Thursday, December 12, 2013

Here we go again!

Well it wouldn't be winter if my baby didn't have RSV ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ When H was 4 months old he was diagnosed with it; when L was 8 months old she was diagnosed with it and ended up in the hospital for 4 days. Last week L wasn't feeling good, took her to the docs and she has croup. Then Tuesday EK started feeling bad, figured it was just what L had. After a horrible night with little to no sleep I took EK to the doctors and she has been diagnosed with RSV. I'm praying she gets better soon, and does not end up in the hospital. Poor thing is miserable, it hurts this Mona's heart to see one of her baby's sick especially this sick!!!!
Last night was M's school Christmas program, I was in a bind!! Hubby works CRAZY CRAZY hours, last week was 70+ hours! My mom had the stomach bug, I couldn't take EK so thankfully my dad took M to her performance and other parent video taped it for me. I felt horrible, I feel like the worst mom. M rocked it out and did awesome!!!! I was so proud of her.
This weekend is jam packed with activities so I'm currently arranging rides etc!!! M has a game to cheer at and a g.sco.ut mtg/ Christmas party. All the kiddos were invited to another Christmas party; church has their live nativity this weekend. Library books are due Sat.; and theirs grocery and Christmas shopping to be done!!! Not to mention next Monday is H's class Christmas program that morning and bball practice that evening. I think I need to clone myself!!!!!!!
A little prayer for my sweet EK that she gets better soon!!!! And prayers for me that I'm able to "keep it together" and not disappoint any of the kiddos/ find ways for them to attend all their events.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still here just a crazy life

I'm still here, just a crazy life what can I say?! I'm still reading others blogs just don't seem to have much time to blog these days especially with all the Christmas shopping, Christmas festivities, M started cheering again for basketball season, H is playing basketball again this yr- practices have begun; and hubby is working more and more (last week it was 70+hours!) so that means no help!!
We are doing well, other than L has had croup- still trying to get over it and now EK is getting it:( EK turned 5 months old yesterday, she's just the sweetest baby!!
We are on day two of snow days. Last Friday school was cancelled however ALL the kiddos (with exception of EK) were up at 5:40am- SMH, it's a snow day go back to bed!! They didn't! Now why on school days aren't they that easy to get up???? We spend the day at home, that night we had a pizza party in the living room and watched Christmas specials on tv. Yesterday the kiddos had a normal day of school and activities; then early early this morning we got more snow so we started the day on a 2hr delay (of course I didn't get the notice until I'd already gotten up and showered-grrr!!); the kiddos once again were up bright and early but not 5:40 early it was closer to 6:30. Then the 2hr delay turned into a snow day, school was cancelled, so we are having a pajama kind of day! I'm doing some laundry, finishing up the last of the Christmas cards etc... Really need to do some Christmas shopping, may resort to some more online shopping to get it done (kind of hard to shop with the kiddos!). I've already done quite a bit of online shopping, more than I've done in the past- I like it just HATE paying shipping. Well it's awfully quite in the other room, need to check on the kiddos! Just wanted to say I'm still alive๐Ÿ˜‰

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Hope your day is full of treats and no tricks;) Unfortunately where we live Mother Nature is playing tricks on us, they are calling for high winds, heavy rains/ storms and chance of tornadoes- boo!!! So we won't be trick or treating tonight. Many of the neighborhoods in our town have changed the day for trick or treating, some did it last night (we couldn't do it last night because M was making her first reconciliation- I'm so very proud of her!!!!!) and others are doing it this weekend. We are planning on taking the kiddos trick or treating tomorrow night. M is going as a lil devil; H is going as a; L is going as; and EK is going as a little kitty cat.
We have been super busy over the last couple of weeks with all kinds of fun fall activities. We've gone to Wo.rl.d for the day enjoying their Halloween fun- we surprised the kiddos with that trip! We've gone to the pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins, ziplinned, played in the hay maze etc... We enjoyed the fall festival at church and we went to a large trunk or treat in our area. Fall cheerleading has ended- yay!!! Just in time for basketball cheer to start. We decorated our pumpkins, usually I'm the one who carves all the pumpkins, unless we paint them etc well a fellow blogger used stickers, and I LOVED the idea. So I went to the store and got the stickers, the kiddos especially L enjoyed decorating their own pumpkins without needing assistance:) The pumpkins turned out perfect just how each kiddo wanted and I love them!!
Hubby's been sick- strep throat YUCK!!! Now when he gets sick it's like dealing with a kiddo except you would've thought he was dying! (In his defense he has never had strep.) So that was no fun for any of us, and thankfully (knock on wood) no one else has gotten it.
I know I thought Oct. was busy but something tells me the next two months with the holidays are going to be even busier!
This weekend we don't have much going on so I've declared Sat. a family day where we are going to clean up/ out the basement, well the kiddos play area. We are going to go through toys and seriously weed out some toys! We are also going to put away summer clothes and get our winter stuff out. Hoping we accomplish a lot!!!
Well gotta run- hope everyone has a Happy and safe Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Not much to report, just life:)

Not much to blog about or much time for that matter, just busy. The kiddos had conferences last week at school and they both got fabulous reports- I'm one proud momma!!! They were also on Fall Break last Thursday and Friday so I planned some fun activities. My niece and nephew were on Fall break as well so I had them too. Thursday we went and picked apples at a local orchard, then went to out to lunch and played. Friday we spent a good part of the day at the zoo, nothing like taking 6 kiddos by yourself to the zoo!! We had a great day complete with 1 train ride, 4 carousel rides, fed the giraffes and had a picnic lunch- good times, great memories!!! We then came home and put the two little ones down for naps and we made apple pie with some of the fresh apples we picked the day before. The weekend was a washout, literally, we got A LOT of rain:( The two older kiddos went with my mom to a local paint pottery place and painted.
Our October is jam packed with lots of fun family activities, just hope the weather cooperates!!! We have a picnic and ball game this weekend and the rest of the month we have pumpkin picking, an amusement park with Halloween fun, homecoming, fall festival, trunk or treat- looking forward to it all!!!
Little Miss EK turned 3 months old yesterday! She is growing and changing so much. She is such a good easy going baby, and I'm LOVING all the great big smiles I'm getting:) She was sleeping through the night however this past week she started waking up not sure if its just a growth spurt or if she's getting a little cold- she has a little runny nose and congestion going on:(
Yesterday my car acted up in carpool line- giving all kinds of warning signals/ messages (it had done this before and when we took it in, it showed nothing after shelling out $100 for diagnostics). Well after getting the kiddos and leaving school my breaks wouldn't work! Talk about scary, thankfully I wasn't going real fast and I was able to use the emergency break to get it stopped. Thankfully we are all safe and it's in the shop- apparently some computer thing and its under warranty:) Also thankful my parents were leaving today for vacation so I was able to use one of there vehicles which is smaller than my big SUV however everyone still fits safely:)
Hope everyone has a fantastic end of the week/ weekend :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Spinning my wheels

Some days I feel as though I'm just spinning my wheels, trying to get traction to get moving/get things accomplished and yesterday was one of those days!!!!! My day started bright and early, a few minutes before 6:00am with feeding EK which I thought would workout perfect because my alarm was set to get up at 6:40. While I was feeding EK, L woke up, well this put a little wrench in my plans. L was settled in watching tv so I thought she would be ok while I showered (and she was). Well EK apparently was super hungry and took longer to eat but I still thought I would be ok. I got EK settled back in the bassinet and I jumped in the shower to get ready for church. As I was in the bathroom I heard EK fussing so I was trying to hurry up and get ready and get her. After getting EK and getting her settled down I fixed breakfast- which I guess I should've just had something quick. I got about halfway through eating and had to feed EK again. Well needless to say by 8:30 (the time I need to leave to get to 9:00am mass on time), I was showered but not dressed for church; L and I had eaten breakfast; L's clothes were out but she wasn't ready; EK was dressed but still eating so church didnt happen ๐Ÿ˜ž. I was so aggravated and bummed. It seemed like the rest of my day went this way too, I needed to go to the grocery but M wasn't cooperating with getting dressed; by the time I got the list compiled and coupons gathered it was time for EK to eat again- I was also under a time crunch because M had a ๐Ÿˆgame to cheer at in the afternoon. Thankfully my mom watched the kiddos except EK while I ran to the grocery; then she took M and H to the football game for M to cheer. My mom was wanting to see M cheer and this helped me out because L could get her afternoon nap on time. At the end of the day I felt like I didn't get much accomplished, but then again I'm sure this happens to everyone, I just feel like its more frequent for me.
I'm having issues with getting and keeping the house clean. I'm home just about all day (with the exceptions of running errands and running the kids here and there) but I can't seem to get anything done. The kiddos are NO help, I've tried implementing chores however this turns into more battles trying to get them to do them and I just give up. Hubby is like another kid, he doesn't help out with house work- if I could just get him to clean up after himself that would be a big help! I don't know what to do but I feel like I'm leaving in a pig sty and what little bit I'm able to get accomplished by the end of the day you can't even tell I did. So frustrated!
On a happy๐Ÿ˜Šnote, HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!!!!๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ป
It's definitely felt a little more like Fall the past few days around here- long pants, light jackets. So now I guess it's time to start putting away summer clothes and pulling out the fall/ winter stuff (fingers crossed it still fits!!).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finally posting ;)

