Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still here just a crazy life

I'm still here, just a crazy life what can I say?! I'm still reading others blogs just don't seem to have much time to blog these days especially with all the Christmas shopping, Christmas festivities, M started cheering again for basketball season, H is playing basketball again this yr- practices have begun; and hubby is working more and more (last week it was 70+hours!) so that means no help!!
We are doing well, other than L has had croup- still trying to get over it and now EK is getting it:( EK turned 5 months old yesterday, she's just the sweetest baby!!
We are on day two of snow days. Last Friday school was cancelled however ALL the kiddos (with exception of EK) were up at 5:40am- SMH, it's a snow day go back to bed!! They didn't! Now why on school days aren't they that easy to get up???? We spend the day at home, that night we had a pizza party in the living room and watched Christmas specials on tv. Yesterday the kiddos had a normal day of school and activities; then early early this morning we got more snow so we started the day on a 2hr delay (of course I didn't get the notice until I'd already gotten up and showered-grrr!!); the kiddos once again were up bright and early but not 5:40 early it was closer to 6:30. Then the 2hr delay turned into a snow day, school was cancelled, so we are having a pajama kind of day! I'm doing some laundry, finishing up the last of the Christmas cards etc... Really need to do some Christmas shopping, may resort to some more online shopping to get it done (kind of hard to shop with the kiddos!). I've already done quite a bit of online shopping, more than I've done in the past- I like it just HATE paying shipping. Well it's awfully quite in the other room, need to check on the kiddos! Just wanted to say I'm still alive😉

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  1. Two snow days! wow! it is a crazy time of year!