Thursday, January 17, 2013

We are having a ......

Well my doctors office called the other day with my blood test results and the most important thing is we are having a healthy baby:) The baby tested negative for any trisomy or down syndrome etc... I have to tell you it was a relief. Then the nurse asked if we wanted to know the sex and without hesitation I said yes- hubby and I had already decided we wanted to know. We are having a GIRL!!!! Bring on MORE bows, dresses, shoes, pink, pink and more pink:) We didn't tell the kiddos right away. M wanted a "surprise" like a cake or something. So yesterday while H and M were at school I made yellow cake with a pink center, pink icing between the layers and then white icing with pink and blue dots. The funny thing was the kiddos never realized what the cake was for- LOL!!!! It was driving H crazy all afternoon, and both M and H just assumed it was for their daddy's birthday which is Monday. Finally after dinner we told them it was cake time and then explained what the cake was for. So I sliced into the cake and served up the first piece to reveal it's a girl! M was SUPER excited, H was disappointed but he did well and L was just excited to have cake! So now the name game begins:) H INSISTS that we name her Princess Leia and refuses to hear any other name, so I am sure that is how he will refer to her for quite some time- he did the same thing with L insisting that her name was Pirate Baby L.
So originally I was concerned about bedrooms (we live in a 3 bedroom ranch, with the master bedroom being the largest and M &H's room the biggest of the other two, L's room is quite tiny!) but I think eventually it will be bathroom space that is the issue with 3 girls plus me! Hopefully down the road we will be able to more into a larger home!
I went to my endocrinologist today for my check-up and things are going great there:) My next OB appointment isn't till the end of the month, and I will have an ultrasound to check on the ovarian cyst- I am looking forward to seeing our little girl again!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

12 week check-up

Last Friday I had my 12 week check up with my obgyn, only my regular doctor was on vacation so I saw someone else in the practice (I knew this when I scheduled the appointment, no big deal). I had an ultrasound before seeing the doctor, and of course I was very nervous, hoping and praying that all was okay with our baby. Of course having to drink 32 oz of water 45 minutes prior to the ultrasound and then going out into the cold help to take my mind of things a little because all I could think about was how I needed to go to the bathroom!!!!!! All is fine with our little one:) The baby measures 13 weeks and the day of the ultrasound I was 12 weeks and 4 days. The baby's heartbeat was 170- which now has me thinking girl????!! The ultrasound also did not show any signs of acrania (which is what our first baby had), and the nasal bone and skull appear to be all there- which was a huge relief for us.They did see on the ultrasound a rather large (7cm) cyst on my right ovary, which they want to keep an eye on. The ultrasound tech and doctor were surprised that I didn't feel the cyst but honestly I haven't! I just hope and pray that it doesn't get any bigger, that it shrinks/ goes away on it's own!
I had some bloodwork done, they have a new test out that they use the mother's blood and apparently they can get enough of the baby's blood from it to test for trisomy/ down syndrome etc... instead of the more invasive amniocentesis or the less accurate trimester 1/ 12 week test that they use to do. So in about two weeks we will have the results of the bloodwork (it is 99% accurate where as an amnio is 100%). With the results we can also find out the sex of the baby!!!! All I really care about is that the results come back with a healthy baby, in the end that is all that matters!!!!
I go back in 4 weeks- Jan. 31st for my next appointment and at that appointment they are going to do another ultrasound to check on the cyst on my ovary- I guess one bright spot to having it, is I get more ultrasounds:) LOL!!!! Anyone else had this same problem- cyst on your ovary when you were pregnant? Just wondering.


Yes I know that it is 8 days into the new year however this is one busy momma!!! M started back to school last Wednesday:( and H started back to school yesterday:(  Christmas break was too short and went by way too fast. I am going to try and update on all the happenings since my last post:)
We told the kiddos the Saturday night before Christmas. We had a cute idea to have the kiddos pose in front of the Christmas tree and instead of saying "cheese" I said "mommy is going to have a baby". Well they said exactly what I said and then smiled not really realizing what was said, after repeating it several times and saying "no, really we are having a baby!" M finally got it! But H did not believe us saying "they are tricking us!" LOL!!! Both M and H are super excited, H went running around the house screaming he is going to have a brother- um  don't know yet! He just knows that it is going to be a boy and we are going to name him Finn.
Next it was time to tell the family. We told hubby's side of the family at their Christmas celebration the next day, unbeknown to me hubby had already told his dad (I wasn't too happy that a. he had already told him and b. he didn't tell me he had told them), the family minus his parents seemed happy for us, his parents don't show emotion- don't know how to explain it, it is just weird to me.
Then Christmas eve and Christmas day we shared with my family and they were quite surprised and excited for us.
Finally we "let the world know" aka facebook, we took a picture of the kiddos M holding a 1 sign, H holding a 2 sign, L holding a 3 sign and me holding a 4 sign with an arrow pointing to my belly. Needless to say the picture was a hit:) So now most everyone knows, the funny thing is, it still hasn't sunk in quite yet for me.
We had a good Christmas, I love Christmas with kiddos and experiencing the season through them. I think my favorite day is Christmas because it is such a laid back day, we get up with the kiddos, my parents come over, watch the kiddos open their presents, have breakfast together- sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and just enjoy one another. Then late in the afternoon we go over to my parents for Christmas with my mom's side of the family.
New Year, was nice a quiet, we stayed in just us and even went to bed early- I was tired and knew I wouldn't make it to midnight! I was in bed by 10:30. We are excited about the new year and what it hold for our family- so many changes ahead and fun times!!! I hope you and your family have a very Happy and Blessed New Year!