YIKES!!! Didn't realize I haven't posted in September. Well what can I say other than I've been crazy busy!!! Running the kiddos to and from school; H played "hooky" for the first time; Girl Scout mtgs; cheer has begun for M; we had M's 8th birthday last weekend; L started gymnastics; and EK turned two months old, we had her check-up.
Where to begin? Well H pulled a fast one! School called me to say H had thrown up; I felt so guilty for sending him to school thinking it was just allergies- his allergies have been pretty bad lately:( So I get to school and the principal tells me she tried to take his temp several times- when she said this I was thinking why couldn't you get his temp? But didn't say anything. So on the way home H and I are talking and I find out they have an oral thermometer and H has a horrible gag reflex thus why he threw up all over the principal and also why she couldn't get his temp!! Anyhoo H stayed home, rested/ took it easy bc of his allergies. The next morning he woke up and said he was fine however once hubby left for work he said he wasn't feeling well etc I decided not to push things so I didn't send him to school. After dropping M off at school and getting home H announces "GREAT NEWS!!! I'm all better!" LOL! Yeppers Mr. H was playing Hooky! He then asked where we were going for lunch. Needless to say H was disappointed to find out he was eating the lunch I packed for school, there would be no tv, video games, tablet, computer etc and oh yes momma has worksheets/ school work that I came up with for him to do- not exactly the day he had planned;) Then when M got home from school she had all his work he had missed the last two days. I don't think H will be playing hooky anytime soon;)
M had her friends party at a local pottery place- it was a girls only party. The girls got to pick out the pottery piece they wanted to paint off several shelves then they had an hour to paint their piece. The girls also put their thumbprint on a plate and the store creates a birthday plate for M. After the girls painted, they had pizza, juice pouches and mini cupcakes- it was a really cute party and Madelyn had fun!! Then that evening we celebrated M's birthday with the family. On her actual birthday she had school where she took Popsicles to celebrate; then at home after dinner and leftover cupcakes she opened gifts. I had a tough time figuring out what to get M and she didn't have many ideas, I can't believe my baby girl is 8yrs old!!!
L started gymnastics, it's more of a tumbling class. L was SUPER Excited and couldn't wait to finally start gymnastics. The class she is in has two other kiddos and two instructors. My cousin found L a leotard at a local consignment sale- she loves wearing it for class- she's sooooo cute in it with her hair in piggy tails. L did well listening to the instructors and she's familiar with the gym and the instructors because its where M took gymnastics.
EK is two months old!!!! Where has the time gone?? She's no longer my little newborn :( She is becoming an alert, chunky little infant. EK had a great check-up at the pediatrician's office, she is just perfect but then we already knew that:) EK is in the 66% for height (22 7/8inches); 49% for weight (11lbs 5oz); and 45% head circumference (15) which I think is the size L was born with- LOL!!! The worst part was the shots:( The manufacturer that makes the additive or whatever you call it so you can combine the shots is not making it or is behind in making it something like that, anyhoo EK ended up with 4 shots (2 in ea leg) and an oral vaccine. Yes it was horrible for me too and I tried to hold it together. I hate shots but I also know they are necessary.
I have another crazy busy weekend ahead and hubby is not only going to be at the gym all day Sunday- his usual but all day Saturday too! So I will be solo for all: Sat M has cheer practice; then im planning on heading home to catch the BIG state rivalry college football game; then we have my cousins little girls 1st bday. Sunday we have to go to 11:30 mass for first reconciliation enrollment for M (yep me and all 4 kiddos by myself- pray for me!!!) then that afternoon M has a football game to cheer at. At some point I'm going to need to go grocery shopping so that will be a fun trip with all 4- don't know how I'm going to do it unless I have M push a cart to put the groceries in, bc L and EK take up a cart themselves. Anyhoo that's what's been going on here and what I've got ahead this weekend- hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cardiologist check up for both of us

 Yesterday I had my follow up with the cardiologist and EK had her appointment to check out her heart (because of my congenital heart defect she needed to be checked out). I scheduled this appointment some time ago, then last week less than a week before my appointment the office calls to say that they can't get our echo's scheduled at the time they told me and could I come another day/ time?! I was beyond upset because here I thought it was scheduled and hubby had taken the day off to come with me. We were able to work it out that we went to the hospital right by the doctors office for the echo's then to the doctors office to see the doctor, however this meant we had to be at the hospital (downtown) for registration by 8:15- YUCK!!! We managed to get the 2 older kiddos ready for school (my mom took them for us), and the two younger ones ready in time to go, traffic was horrible but we got to the hospital no problem. The problems arose when we got to the hospital, they didn't have the orders for EK, then insurance denied her twice even though the day before we had received a letter saying she was covered! After several phone calls we got both issues straightened out. We finally headed to get our echo's. EK went first and she did quite well, I feed her during the procedure which helped. Then it was my turn, it was enjoyable- LOL! Yes in a dimmed room, laying on a bed covered up, yes I took a little nap while I had the echo. I'm telling you with the lack of sleep, when I see a bed I want to lay down and sleep, ask me to lay down where it's quiet and the lights are dim I'm going to fall asleep!!
After both of our echo's we trekked over to the doctors office to fill out a ton of paperwork and to sit and wait and wait!!! Finally we were called back where both EK and myself got weighted, blood pressure checks and ekg's. Little Miss Chunky Monkey weights 10lbs 8oz!!!!! I knew she had gained but not that much- wow!!! Then it was time to see the doctor, and I'm so HAPPY to say we both got great reports!!!! EK is a beautiful healthy little girl:) She has a small vsd, and slight murmur which are all absolutely normal for her age. They do want to see EK back in two yrs to make sure the vsd closed up and everything is still normal, which the fully expect it to be. My ticker is doing great, the doctor said looking at my echo/ ekg etc you would never know I've had a baby let alone two- that everything is the same no effects from the pregnancies. WOO-HOO!!!!!! That was the best news after spending ALL morning at the hospital/ doctors- it was after 12:00 by the time we got done! EK and L were both troopers. I was so so proud of L, she was in the stroller the whole time and did awesome!!! By the time we stopped and had lunch because we were all starving!! I had to drop hubby at his afternoon doctors appointment at the orthopedist (he's been released, just ease back into things the next couple of weeks), then head to M and H's school to pick them up. It was a long day but with great news:)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 weeks old!!!!!

Yesterday our littlest princess turned 6 weeks old!! Time is going by too fast, she growing and changing too fast, I think with three other kiddos and craziness it seems to go by faster. I just want to freeze time to be able to enjoy her more when she's so tiny. EK, still doesn't have a good feeding schedule and will often fall asleep during a feeding, I'm trying not to get too worked up about it because she is growing. I've backed off waking her every 2 hours to feed- the doctor said I should feed her every 2 hours till she is 10lbs; I don't let her go a very long but I'm more lax. EK is becoming more alert starting to coo and "talk". Her smile just melts my heart.
On a different note, it's been 6wks since I had EK that means hubby and I can have sex again. Hubby started hinting and alluding to this starting last week UGH!!!! REALLY!!!!!! I'm sorry but that is the LAST thing on my mind. I love my hubby but to be honest if I see a bed all I want to do is crawl in it and sleep, matter of fact anything in a horizontal position makes me think of sleep because I'm exhausted!!! Hubby just doesn't get it, and makes me feel bad, saying I'm not attracted to him, etc...  I just don't think he realizes what my days/ nights are like, I honestly believe he thinks oh she's home all day etc...Any suggestions?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kindergarten check-up, beginning of school, H's 6th birthday , EXHAUSTED

WHEW!!!! What a crazy busy week we had! H had his kindergarten check-up last Wed. afternoon luckily hubby kept M and L at home since he was home for lunch and I took H and EK with me. H was too funny at the doctors. When the nurse came to get him, he wouldn't get up till she answered his questions- am I getting a shot? Am I getting my finger pricked? Once she said no, he said okay, got up and followed her back. Once back in the room I reminded H goes by his middle name, so she showed him how she was going to change it in the computer, she asked H what he preferred to be called, he said hum (you could see the wheels turning!), then he replied LaVale. WHAT?! So the rest of the appointment they all referred to him as LaVale- LOL!!! H was messing with EK who was asleep in her carrier, I told him to leave her alone and let her sleep because if she wakes up she is going to want to eat. H then turns to the nurse and says "and you don't want to see that!" OMG! H was so thrilled when the nurse said he was going to have to pee in a cup- must be a boy thing! When the doctor came into the room she started off asking developmental questions like do you know your colors? H said no! I said yes you do! So the doctor had to test him on his colors to which of course he knew. The doctor said you do so know your colors, why did you say no? H said "just checkin to see if you do!". LOL! H got a great check-up :) He is in the 23% for weight and 9% for height- I wasn't shocked by this, the main thing is he is growing and he is healthy:)
Last Thursday was the kiddos first day of school, and they did awesome and had a fabulous first day (they had an early dismissal on Thursday to help them ease back into the school year). Since the kiddos are back in school I've found it's more, yes more of a challenge to do some things because L misses her bubby and sissy and she is bored so she is into A LOT more things especially when I'm feeding EK!
L is quite the handful because she is trying to be so independent, and VERY strong willed two year old! Trying to go anywhere with L and EK is quite the chore, trying to carry the car seat carrier and hope L will listen and follow directions. L HATES riding in carts at the store which is quite the challenge; getting into the car seat is also a battle. I keep trying to tell myself this too shall pass its a phase, however I'm overwhelmed with things and then factor in the lack of sleep. I'm now getting up to start my day at 5:30am unless EK has a feeding right around that time like this morning when my day started at 5:00am and no naps I'm running on very little sleep. EK is still on an every 2 hour feeding schedule. EK is not a great eater, often falling asleep so some feelings take 1-1.5 hours!!! I've tried everything I can think of, tickling her,taking her clothes off etc..
This past weekend was H's 6th birthday!!! I can't believe my baby boy is 6yrs old!! On Friday H took some cookies into school to celebrate- he was so excited to celebrate his actually birthday instead of his "fake" birthday as he called it (his preschool celebrated his half bday bc school didn't start in time for his actual bday). On Saturday we had his friends party at a local trampoline place. When I got up a few minutes after 6am to feed EK, H was already up- someone was VERY excited about his birthday:) His party went ok other than the trampoline place wouldn't allow outside food and drink and I was not aware of this policy so H was not able to have his cookie cake a juice boxes with his friends- I was not happy and I felt horrible!!! My mom made me feel worse by saying I really should check into these things before I plan etc... H didn't seem to mind, we had the cookie cake that evening with my brother, niece, nephew and my parents when we celebrated his birthday and he got his presents. H got all kinds of le.gos- I said he has so many now instead of moving we will just build an addition with them!!!
Yesterday we had EK's 6wk pictures taken (a little early she isn't 6weeks till tomorrow but with our schedules this is what worked best), it kind of snuck up on me with the start of school and H's birthday. Saturday afternoon/ evening and Sunday morning/ afternoon before pictures I was searching for fancy/ lacy white bloomers and a small bow headband for pictures. Sunday I finally found a place that said they had the bloomers (mind you the person I talked to on the phone was VERY rude)  so I loaded all the kiddos and headed there (hubby is at the gym almost all day on Sundays), when I get to the store, they don't have the bloomers they use to but they were out, and apparently the sales lady (same rude person I talked to on the phone) thought it was funny! I noticed they had headband bows, I asked what size it was and the last says "it has elastic, it will fit any size", so I try it on EK it's too big and falls right off! The sales lady them tells me I could cut the bow off the headband and use a little El.m,ers glue to stick it on EK's head- it's a photographers secret! REALLY?! What photographer because I want to make sure not to take my baby there! Needless to say after I left this place I was not happy!!!! I ended up having a meltdown, between the lack of sleep, the kids not behaving, not being prepared for pictures/ finding what I wanted and feeling like I have no help it was too much! THANKFULLY pictures turned out fabulous, EK did awesome and I found a couple of cute outfits in her closet for pictures.
Sorry for the long post, told ya we've been busy:) hope I didnt ramble too much! Thankfully this week looks pretty calm.

