend started. I'm attempting to post from my phone as I'm waiting in car pool line for H. Little Miss L has been sick ALL weekend:( She woke up on Friday morning with a fever, we went to the doctors on Saturday and they ruled out ear infection, strep, her lungs sounded clear and they attempted to get a urine sample to no avail. Poor L wouldn't eat anything and is taking small sips here and there of juice, her fever was as high as 103.8 over the weekend. I took her back to the doctors this morning with a urine sample and that came back normal so they ran some blood work (which I don't understand why they didn't do this on Sat.?!) and determined its a virus that has to run its course. L is so pitiful:( just lays around, sleeps a lot, not herself at all- she is down almost 2lbs since Saturday morning. I'm hoping the worst is over and she will start feeling better and getting her strength back!! Thankfully (knock on wood) everyone else is okay:)
Now on to me. I got a call from my OB's office late Friday that scared me because I wasn't expecting a call. The nurse wanted to make sure I got my beta hcg results from Thursday but she actually gave me the wrong ones- the ones from Monday (again scared me!!!) so I had her double check my results from Wed/Thurs and they were right:) While I had her on the line I got some "clarification", I am 4weeks (5weeks) tomorrow, so they will want to see me next week or the week after for some lab work, and ultrasound. So I've got to call and set that appointment up with them today (scheduling was already gone when I got the call on Friday), I'm going to try and get an appointment for the week after Thanksgiving because H is out of school all next week and M is off Wed- Fri.
So I think I might have a yeast infection:( I'm not sure, I've only had one, one other time. Hope this isn't TMI but I've got itching, but no odor or discharge. So I don't know if it's just the hormonal changes or a yeast infection so I guess when I call the doctors office I need to talk to the nurse, and see what they want to do. My blood sugars have been out of whack all weekend so I had to call my doctor for adjustment on my insulin- but this is a good sign because as the pregnancy progresses it will affect my blood sugar readings, I just have to continue with my strict diet and keep on top of taking my blood sugar and administering my insulin. Right now I'm faxing my blood sugar reading to my endocrinologist every day (except Sat. and Sunday).
So that's what's been going on with me:) THANK YOU ALL again for your continued prayers, support and kind comments!!!!!!!

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  1. So sorry to hear she is so sick. Yeast infections are awful. Until you hear back from the doctor try eating lots of yogurt- plain if you can stomach it. You can also apply yogurt to the affected area for some relief just be sure it is plain with no added sugars. Hope you get too feeling better soon and yea for an ultrasound soon!