Friday, August 9, 2013

One Month Old :o

Yes, I know hard to our little EK is one month old!!!! We are all doing well and settling into a new normal/ chaos. I'm doing well, getting more confident about going out with the kiddos, although its still a juggling act with breast feeding and trying to get things done she eats every 2 hrs (dimetimes sooner!) I'm still not back to doing everything that I was before- haven't attempted the grocery shopping- although after hubby's half hearted attempts (without any kids) I think it's time I figure out how to grocery shop- preferably without the kiddos or at least all of them! Hubby either spends a fortune (getting name brand stuff and "extras" that weren't on the list or doesn't get the right stuff/ forgets to get everything on the list.
This week has been my "crazy" week with 3 doctors appointments; school mtgs and activities etc... But managed to get through it okay:) The kiddos start school next Thurs so that will be another adjustment/ new normal. I am hoping and praying the kiddos have a great school year!
Today we took EK for her 1 month check-up and she is doing great:) She's up to 8lbs 14oz and 21 in long- growing like a weed! Poor thing had to get a shot- broke momma's heart; never is easy when your kids are in pain :(
One of my "saving graces" has been some new meals/ recipes that are super easy, can be made ahead; and are large enough I can freeze half for another meal. And the awesome part is two of them have been a HUGE hit with M who hardly ever eats dinner, because she is BEYOND picky (she doesn't like meat, veggies etc... Makes dinner time really enjoyable *note the sarcasm!).
Well time to get a few things accomplished while EK is napping! I still have to plan/ work on H's birthday, next Saturday he will be 6yrs old !!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well hubby went back to work on Monday, and I'm surviving!!! Monday went better than expected, while L and EK were napping I was able to put together a casserole so when it came to dinner time I just heated the oven and put the casserole in:) To top things off EVERYONE including M liked and ate the casserole, WOO-HOO that's a HUGE win!
Tuesday went well, even with two extra kids, my niece and nephew! My sister in law called yesterday morning wanting me to watch them so she could go with her mom to a doctors appointment. She was suppose to be at my house by 11am well finally at 12:25pm she shows up! Of course it was lunch time, the kids hasn't had lunch so I had to make them lunch. I never heard from her till she finally rolled up in my drive at 4:30 to get the kiddos. I find it very fishy and have to wonder if her mom actually had a doctors appointment?! I say this based on previous experience. I'm happy to help out, enjoy having my niece and nephew I just don't like being taken advantage of!
Yesterday afternoon my mom came by to stay with the kiddos so I could run and get lab work done without having to take everyone :) While I was out I stopped by a local nursing store to check EK's weight because my mom was concerned and thus had me worried that EK wasn't gaining/ growing; even though she was content, wetting and dirtying diapers. Well no worries she is past her birth weight :) she is 8lbs 0.7 oz. So I was happy to have affirmation that she is growing and I'm doing a good job of breast feeding. Next Friday is EK's 1 month check-up so we will see what the pediatrician has to say.
Next week starts the "craziness"!!!! I have 2 doctors appointments, one of which I will have to take all the kids with me! EK has her 1 month check-up and will have to take all the kiddos with me once again! Mon- Wed night of next week M has a cheerleading clinic; Tues night we have a kindergarten parent night and Thurs night we have school supply drop off night and meet the teachers (school starts the 15th).
Lets hope with the "craziness" beginning I can get some more energy/ more sleep. EK is still not a great night time sleeper- hoping it will come with time! Couple that with L not sleeping well/  refusing to sleep in her bed so its a nightly struggle and even if we do get her to sleep in her bed at some point in the middle of the night she comes in our room and gets in our bed. So when I do get to sleep its not very comfortable because I usually have little space or have feet in my back etc... I just keep telling myself in time it will work out and I will miss these nights ;)
So like I said I'm in survivor mode right now, I don't feel like the greatest mom but I'm doing the best I can!

Friday, July 26, 2013

A new experience

I've had a new experience with EK that I didn't think I would get to experience- breast feeding:) With L, my milk production was never very good, and I couldn't get her to latch properly. I attribute both of these issues to two seperate things: 1. My milk production because I didn't ask for a lactation consultant right away; L was given a bottle in the nursery (unbeknownst to us until discharge and against our wishes); and the fact that I didn't start pumping right away either. 2. When I did finally have a lactation consultant in my room I had an "audience" my mom and H were visiting and it was very distracting and uncomfortable having them in the room. However at the time I didn't know these were probably my issues, I assumed do to my augmentation/ reduction surgery that is why I had issues with bf and assumed I would have the same issues this time but was willing to try again (mind you last time with L I pumped till she was 4 months old however I was getting very little breast milk and she was receiving majority formula.
This time around with EK I made it known I was bf and she was not to receive a bottle. I also requested a lactation consultant right away. I think these two things made quite the difference! The LC started me pumping after every feeding for 15 min to help my milk production. Although EK lost more than 10% of her body weight by the time we left the hospital, I increased feedings to every 1.5 hrs and she gained a couple of ounces in one day!! Since leaving the hospital I've been able to bf exclusively with no supplementing of formula:) and no pumping!!! I'm so thankful and blessed to have this experience and special time with EK!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hospital stay

So my hospital stay was not what I pictured. I knew going in this time I would be spending the first 24 hrs in ICU, so that wasn't a shock like last time. However I was surprised that I was only allowed to see EK during feedings and once the feeding was over it was back to the nursery for her. I also was taken aback by having to have someone from the nursery with her/ me at all times- nothing like having a stranger in the room when your breast feeding! I was also bummed in the or, because I only got to see EK, I wasn't able to hold her. I was surprised that I was so sick after my c-section. I usually don't get sick after surgery etc... But I didn't eat anything until late that night and it was crackers (aside from the Popsicle I had earlier in the evening), thankfully by the next morning I was feeling a little better and able to eat some breakfast and keep it down! Speaking of food- I was so not impressed with the hospital food- and they had me on a regular diet, but the menu consisted of a lot of sandwiches and homemade soups with no flavor. I was so glad to get home and have my momma's hot homemade food:)
Another "disappointment" of my hospital stay was the lack of rest I got! I know the nurses have to come in for vitals but it seemed like someone from the hospital was constantly in my room (and when your breast feeding every 2 hours and then pumping for 15 minutes afterwards it seemed like everyone in the hospital saw my breasts!!). Then you add the construction going on right outside my hospital window it was constant noise and commotion! I had all intentions of staying the "extra" day however I wanted some rest and I knew I wasn't going to get it at the hospital- I really wanted my bed!!!! The hospital bed was so uncomfortable. EK didn't like the isolet so I was hoping when we got home she would like the bassinet however she wasn't a fan of that either- she took some getting use to it and is doing better:) Until then though we/ I spent a lot of nights in the recliner!
Then there was the loneliness, I know your asking how could I be lonely with the constant whirlwind of hospital staff in my room but I was! Hubby was hardly ever at the hospital- he was working out, going to lunch and/ or dinner- instead of bringing it back to my room and eating with me; or home sleeping/ napping. My mom came one afternoon with my kiddos but it was crazy with them and it was hard on her to bring them. One night I did have a friend, uncle, cousins and brother/ sister in law all come to see me in one night. It just like I said wasn't what I expected, I thought hubby would be at the hospital more but he was too busy taking care of himself! Since we've been home we haven't had any visitors except the grandparents- I'm really surprised by this but it is what it is. Thankfully my mom has been a HUGE HUGE help with everything!!! She even took the kids school supply shopping for me:)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Quite the adjustment!!'

It's been quite the adjustment for all!  I'm going to start with the birth story. My sister in law was suppose to be at our house bright and early July 9th, however promptness and early morning are not her strong suit so thankfully my dad was able to come to our house while the kiddos slept until she arrived (30 minutes late !). Thank goodness we made it on time to the hospital and they got me in triage hooked up to monitors fairly quickly. Of course there ended up being an emergency case that pushed my time back, so we sat and waited to go back to the or. I was happy with the nurse and especially the anesthesiologist I ended up with- she was fabulous!!! Once it was our turn to go to the or, I was wheeled back and it was 30 min before hubby could come into the room. The sound of our little girls quite loud cry was the best sound!!! The csection went smoothly, and then it was time to find out exactly what the mass on my placenta was- it turned out to be nothing more than a large blood clot that ruptured when the doc went to remove it. The clot was large enough that it held about a pint of blood!!! They did send my placenta off for biopsy however we haven't heard anything, but the doctor didn't expect it to be anything but a large clot. The bummer was I only got to see our little girl, I wasn't able to hold her, she went off to the nursery and I was taken to ICU for a 24 hour observation. Thankfully later in the day they did bring her to ICU for me to see her and feed her :) In the 24 hours that I was in ICU she was only allowed in my room for feelings and someone from the nursery had to stay with her at all times. I was so glad to finally get moved to the regular mommy/ baby floor the next day (although it was not a peaceful or restful time- do to constant activity of nurses, aides etc and then the construction outside my window- the hospital is expanding)!!My recover in ICU was rough!!! I was sick at my stomach, couldn't eat anything and was throwing up what little I did take in- this was quite a surprise being I did great after L's birth.
Another change from L's birth is we made sure that EK did not get a bottle, that I was able to breast feed right away/ as soon as I could and they brought in a breast pump as well. Thankfully I'm having a much easier and successful time breast feeding EK; something I did not have with L :) With that said my time in the hospital more people saw my boobs than I care to count!! It amazed me how many people would either just walz in or would knock and barge in not waiting for a response! When your feeding every 2 hours and then pumping for 15 minutes after your boobs are out quite a bit- lol!!! But I'm so thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to breast feed successfully our little one:)
Okay my thoughts are all over the place I'm sure due in part to lack of sleep, so I will continue this update in another post.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SHE IS HERE!!!!!!!

I finally feel like giving a little update, will post more later:) My c-section went smoothly other than being delayed due to an emergency c-section. Our newest little princess was born at 11:08am , she weighted 7lbs 15oz and 19 inches long, she is absolutely gorgeous and we are completely in love with her!!! She has some hair but we haven't figured out the color quite yet. She has great color, great apgar scores, she's doing fantastic. I had a rough day yesterday but feeling much better and looking forward to being moved out of the ICU and into a regular mother/ baby room!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

One more day!!!!!

I can't believe only one more day!!!! Tomorrow we meet our sweet baby girl E :) I'm anxious, nervous, excited and I think ready. I'm starting to get emotional, knowing this will be my last pregnancy, last time I feel a little one kick inside of me etc... I'm nervous about how everything will go with me, with the baby and with my babies at home. I'm nervous about recovery, and taking care of 4 kiddos. I'm excited to see what our little one looks like, how big she will be etc... So many emotions I'm going through, and I'm not feeling well today, tired, back hurts and upset stomach with all that going on I don't feel like I'm being a very good mommy:( I'm trying to get the house straightened/ cleaned, last minute errands, and last little bit of laundry- and all I want to do is sit down and snuggle with my little ones!!! I also need to get all their clothes/ stuff packed for my parents house for the week and pack myself- I have no idea what to take to the hospital- PLEASE, I would love some suggestions!!! I cannot remember what I wore/ took to the hospital 2 yrs ago with L.
On another note, Saturday M and I had some fun girls bonding time just the two of us:) We went a to get our nails done, M got a mani/ pedi and I got a mani. M picked out neon yellow for her toes, and watermelon red and green for her nails- typical M :) I got a light nude color, gives the illusion of a French mani with the cost:) Then we went and got M a sweet treat- I had a few bites, yummo!!! Then we went and got M 's hair trimmed- she really wants bangs but I'm just not sure, they are a lot of maintence and work!! Then we ran a few errands just us girls. She is growing up so fast, I can't believe she is going to be 8yrs old in just a couple of months!!! I cherish our one on one time:)

** I will try to update as soon as I can, but after my csection I will be spending a minimum of 24 hrs in ICU :( So it may be a day or two, but as soon as I can I will :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Last doctors appointment!!!!

This morning I had my last OB appointment, it was the works: N S T, us, and doc appointment. Everything went well, little miss cooperated for the N S T- actually quite active, had to keep moving the monitor to keep her on it! The us looked great- good heartbeat, fluid, cord flow etc... Little miss has dropped and is head down- ready :) They are measuring her at 7lbs 11oz. The doc checked me and doesn't look like "I will mess up our plans" as the doc said, bc I'm not dilated etc... So it looks like everything is ago for next Tuesday July 9th when we will finally meet our littlest princess- I cannot wait!!!!! I'm so excited (and nervous).
Completely off subject- I'm finally starting to buy a few things for little miss. (we have ALL of L's baby stuff and they are the same season so there really hasn't been a need to buy much) I bought some burp cloths, bibs and a gown off Et.s.y - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that site!!! However I waited a little to late to purchase stuff so what I'm really looking for and found on the site I won't get in time for the hospital:( I want a cotton hat with a bow- I can't find one ANYWHERE in town! I've looked and reached out to people I thought might know to no avail. I know it's not the end of the world etc just had my heart set on something like that for hospital pictures. The stuff I did order, the people said would be here by next wk- however I'm a little concerned bc none of it has shipped!
Tomorrow- I'm looking forward to this:) M and I are going to have some bonding girl time!!!! My parents are suppose to bring the kiddos back tomorrow morning- I hope they don't disappoint! In the afternoon, while L naps, H and daddy are going to hang out and M and I are going to get our nails done, get her some ice cream or whatever treat she wants and maybe a little shopping too:)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Bummer 4th of July

Well it was a wet dreary 4th of July here!!! The kiddos left early yesterday morning with my parents, they went to the lake house for a couple of days. After the kiddos left, hubby left for the gym, and the house was quiet too quiet!!!! I missed my babies, I missed them all day and still do- but they are having a great time with my parents, brother, cousins, and my aunt and uncle- even with the crappy weather. Hubby and I decided to go to a movie yesterday afternoon, given the weather etc... Well by the time hubby got home from the gym, took a shower and we got to the theater- the movie was sold out:( apparently we weren't the only ones with the idea to go to the movies yesterday!! So we went home, hubby napped and I watched some tv, washed dishes and made his breakfast muffins.
We decided to go out to this little burger joint in town (we called before hand to make sure they were opened), I've been craving their turkey burger and onion rings- it's sooooo yummy!!! It's not a place we can take the kiddos for several reasons- parking is on street which often means walking a ways; it's a small place- 4, two top tables; and they don't have anything M would eat. So it was a perfect night to go, we found on street parking right outside the place, went in ordered and waited for our order. I had just said to hubby that I've been craving this! when they announced they were out of turkey- WHAT??!!! So I cancelled my order/ got my money back but hubby really loves their buffalo burger so he went ahead and ate. Talk about a real disappointment! So we headed home, because nothing sounded good except that burger and onion rings:( I just wanted to go to bed, but of course there was all kinds of fireworks in the neighborhood! Ugh! Not exactly the 4th I had hoped for! Hope everyone else's 4th was better than mine and the weather cooperated!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Single digits!!!!!!

Woo-Hoo!!!! We are in single digits, next Tuesday we will get to meet our sweet little girl!!!! YAY!!!!
Today I got a few more things ticked off my to do list before EK arrives. I took H to the allergist, scheduled his allergy testing- looks like hubby will be taking him for that :) My mom has offered to go with him as well.
I got L's hair cut for the first time. I was so nervous about doing this, bc I didn't want her to lose her curls. L was not a fan of getting her hair cut, I had to hold her and even then it was a battle. So no pictures of the actual haircut, but pictures after. Afterwards L was so proud of her "haircup", she was flashing that princess smile!! LOL!!! The haircut looks cute, and the curls are still there:)
Next up was the card store, to get all the bday, anniversary etc cards for the month of July. This went quickly and glad to get it done! Then it was time to take H to the barbershop for his haircut. I'm not taking him again, I told my husband his hair can get down to his feet before I will take him again, he was horrible!!! He was calling me names in front of everyone, just plain acting out. Thankfully it was our last stop for the day!
Still more things to get done on the to-do list but still have a little time.

Not quite what I had planned :(

So Saturday I thought we would have a "family day" since our family is about to change. First off we had L's two yr pictures. Well that is the first time we've spent so little at a photo studio on any of our kiddos. I had two outfits picked out, we managed to only get pictures in one. Typically this studio takes upwards of 70+ photos during a session, we managed to get 7! L just was not having it, I think it was a combination of things- L is shy around people she doesn't know/ large groups etc...; the backdrop coming down scared her and she is two and if she doesn't want to do something good luck getting her to do it!!! If this had happened when the other two kiddos were little I would've been upset but with the third, it is what it is, and I was thankful to get one picture that is all L and we got a great deal:)
Next up was stroller shopping because we still don't have a double stroller! Well apparently NO ONE in a 50+ mile radius carries the stroller in the store! And only one online store with a decent return policy has it in stock. So now I have to order the stroller online and hope that it will work.
Next up was lunch and family date at the movies:) Well hubby was in a very grumpy mood, so it probably wasn't best to attempt this but we did. It was nap time and we were hoping L would nap, but no she was uncooperative, spilling water everywhere, being disruptive and hubby took her out of the theater; M and H were scared of the movie, and H stands up and nice and loud says I'm scared I'm going home NOW! So I had to take M and H out of the theater and didn't see the rest of the movie- total bust on family movie date!
We headed home, I put L down for her nap and then attempt to nap myself except that hubby decided to join me and he was snoring something terrible= no nap for me but a great one for him!
I needed a do- over for Saturday!!!!!!!
I still need to order the stroller, still need to get bassinet sheets/ king size pillowcase covers bc the bassinet sheets that are made for the bassinet are not soft at all and I can't find any others that will fit! I really want some personalized burp cloths and bibs, but I'm struggling with this too- UGH!!! Just wasn't the day I had planned:(
**oh and to top things off!!** Hubby has been planning on taking 3 weeks vacation when I have the baby (originally the plan was 4 wks but he took a week off with my surgery back in Feb.). Well his boss informed him on Friday he can't! He can only take 2 weeks at a time and even that he has to get "special approval", which means I will only have help the first week I'm home from the hospital :( I'm really nervous about handling everything. I'm worried about juggling 4 kiddos, 2 in diapers, breast feeding all on very little sleep. I'm very very excited to meet our little bundle but nervous about how I will handle things!

Friday, June 28, 2013

One of my last appointments, getting closer!!!!

This week I had two N S T s, an ultrasound and doctors appointment. Everything looks great- YAY!!!! The doctor checked me and I'm not dilated so little miss isn't going to make an early appearance (in all likelihood). Next week I have my last two N S T's and my last ultrasound and doc appointment before the big day :)
This week I've been busy trying to "tie up loose ends" so to speak. I've paid the kiddos tuition for next school yr, took them to the dentist for their check up (all but L got a check up because hubby failed to add her to our insurance)- M did great, got an awesome report and looks like we will be seeing an orthodontist sooner rather than later, H had a rough time (poor guy is petrified of the dentist and has a horrible gag reflex) but we managed to get through it and he got a good report too!! I've moved some appointments around trying to get them taken care of before little Missy arrives.
Our "disappointing" news of the week is that hubby had planned and told his boss he was taking 3 weeks off when the baby comes (originally 4 wks but he took a week when I had surgery) at the beginning of the year, well yesterday his boss tells him he can't take 3 wks in a row off, company policy?! Wth?! So hubby will be off the week I'm in the hospital (minus the Monday before my scheduled c-section bc someone else needs that day off!) and then the following week, then I will be on my own with all 4 kiddos!! I'm not thrilled with this at all but nothing we can do about it! So hubby will take the last week off some other time.
That's the latest, sorry its a short post but since hubby doesn't do anything while I'm gone to the doctors, I have laundry waiting on me, chocolate chip muffins to make, breakfast muffins to make (for hubby's breakfasts), kiddo to get down for a nap, other kiddos to get cleaning up the "mess" they made while I was gone and phone calls to return- oh how I wish I could snap my fingers and it would get done and I could take a nap!!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm still here!!! Catch up time:)

I had a crazy busy week last week and this week is some more of the same! Last Thursday L turned. 2 yrs old. We had my mom over for dinner that night and cupcakes, presents etc... (My dad had a dinner mtg). L absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED her bday present:) We got her a Min.nie Mo.Us.e VW bug car, and she's a riot in it, giggling, squealing and having a ball riding in it. We got an awesome deal on it, found a $50 off coupon!
Thursday morning/ afternoon I had my marathon/ the works appointment at the OB's. Everything looked great, our little one was VERY VERY active during the N S T and u.s. We FINALLY scheduled my c-sec.tio.n, so long as there are no complications btw now and then, little bit doesn't decide to come early etc her bday will be July 9th (15 days from today, yes I'm counting!!).
Friday and Saturday was spent cleaning, baking and decorating for L's bday party Saturday night. She had a great party, just what she wanted- a Ses.saM.e St party. When it was over I was EXHAUSTED and my poor legs and feet were beyond swollen!
Sunday I did the weeks grocery shopping and then went home and prepared for dinner that night. Sunday evening we had pork chops, potatoes, and corn on the grill as well as salad, cucumbers, baked beans and Mac and cheese for dinner; left over cake and ice cream for dessert. We had my parents, brother and his kiddos over for dinner. So that night once the kiddos were bathed and in bed I was ready to collapse!!!!
Today I had L's 2 yr check- up and had to take all the kiddos with me, can you say 3 ring circus!!!!! I don't know what it is but H always has to "act up" at the most inopportune times, he was horrible!!!! Thankfully L did not need any shots- woo-hoo, just a finger prick which she handled like a champ (but hated the band aide!). She got a GREAT check up, she's in the 55% for weight and 35% for height.
Tomorrow is my 1 st N S T of the week; Wed. we have a play date with a friend and I need to go to the funeral home for the visitation of my great- aunt (we got the news of her passing at L's party Sat. Night); Thurs I'm taking all 3 to the dentist- Lord help me!!!! L has never been (I know bad mommy!!!) and H has a horrible gag reflex and is petrified of the dentist! Friday is my marathon/ works OB appointment. Sat morning we have L's 2yr pictures scheduled. I'm telling you another busy week, I will try to update when/ if I can.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Keep on Keeping on

Yesterday was my OB "works" appointment as I like to call it, I had an N S T, u.s, and saw the doctor. N S T went fine, little Miss was very active:) the u.s, was about the same as last week- good fetal breathing, good fluid, heartbeat etc... And my doctor visit was the strep b test and exam- I'm not dilated. So it was a good appointment and hopefully repeat next week:) Next Tues I have my next N S T and then next Thurs. I have the "works" again, that is also L's 2nd birthday. So this weekend I will be preparing for L's birthday party- lots to do, clean, clean and more cleaning of the house (really could use a cleaning person, it seems I get 1 room done move to the next and by the time I get done with it the other room is a mess again! I need to shop for party supplies and get L's birthday presents. Also need to get Father's Day gifts etc, busy weekend ahead for me:) Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doctors appointment updates

Well I started the week off with two doctors appointments. On Monday I had my first N S T of the week, all went well and it was a relatively quick appointment- little Missy was quite active!!
Yesterday bright and early I had my cardiology appointment. Originally my appointment was scheduled for 10am- manageable to get myself and the three kiddos ready and down to the office. However late last week I received my paperwork and confirmation letter and it stated that my appointment with the doc was at 8:20, and I prior to that I was scheduled for my e.c.ho at a close facility- it was scheduled for 7:30 am but needed to be there by 7:00am- WHAT???!!!!! It was not going to be a fun morning for me or the kiddos!!!! Well thankfully my parents kept the kids overnight Monday night and my dad went into work late (more about this later- lol!!). Thankfully they did that because it was a walk between parking garage and the two facilities; I ended up late for my doctors appointment because they were running behind at the e.c.h.o lab. Anyhoo I got it all done, the appointment went well- there were a few changes in my heart function but minimal and all expected this late in pregnancy. I talked to my cardiologist about the anesthesiologist and she basically said he's not a cardiologist let us "worry" about that aspect and he worry about the anesthesia! I also asked again about the small VSD that showed on the fetal e.c.h.o- she talked with that doctor and she doesn't recall having the conversation with me about our little one having a VSD and its not note in her chart?! So we are not going to have an echo in the hospital unless our pediatrician has concerns; we will do an e.c.h.o in the cardiologist office at my follow up for our little one out of precaution (6-8 wks after delivery). So all in all it was two good appointments, with one more for the week (N S T; ultras. and doc appointment).
Ok back to the kiddos spending the night. Apparently the kiddos didn't sleep well because they were all pretty tired, especially L when I picked them up from my parents house. I'm trying to convince my mom to bring the kiddos home to sleep while she watches them when I have the baby- I think they will all sleep better especially my mom- she will have a king size bed to herself but she doesn't want to hear it- she is very stubborn!!!! Needless to say L went down for her afternoon nap at 1:00 (which is early for her!) and slept 3.5 hours!!!! Okay so here is the "funny" story. Apparently L told my dad she needed to go potty so he took her in and went to pull down her pants/ diaper, well it was too late she had already gone, so my dad decided to change her diaper. Well L hates to have her diaper changed, it's a wrestling match every time, and I couldn't begin to tell you the last time my dad changed a diaper- years!!!! If only I couldn't seen this battle-lol!!! Needless to say my dad did manage to get a diaper in her, somehow, but it was backwards- lol! LOVE my dad!! (Usually my dad only has the older kiddos by himself, if the younger ones stay my mom is usually there, but I really really appreciate them both watching the kiddos especially my dad, it was a huge help!).
Completely off the subject but the next time my husband says that taking 3 kids grocery shopping, while 35 weeks pregnant, on a weekend is pretty easy, I swear I'm going to strap 20+ lbs to him, and send him with all the kids grocery shopping on a weekend and see if he changes his tune!!!! Not to mention once you get the groceries home you have to carry them into the house, up the front steps, and unload/ put them away with all your little "helpers" at your feet!!!!!! Seriously?! He couldn't/ wouldn't stop and get his pizza and soft drink on Saturday because he had two of the kiddos and he would've had to take them in, but it's okay for me to stop and get it for him! Looking forward to when the baby comes and he HAS to step up!! Okay enough about that:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Check-up and frustration!!!!

Okay before I go any further in this post I want to say I LOVE MY HUSBAND, I truly do!!!
Today I had my 2nd N S T of the week (a few contractions this time but not nearly as many or as hard), an ultra. sound which showed our baby girl was very active; breech with her head in my ribs and her feet kicking to get out;) and a very short visit with the doctor. I was concerned about the u.s because my endocrinologist called late yesterday about my fasting blood sugar readings because they were lower than they had been and this could be a sign the placenta was breaking down. However the placenta, blood flow, baby's heart rate, fetal breathing all looked good. The "thing" as I now call it is still there and hasn't really changed. The doctor said he is very curious to get my placenta in his hands, to see what exactly this thing is and get the pathology report on it. I told him I'm anxious to get my baby girl in my arms, to which he replied we want to wait until she is ripe all the way through- lol! As long as we are both doing well we will keep on keeping on. So next Monday is my next N S T, with my next u. s, N S T and doc appointment next Thursday, which hopefully won't take nearly as long as today!!! I arrived at 10:50, and didn't leave till 1:40. I missed my regular lunch time, and my blood sugar started to drop I had to ask the ultrasound tech for some candy. (Usually I have candy with me however I was carrying a different bag and the kiddos had found my candy stash and left me the wrappers.
Now on to my "rant"/ frustration. My husband was home with the kids while I was at the doctors. I had started laundry ( it was already separated and turned the right way because ALL of hubby's clothes are inside out, some with multiple layers still together- just like a kid!) and asked him to watch it, he forgot (it's hard on me because the laundry room is in the basement, which means stairs, right now it's hard for me to go up and down them especially with a basket full of clothes!). The kids do nothing but watch tv the entire time I'm gone. He fixed himself lunch but not the kids, so when I got home a little after 2:00 I had 3 very hungry kiddos on my hands and I was starving too! He apparently had done nothing, the laundry hasn't been taken care of, the dishwasher was still full of clean dishes (his dirty dishes from breakfast and lunch were piled on the counter by the dishwasher). Yes I know he works, and does the yard work however I'm pregnant, taking care of three kiddos and getting no help!!! So after everyone getting lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen, swept and mopped the kitchen floor,emptied the dishwasher, put the dirty ones in the dishwasher; got L down for her nap (oh and changed her diaper because hubby didn't change it at all while I was gone); took care of the laundry; cleaned the kids bathroom; fixed dinner; cleaned up the dinner dishes; took the kids outside; took care of baths; read the kiddos books and put them to bed! I love, love, love my kiddos but could/ would really use some help especially right now. I feel like I have a teenage babysitter at the house when I'm at doctors appointments! And the entire time I'm there he is texting me wanting to know how much longer, chomping at the bit to leave, when I get home he has his stuff ready and is out the door before I'm barely in the door. I feel like a single pregnant mom!! The weekends are no better. With L's second bday coming up I'm dreading her birthday party because of all the work that I need to do to get the house "party" ready not to mention the party stuff I need to do. I bought invites, and finished those the other day (usually I make the invites but I'm just a little overwhelmed and decided to simplify things. I did put my personal touch on them!). We are just having a family party, L doesn't really have any friends her age- I wish she did! So on top of everything I need to get party decorations, plan the food, cake etc... Oh and the week of L's bday M has G.S day camp which means getting her to the bus stop, picking her up, packing her lunch etc... I'm excited for her because she had a blast last year!!! Anyhoo I'm just feeling overwhelmed, and there is still a lot to do to get ready for EK! We still don't have a double stroller, need to get some new bibs, burp clothes; get the bassinet from my cousin; get the carseat out and in the vehicle; get a outfit for pictures at the hospital; oh and pack my bag! UGH!! So much to do so little time, okay I'm done ranting.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An "eventful" N S T

This morning I had my first N S T of the week, it's suppose to be a quick appointment, on the monitor for 20 minutes, get approval from doc and done etc.. Well not this morning!!! I was on the monitor for 20 minutes, the nurse to it to be checked by the doc. When she returned she had a cup of water and said that I needed to stay on the monitor for 20-30 minutes more because I was having contractions, and if they didn't subside I would be sent to labor and delivery.  Huh, well maybe this explains the back pains I was having last night!! Well the contractions subsided enough that they sent me home with orders to drink plenty of liquids, take it easy/ rest- um right!!! Hello I'm a mom of 3 whose husband is married to his work and the gym!!! And of all days, I also have my niece and nephew because my brother is working and my "sister-in-law" is having lapband surgery (my brother and sister in law are separated- it's a weird arrangement right now, too much to go into detail about etc...). H has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, and my niece and nephew are suppose to be gone before we have to leave for the party however the surgery time was changed so I might be taking ALL the kids with me- wish me luck!!! I seriously don't see "rest/ take it easy" in the near future for me!!
My next N S T, US and doc appointment is this Thursday.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A year older

My birthday was last Friday. Just a normal "mom" day with several loads of laundry to do, and a few errands to run. I was hoping to go out for lunch, however hubby didn't come home for lunch like he typically does and the kiddos weren't exactly behaving so I didn't want to take them out by myself.  I did get two flower deliveries- lol!! The first vase of flowers came from my kiddos (aka my mom, because I usually never get flowers on my birthday or ever for that matter, unless I buy them myself). Now my mom told M about the delivery, so she kind of spilled the beans that morning when she said they had a surprise for me and it would be delivered that day. So I mentioned this to hubby, and I guess he got the idea to call and order me flowers too! He NEVER in 10+yrs of marriage has sent me flowers!!!
We were suppose to go out to dinner with my parents, brother and his kids which is never a good idea on a Friday because we never know what time hubby is going to get off work. As it turned out we ended up over at my parents and ordering out- ordering pizza, salad and wings. Now mind you this is my birthday and with my strict diet I'm not allowed pizza (even though I would LOVE some, oh it sounded so good, looked so good and smelled wonderful). So I had a salad, and a few wings- they were quite spicy even though they were suppose to be mild! My mom made banana pudding, which I appreciate but she knows I'm not suppose to have it!!! She fixed me a bowl and puts it right in front of me which made me feel horrible!!! I took a couple of bites and then passed it on to hubby who graciously ate it. The kiddos had ice cream- YUMMO, it looked good too! Not exactly the birthday dinner I had in mind, but I was with family!
Saturday evening my parents watched our kiddos so that hubby and I could have a date night. I thought we were going out for my birthday/ present etc but apparently it was just a date night. I had mentioned a steak place that has yummy pork chops, so we went there, the wait was 30-40 minutes which isn't bad on a Sat. night where we live. However hubby apparently wanted to see a movie so he didn't want to wait. We ended up at a hole in the wall burger joint that we had heard about, it was yummy just not very nutritious for me (no veggies/ salad etc other than tomato, lettuce etc that you would have on your burger) and not exactly what I wanted. We then headed to the movies to see Han.go?ve/r 3, hubby's pick (there really wasn't a movie out that I wanted to see, there are a couple on DVD that I want to see) he wanted to go to the new theater in town. The movie was okay, had its funny moments. Anyhoo not exactly the birthday weekend I had planned/ wanted; but on the bright side hubby and I had a date night and I got to spend time with my family.
The end of the weekend was THE BEST!!! Sunday evening we grilled out- yummy pork chops, grilled corn, potatoes on the grill, salad, fresh fruit and for hubby and the kiddos ice cream cones. It was a GORGEOUS night!!!!! We spent the evening outside till it was time for the kiddos to get ready for bed. It was a great evening as a family :)

What's your take on it?

So yesterday I got a text from H's birth mom out of the clear blue (I've kept the same cell # so that she can always contact us. We get text from time to time from her, it use to be more frequent but as time has gone by its gotten less and less). Here is the "odd" thing, or at least odd to me, when she text it's really never to ask about H! Yesterday's text was asking about car seats, and whether her daughter was big enough/ old enough for a booster. Now I don't mind helping her out, I just find it strange, does anyone else? I always try to bring H into the conversation but she never asks specifically about him etc... I don't know if it "hurts" too much, she is afraid to ask- I hope not because I try to give her info on him when she asks - very very seldom and its usually her mom wanting to know. Anyhoo I would love some info, advice etc...
I tried to have a more "normal" conversation, ask how she was doing, how her family was doing etc but it seemed like this past text she just wanted info on the car seat, which I would've thought there are other resources for that other than me.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making progress and Status Quo!

Busy weekend!! Saturday morning I got to "sleep in" till L was awake and wanting breakfast- usually she comes to my side of the bed with her blanket and stuffed animal in hand saying "hi, cereal, milk, in bowl with spoon please"! The rest of the morning was spent piddling around the house while hubby was at the gym. When hubby got home we had lunch and planned the rest of the day- it was a very nice cool (for late May) day so we decided to take the kiddos to the zoo, they were THRILLED!!!! After spending the afternoon at the zoo we headed home so L could get a little nap, and I could "rest". I painted M's nails- during the school year she can't have her nails painted (school rule) so she was excited to get this done.  We then spent the evening celebrating H and M's school year accomplishments with dinner out ( kids eat free that night!!), then hit up a bookstore to get some books for summer reading and topped the evening off with a sweet treat ice cream!
After our busy day on Saturday and late evening I didn't make it to church on Sunday- it's really hard for me to take 3 kiddos by myself, not that, that is an excuse but I needed my rest! Sunday I took all 3 kiddos to the grocery- it was a zoo!!!! But I needed stuff for the cookout at my Aunt's house. Hubby was at the gym till 3pm and then decided instead of going to the cookout with me and the kiddos decided to go see his mom. I have to admit I was a little pissed off. I know we had family time on Saturday but its so few and far between, and it seems like I CONSTANTLY have all three kiddos without any relief/ help. I know he needs to spend time with his mom/ help her out but he goes every weekend, and typically choses to go and "avoid" things.  This past Saturday when he went, they sat around watching tv and then went out to dinner! While i had all 3 kids, preparing food for the cookout, grocery shopping, getting all the kiddos ready for the cookout and taking them by myself! The cookout was nice but I couldn't relax/ enjoy myself because I was constantly having to watch the kiddos, get them food, drink etc... I was worn out by the time I got home, all three kiddos bathed and in bed. Hubby hit home and decided to finally pull out all the kiddos clothes (something I've been asking him to do for some time!), I just didn't have the energy but somehow I found it and spent till 12:30 am Sorting/ organizing the clothes. Monday I spent all day going through bins of clothes, organizing, washing and trying to organize the girls bedroom. Finally made some head way on getting ready for EK! I still have to go through M and H's clothes and organize them. I'm consigning all of H's clothes, saving all of M's clothes for L and EK. I still need to figure out where to put all of EK's clothes, bibs, burp clothes, blankets etc... I'm looking at closet organizers to help with that.
Today I had my ultrasound, NST and doctors appointment. I left the house at 10am, hubby came home from work- the kiddos were dressed but they needed their teeth brushed, I told him this. I swear I could've gotten better child are from a teenager!!!! He is like another kid sometimes! They sat and watched tv the ENTIRE time I was gone, didn't brush their teeth, he didn't change L's diaper ( when I got home it was falling off of her, because it was so wet!); didn't feed them lunch and left his snack wrappers laying around! I know I'm "sensitive" and tired right now but a little help would be much appreciated!!! He text me the entire time I was gone wanting to know when I would be home- I wanted to tell him " hold on let me get my crystal ball out!" UGH!!! My appointment was a long one- didn't get home till 1:15pm but its not in my control, it's not like I'm out at the spa or shopping by myself or something! Anyhoo enough of my venting, my appointment went well, no real changes, she was very active for her NST, we got some more profile Picts in the ultrasound and the doc said "status quo". My next NST is this Thurs.

Friday, May 24, 2013

32 weeks; doctors appointments and consult

This week was a busy week with end of the school year activities, tball, anesthesia consult and my weekly ultrasound and doctors appointment.  Monday night H had a tball game but due to the heat my mom took him to his game (Sunday afternoon/ evening M had her bridge over ceremony for gir.l sc.ou,ts along with a picnic for the families in the park. It was a rather warm day, and I over did it! We ended up having to leave the park early to get me home cooled off and feet propped up etc...Earlier in the day, I had gone to mass with all three kiddos by myself, then grocery shopping and in the heat of the day standing for an hour for tball pictures. I was really unhappy about the tball pictures incident, they were scheduled for 2:30 we were told to be there 15 minutes early and don't be late! So I arrived at 2:10- I hate being late! Well we stood around waiting for the coaches kids to show, they didn't show till 3:00 and didn't have their uniforms on, so we had to wait for them to change! UGH!!! If that had been anyone else on the team they would've taken the pictures and we wouldn't have been standing around waiting in the heat! So by the time we get home from pictures it's time to get everyone ready for the ceremony/ picnic so I had very little down time etc...
Tuesday night we had our consult with the OB Anesthesiologist, and it went about like last time did- scaring the crap out of me!!!! Basically he told us that I shouldn't be pregnant, all the risks and possibilities of what could go wrong etc... I know it's part of his job but he didn't sugar coat it at all!!!  After my c-section I will have to go to ICU for a minimum of 24 hours for monitoring. They only have 10 ICU beds/ rooms so they can't guarantee a private room. If I don't have a private room I can't see the baby until I get on a regular room. If I do have a private room they still can't say that I will get to have the baby in the room, it depends on how I'm doing, how she's doing etc... So hubby will be able to go to the nursery and see her etc but I won't.  :(
Thursday I had my weekly ultrasound and doctors appointment. Well they got me through pretty quickly because I had H's graduation that afternoon (I had tried to reschedule but they wouldn't do it because as they said they are booked solid- which I think is part of their problem they are OVERbooked!!). The ultrasound went awesome!!!!! EK was very active, she passed all the " tests" and even gave us a good profile picture:)  The mass/ lake is still there, still the same size, but the tech did day the texture seemed to be changing and possibly breaking down?! Which would be awesome news! But even with the mass/ lake EK is THRIVING!!! She is a WHOPPING 5lbs 11ozs already- YIKES! She is going to be a big girl! After the ultrasound I met with the doc who was his ho-hum self he listened to the heartbeat, measured me and said its time to start twice weekly appointments with NST's (non stress tests). So starting next week I go twice a week. I was very pleased with the appointment because she was so active and thriving:)
This weekend I hope to get some "organization" done on the girls room but we will have to see how my energy level is- today it's very low!
Hope everyone has a fabulous long/ Holiday weekend!!!!

Exhausted Momma but a good week!!

First off SCHOOLS OUT, SCHOOLS OUT TEACHER LET THE MONKEYS OUT!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!! We had a busy week full of end of the school activities including H's graduation; and of course my weekly doctors appointment and consult with the anesthesiologist thrown on there too! M's last day of school was Wed. with an early dismissal. On Tuesday at M's school they apparently had an awards ceremony, I had seen it in the weekly newsletter however I thought it was for the eighth grade, I didn't realize it was for the whole school, so I didn't attend. Well M racked up all kinds of awards, I was SO, SO PROUD of her and very disappointed that I missed it:( I feel like a horrible mommy!!! She got the following awards: future artist award; P.E. excellence award; Music- awesome singing talent award; sign language club completion certificate; excellence in reading, language, math , spelling, science and social studies; perfect attendance; and the Titan award- which is the child that lives out the school pledge on a daily basis and this was voted on by her peers!!!!! Yes I'm a VERY PROUD Momma =) We also got her report card- all A's!!! An awesome first grade year.
Thursday was H's graduation in the afternoon, they put on a play- so so cute, and H did great with his part/ line. Then after graduation we went to a small reception in the classroom and picked up all of H's stuff, took pictures with his teachers and said good-bye's. Today we went back to H's school for their art show- the kiddos art work on display in the gym with a reception- it's more of a social time to say more good-byes and kick off the summer. So now the kiddos are out of school and summer vacation has begun:)
This weekend we are planning a little celebration with the kiddos on a great school year by both M and H. We are planning on going out to dinner, get some ice cream and take them to the bookstore to pick out some new books to kick off their summer reading. I'm also trying to find things that I can do with the kiddos this summer.
I'm going to do a separate update on my doctors appointments for the week.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This weeks appointment

This morning I had my weekly doctors appointment and ultrasound and once again they were running behind! I was really nervous when they said they were running behind because M was in her school talent show this afternoon ( yes my shy little girl got up on stage with a few of her friends and sang in front of the entire school!!!); thankfully they weren't as behind as last week- about an hour for ultrasound and my doctor came into the ultrasound room to see me so that made things go more quickly too (I had plenty of time to grab lunch for L and I before going to the talent show). EK is looking good- good heartbeat, moving around, head down, feet on my left side- in my rib cage;) There was no real change in the plac.ental mass/ plac.ental lake, unfortunately it's still there, still a mystery and still a concern. My OB said he's shown 3 or 4 doctors my ultrasound pictures and they just shake their heads and walk away- real comforting!! UGH!! The doctor also talked to me about the las.ix/ water pill the cardiologist prescribed, he doesn't want me on it if its just pregnancy related swelling because it can diminish my fluid, which is something we definitely don't need nor want! The good thing is, I quite taking these pills a couple of weeks ago when the cardiologist said the swelling/ extra fluid wasn't affecting my heart and that it was just pregnancy related. So I go back next Thursday for another doctors appointment and ultrasound. Next week I also go back to the dermatologist, my rash had cleared up but now I have what appears to be dry skin and abrasions like- I'm think from the strong medicine/ ointment I was on, so good thing I have a follow up! Next week I also have my consult with the anesthesiologist, Tuesday evening which hopefully means hubby can go with me, my parents are watching the kiddos for us- what a date night;) LOL ! Next week is also the kiddos last week of school, so it's going to be a busy week!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Well Mother's Day didn't go like I had hoped, you would think I would quit having expectations- lol!!! Now before I go any further, I want to say I am beyond thankful for my beautiful kiddos and the reason I'm able to celebrate the day. I remember all to well dreading Mother's Day, the emotions and sadness that that day brought! Now with that said, my day started with getting myself and the three kiddos ready for church- which is no small task, especially when we have to leave our house by 8:30am to make the 9am mass. Hubby didn't go, he stayed home to workout and then go train at the studio. M did great at church, H did okay for H (until the end of mass) and L was a handful, I ended up in the cry room with her, and then ended up carrying her out of church at the end of mass kicking and screaming. H as I said did fine till the end when he asked if we could go to Sta.rbu,cks and I said no (I needed to go to the grocery and wanted to try and get there "early"; I can't have anything from there; it's expensive buying 3 snacks and 3 drinks there; and given L's behavior I knew she was done!), well H proceeds to call me names and kick me on the way out of church (yes at the same time I'm carrying a kicking, screaming toddler), I'm sure we were a sight!
I had to stop at my parents house to pick something up- they were not there and I had told the kids this however when H and L realized they weren't getting out at Grammy and Pop's more screaming and kicking ensued. Call me insane, stupid whatever but I then headed to the grocery with all three kiddos in tow (with the crazy week last week I forgot to get my bloodwork done for my doctors appointment this week which means on my normal grocery morning- Monday I needed to get my lab work done). The grocery shopping started okay until we got to the lun.cha,bles when H threw a fit wanting one, and I refused to spend the $$, they are expensive for what they are, they aren't nutritious , and they only want them for the candy and or drink in them. So needless to say the grocery shopping went down hill from there. By the time we got home and I got the groceries put away I was exhausted!!!! But a Mommy's work is never done, I had to fix lunch, marinate the chicken and pork chops for dinner; make fruit salad for dinner; make hubby's breakfast muffins for the week; make the kids snacks and lunch for the next day; clean the kitchen up from all that and throw in a load of laundry. The kiddos gave me their presents (they picked them out at Ba-rr.el, where we ate with my parents on Friday night, my mom took them "shopping" there. M picked out a small statue thats cute, H picked our a car air freshner and L (I'm sure with lots of help from my mom) gave me a cutting mat. H had also made me a card at school:)
Hubby finally got home from the gym around 3:30ish, L was down for her nap, M and H were in the backyard playing and I finally got to sit down and rest a bit. Hubby and the kiddos worked on the front flower beds- edging and putting mulch down etc...
We had a yummy dinner, first cookout of the season, grilled chicken, baked potatoes, salad, broccoli, corn and fruit salad (I fixed the kiddos noodles because H and M don't like potatoes) of course dinner ended with whining by M because she didn't like dinner (this is a CONSTANT battle, unless its spaghetti, grilled cheese etc the few things she will eat and no veggies). Hubby hurried outside after dinner to cut the grass which left me to wash the dishes, bathe all three kiddos and get them to bed. By the end of the night I was exhausted and ready to go to bed early. I did managed to get to bed early only to be awoken by several (5) texts from Hubby's cousin wishing me Happy Mother's Day at 11pm. I hadn't planned on responding to the first text or so, until the next morning however by the 5th one I figured I better! I was finally able to get back to sleep only to be awoken two hours latter by the neighbor's dogs and then their security light that shines right into our bedroom (it's bright even with the blinds closed).
I was glad it was a new day this morning, hoping for a better day! That was not to be. 5:30am came too early, I got up and showered, got ready etc then it was time to wake M up- she is NOT a morning person and this morning was no exception. She woke up complaining about being cold (I put her robe on her); then she complained she couldn't find her slippers (turns out H had put them in her shoe bin when he was cleaning their room, who would've thought they'd be there?! LOL); then she complained about it being too bright, she hates our kitchen- this is a CONSTANT complaint of hers!! After 30 minutes of whining, complaining etc she finally decided on cereal with milk for breakfast (shouldn't have been hard bc we had just gone to the grocery the day before and she had several choices that she picked out) only to throw the biggest tantrum over the milk saying she didn't like that kind and refused to eat what I fixed.  All this while I'm trying to wake H up and get him going. M piddle and refused to eat so she went to school mad, upset and hungry and I felt guilty. What a way to start a Monday, but on a good note only a week and a half left of school which means 1 more Monday to have to get up early for school until August:)
Oh I've been meaning to mention this, anyone else having issues with their toddler not wanting to get into their car seat? OMG L has gotten HORRIBLE about it and its a constant battle. I honestly think its a toddler/ independence/ wanting to exert her will thing but I'm over it! We turned her car seat around to forward facing a little early (they are suppose to be two yrs old) hoping that would help, but no it just made it harder for me to get her in, which I must say is not easy! I'm trying to climb up into the vehicle (a very large SUV, she's in the middle seat due to M and H's car pool), while L is fighting me the entire time, grabbing onto other seats, kicking and screaming etc EVERY single time we put her into the car; and when we get out as soon as she is unbuckled she's trying to climb into the other seats away from me. I dread having to go anywhere with her because its such a battle! (Oh and as soon as she's in her seat and calmed down she's taking off her shoes and socks- thankfully it's warming up so it will be sandal weather less to have to put back on;) Any advice would be greatly appreciated on how to handle L so it's not so hard on either of us;)
Hoping the week gets better!!!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

When it rains it pours or so it seems lately!!!

It's been quite a week!!! My father-in-laws visitation was Tuesday afternoon and evening. I arranged for my cousin to pick the older two kiddos up from school till my mom could get off work to take care of them. However we took L with us, which means she got about an hour nap all day on the ride there, not good! Then I spent from 3pm-8pm (the length of the visitation) chasing after L. I had taken coloring books, crayons, books, a few toys, and the tablet to keep her entertained. Well the only thing she was interested in was the tablet and that lasted about 15 minutes. Thankfully I also packed all kinds of snacks, and her drink because there was no food there (I'm used to my families visitations where there is a lounge, and family/ friends bring food etc ...). My parents brought the older two kiddos about 7:15/7:30 and then took all three kiddos home to get them in bed etc.. By the time we left the funeral home it hurt to walk because my feet and legs were swollen, I had a blister on my heal;  I was exhausted and hungry! The next day I was up early 5:30 to get myself ready before getting the kids ready for school and L to my mom's for the day so that hubby and I could go to the funeral. It was another long , emotional day.
Yesterday I had my weekly ultrasound and OB appointment, Hubby was off work (he took the week) and watched L for me. The doctors appointment took FOREVER!!!! I was scheduled for a 10:30 ultrasound and 11:00 doctor appointment. I did not get out of the doctors office till 1:05!!! I sat for an hour and 45 minutes without having anything done! Finally after being shuffled here and there I had my ultrasound, baby girl is doing well however there has been no change in the placental mass or mystery as they like to call it- which is good it hasn't grown but bad that its still there, hasn't shrunk and they don't know what it is. The doc basically said its a mystery, he will feel better about things the closer we get to my due date and he's still hopeful that it will shrink/ disappear?! He also wants me to go ahead and have my consult with the anesthesiologist in case I have to deliver early etc.. So I'm waiting for a call to set that up and I go back next Thursday for my next ultrasound and doctors appointment.
I hurried home bc Hubby needed to go to his hometown to help his mom take care of things etc... He goes to get in his car and it won't start!!! UGH, are you kidding me?! Well this hit hubby hard because whenever he had car issues the first person he called was his dad and he couldn't:( So I called my brother who came over after work, jumped the car, got it started and thankfully it turned out to just be the battery. Last night I worked with M till 9pm on a report that's due today- I haven't been home the last few nights to help her etc so of course it got put off till the last minute but she got it done. I wanted to go to bed early but it didn't happen I was just getting into a good sleep when I heard one of the kiddos crying, it was H. H had diarrhea, OMG it was nasty and it was everywhere. He was crying and all upset- the bathroom is right across the hall from L's room so it woke her up, hubby took her in our room and they went back to sleep while I was left to clean H and the mess up. Thankfully H went back to bed and had no more issues the rest of the night, and had been fine today.
Today was suppose to be "catch up" day, hubby went to his hometown again to help his mom out and I had some errands to run, laundry to catch up on etc... But of course nothing goes as planned, L was in one of her "moods" and throwing tantrums so errands were out, not to mention the weather was horrible- heavy rains so the only thing I've managed to get accomplished is laundry. So on tomorrow's list of things to do is H's tball game, Mother's Day shopping, shopping for my niece's birthday which is tomorrow and all this with 3 kiddos in tow because hubby is going to the gym in the morning and his hometown in the afternoon. Whew it's been quite the week! I could really use some "me" time! But prayers and positive thoughts are what I need more, and I appreciate all those who are doing so:)
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!! I remember the painful Mother's Days without kiddos or kiddos with angel wings,  all of you are in my thoughts and prayers especially this Sunday!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rough Nights!

Wednesday night I was miserable, I couldn't get comfortable or relief from the rash all over my legs, I was up most the night. I also had a Charlie Horse, and L ended up in our bed again so between all that going on not much sleep was taking place. I called my OB's office first thing in the morning to see they could get me some relief, and I also talked to my mom- she works in a doctors office and often has connections etc... I got M off to school, and was sitting in carpool line at H's school when my mom called to say she got me an appointment with her dermatologist first thing that morning/ as soon as I could get there. Thankfully I had showered, and L was dressed and had, had breakfast however I was dressed in a tshirt, hubby's gym shorts and hadn't had time to brush my teeth- I was looking/ feeling swell;) I was thankful to get an appointment so quickly, and they were super nice at the office. It appears to be some type of pregnancy related rash, they gave me a prescription for a cream to use twice a day and take Ben.adr.yl at night. They want to watch me closely so I have a follow up Monday morning. I have to say the cream has helped some but not a great deal?! I didn't realize until Thursday night we were out of adult Bena.dry.l so I couldn't take it that night but made sure I picked some up on Friday.
Friday I was able to get my hair done:) YAY!! It felt good to get my hair done. M went with me to the salon so it was a little girl time! ( we live in KY no school on "o.ak.s day aka as the day before The rest of Friday was a "normal" day with L getting into all kinds of mischief including finding one of daddy's highlighters and coloring all over our bedroom wall while mommy was doing laundry.
Then late Friday night, around midnight hubby's mom called with the call we all dread, hubby's father had, had a massive stroke or heart attack. Hubby's parents live about 45 minutes away, but hubby decided to stay the night at home (I was worried about him driving alone and I had no one to call and come watch the kiddos so I could go with him), and left early this morning. The next several days, weeks and months are going to be really tough on hubby and his mom- he's an only child. His parents had made no previous arrangements, so he and his mom are doing that today and trying to sort through all that had to be done. I told the kiddos this morning when they woke up, not sure how much they grasp/ understand, I did the best I could to explain it to them. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Craziness, don't know what else to call it!!!

So yesterday I had my cardiology appointment, just a check- up during pregnancy kind. I was schedule for an echo, EKG and see the doc at 10:40am. I got to the office in plenty of time- thankfully brought L's backpack with snacks, books, crayons etc... I didn't get called back for my blood pressure, weight, EKG until 11:40!!! After they do that they put me back out in the waiting room till an echo room is available! Finally I'm called back for that- didn't note the time. Then after my echo I go to another room to wait on the doctor. The good news is everything looks good, no changes, heart function is looking good:) As far as the swelling just pregnancy related, not affecting my heart, but I can increase my water pill to twice a day and three a day on the really bad days. We talked about what my OB said on Monday and she asked if we wanted a 2nd opinion and recommended another high risk OB. Not sure if we are going to or not, haven't been able to talk to hubby about it- you'll see why later in the post! The cardiologist also said the rash I have has no correlation to the swelling in my legs. The itching is HORRIBLE!!!!! The cardiologist also recommended meeting with the anistesiologist soon just in case I go early, so I'll be talking to my OB about that next Thursday. I also talked to her about EK's VSD and she didn't see any mention of it in the fetal echo notes?! So who knows!! I go back to the cardiologist for another EKG, echo and see the doc in 6 weeks, I finally left the doctors office at 1:15pm, by the time I got home I had 30 minutes to get our (mine and L's) lunch and eat before having to leave to go get the other kiddos from school!
We get home, get settled ( M started on homework, L down for a nap, H relaxing and me doing some laundry) and try to get some things done before H's tball game- thankfully my mom offered to take him. So my mom arrives fashionable late as usual and takes H to his game- M tagged along. I decide to get started on dinner and realize our refrigerator has quit!!!! At first I thought the lightbulb was out, then I thought we just had tripped the circuit breaker. Well come to find out wherever we plugged the refrigerator in it tripped the GFI. So basically we needed a new refrigerator ours bit the dust. Hubby got home said he wasn't feeling well- he had a headache all day and didn't feel right. so we took his pulse and blood pressure- his blood pressure was okay, not the best and his pulse was in the high 90's- this concerned me however he ate some dinner, drank some soft drink with caffine and took some tyl.en.ol and hurried out in search of a new refrigerator. Thankfully we found a larger, nicer one than we had, at a decent price, no interest for 12 months, it has a rebate, and they delivered it this morning and hauled away the old one!!!!! YAY!!! Yes it was a HUGE hassle, trying to save all the food (I had just gone to the grocery the day before!), hurry out and find/ buy a new one- no one ever wants to just go out and spend that kind of money but thankfully we had the means to do so! We finally got home after 10pm and didn't get in bed till 11:30. Before heading to bed we checked hubby's blood pressure and pulse again- the blood pressure was much better but his pulse was in the high 80's low 90's but he wanted to go on to bed. (He felt better this morning and still felt fine at lunch time some hopefully it was due to the headache!)
L ended up in our bed AGAIN, her allergies and teething are bothering her. So not only did I get kicked off and on by EK, but L did the same because she is a restless sleeper. I was up at 2am because my rash was really bothering me and then hubby got two phone calls and a text from work at 2:30am. Mind you I get up at 5:40am in order to be able to shower and then get everyone up for school, work etc... So needless to say I'm just a tad tired this morning!
On top of all this my blood sugar decides to go wacko! I had to call my endocrinologist to help me figure out what to do, my blood sugar reading yesterday morning was. 141- which is extremely high for me it should be around. 90! Anyhoo she called me back yesterday and talked to me about what was going on, made some adjustments to my insulin and I was to call her back this morning to update her on my readings (I wasn't able to call till around noon, due to getting M and H off to school, delivery of new refrigerator etc and then picking up H from school. So I haven't heard back from her yet ).
So that about sums up the craziness going on with me/ with our household!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

29 weeks, latest doctor appointment and ultrasound

I had another ultrasound this afternoon, it was great to see my little girl on the screen again but it was unsettling news. My OB came into the ultrasound room and he said placental lakes are common during pregnancy however they aren't sure if what I have is a placental lake, the doctor has never seen anything like it before (I forget how long he has been practicing but he is older, so for some time and he's never seen anything like it!)He called me unusual, well let me tell you something I'm sick of being "unusual"!!! He took last weeks ultrasound pictures to another high risk OB practice in the same bldg and they too weren't sure what to make of it, they have not seen anything like it either. So there is nothing they can do, other than monitor me/ baby closely. So for now I have weekly ultrasound and doctor appointments where they will measure the baby's heart rate, movement, blood flow through cord and fluid around baby etc... If I don't feel the baby move then I'm to call them. The doctor did day they are thinking that it may be a clot (blood clot) attached to the placenta, however it has grown and it is large- 16cm! Right now our little one has room to move but not a lot. The doctor said keep our fingers crossed and a lot of praying. Not that I want her to be premature but I'm so scared I just wish that they would deliver her so I know she is okay! I don't have another ultrasound/ doctors appointment till next Thursday, that seems so long away!!!
With all of this news, and being at my appointment by myself I completely forgot to mention to the doctor the rash on my lower legs- I know you would think with the itchiness etc I would remember but I completely forgot!

Itchy Rash!!!

UGH!!!! It seems like its one thing after another!!! I had a small rash on my lower left leg that was a little annoying but I was dealing with it fine. Well that little annoying rash has spread all over my left leg and is now on my right leg. Nothing seems to "calm" the itch, and what's worse its on my lower leg which is hard for me to get to these days. I have no idea what this rash is, or what's causing it but I want it to go away!!!! I've tried be.nadr.yl cream, several different lotions including Sa.rna however all they had was the sensitive kind and I prefer the regular because it has a cooling effect to it although hubby likes this because he says I don't smell like a nursing home- nice! I'm hoping my OB has some insight, I see him this afternoon but I'm honestly guessing he doesn't. I have to wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the swelling in my legs since that is where the rash is?! With warmer weather I would love to be able to wear capris but I'm self conscious of this rash.
On a different note my mom took me to the local baby superstore to get a double stroller, and of course as luck would have it they don't carry it in store. Well I really wanted to see the stroller in the store, see how easy it folds up, how small it folds up, if our carrier will fit etc... The other kicker is if we order it online we have to pay shipping and can't use the coupon:( UGH!!! Can this momma please get a break?! So needless to say we still don't have a stroller and didn't get anything accomplished as far as looking at clothes from previous kiddos, organize room etc...
This afternoon is my ultrasound and OB appointment I will try to update today or tomorrow (tomorrow I see my cardiologist for an echo and EKG).