Monday, September 23, 2013

Spinning my wheels

Some days I feel as though I'm just spinning my wheels, trying to get traction to get moving/get things accomplished and yesterday was one of those days!!!!! My day started bright and early, a few minutes before 6:00am with feeding EK which I thought would workout perfect because my alarm was set to get up at 6:40. While I was feeding EK, L woke up, well this put a little wrench in my plans. L was settled in watching tv so I thought she would be ok while I showered (and she was). Well EK apparently was super hungry and took longer to eat but I still thought I would be ok. I got EK settled back in the bassinet and I jumped in the shower to get ready for church. As I was in the bathroom I heard EK fussing so I was trying to hurry up and get ready and get her. After getting EK and getting her settled down I fixed breakfast- which I guess I should've just had something quick. I got about halfway through eating and had to feed EK again. Well needless to say by 8:30 (the time I need to leave to get to 9:00am mass on time), I was showered but not dressed for church; L and I had eaten breakfast; L's clothes were out but she wasn't ready; EK was dressed but still eating so church didnt happen ๐Ÿ˜ž. I was so aggravated and bummed. It seemed like the rest of my day went this way too, I needed to go to the grocery but M wasn't cooperating with getting dressed; by the time I got the list compiled and coupons gathered it was time for EK to eat again- I was also under a time crunch because M had a ๐Ÿˆgame to cheer at in the afternoon. Thankfully my mom watched the kiddos except EK while I ran to the grocery; then she took M and H to the football game for M to cheer. My mom was wanting to see M cheer and this helped me out because L could get her afternoon nap on time. At the end of the day I felt like I didn't get much accomplished, but then again I'm sure this happens to everyone, I just feel like its more frequent for me.
I'm having issues with getting and keeping the house clean. I'm home just about all day (with the exceptions of running errands and running the kids here and there) but I can't seem to get anything done. The kiddos are NO help, I've tried implementing chores however this turns into more battles trying to get them to do them and I just give up. Hubby is like another kid, he doesn't help out with house work- if I could just get him to clean up after himself that would be a big help! I don't know what to do but I feel like I'm leaving in a pig sty and what little bit I'm able to get accomplished by the end of the day you can't even tell I did. So frustrated!
On a happy๐Ÿ˜Šnote, HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!!!!๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ป
It's definitely felt a little more like Fall the past few days around here- long pants, light jackets. So now I guess it's time to start putting away summer clothes and pulling out the fall/ winter stuff (fingers crossed it still fits!!).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finally posting ;)

YIKES!!! Didn't realize I haven't posted in September. Well what can I say other than I've been crazy busy!!! Running the kiddos to and from school; H played "hooky" for the first time; Girl Scout mtgs; cheer has begun for M; we had M's 8th birthday last weekend; L started gymnastics; and EK turned two months old, we had her check-up.
Where to begin? Well H pulled a fast one! School called me to say H had thrown up; I felt so guilty for sending him to school thinking it was just allergies- his allergies have been pretty bad lately:( So I get to school and the principal tells me she tried to take his temp several times- when she said this I was thinking why couldn't you get his temp? But didn't say anything. So on the way home H and I are talking and I find out they have an oral thermometer and H has a horrible gag reflex thus why he threw up all over the principal and also why she couldn't get his temp!! Anyhoo H stayed home, rested/ took it easy bc of his allergies. The next morning he woke up and said he was fine however once hubby left for work he said he wasn't feeling well etc I decided not to push things so I didn't send him to school. After dropping M off at school and getting home H announces "GREAT NEWS!!! I'm all better!" LOL! Yeppers Mr. H was playing Hooky! He then asked where we were going for lunch. Needless to say H was disappointed to find out he was eating the lunch I packed for school, there would be no tv, video games, tablet, computer etc and oh yes momma has worksheets/ school work that I came up with for him to do- not exactly the day he had planned;) Then when M got home from school she had all his work he had missed the last two days. I don't think H will be playing hooky anytime soon;)
M had her friends party at a local pottery place- it was a girls only party. The girls got to pick out the pottery piece they wanted to paint off several shelves then they had an hour to paint their piece. The girls also put their thumbprint on a plate and the store creates a birthday plate for M. After the girls painted, they had pizza, juice pouches and mini cupcakes- it was a really cute party and Madelyn had fun!! Then that evening we celebrated M's birthday with the family. On her actual birthday she had school where she took Popsicles to celebrate; then at home after dinner and leftover cupcakes she opened gifts. I had a tough time figuring out what to get M and she didn't have many ideas, I can't believe my baby girl is 8yrs old!!!
L started gymnastics, it's more of a tumbling class. L was SUPER Excited and couldn't wait to finally start gymnastics. The class she is in has two other kiddos and two instructors. My cousin found L a leotard at a local consignment sale- she loves wearing it for class- she's sooooo cute in it with her hair in piggy tails. L did well listening to the instructors and she's familiar with the gym and the instructors because its where M took gymnastics.
EK is two months old!!!! Where has the time gone?? She's no longer my little newborn :( She is becoming an alert, chunky little infant. EK had a great check-up at the pediatrician's office, she is just perfect but then we already knew that:) EK is in the 66% for height (22 7/8inches); 49% for weight (11lbs 5oz); and 45% head circumference (15) which I think is the size L was born with- LOL!!! The worst part was the shots:( The manufacturer that makes the additive or whatever you call it so you can combine the shots is not making it or is behind in making it something like that, anyhoo EK ended up with 4 shots (2 in ea leg) and an oral vaccine. Yes it was horrible for me too and I tried to hold it together. I hate shots but I also know they are necessary.
I have another crazy busy weekend ahead and hubby is not only going to be at the gym all day Sunday- his usual but all day Saturday too! So I will be solo for all: Sat M has cheer practice; then im planning on heading home to catch the BIG state rivalry college football game; then we have my cousins little girls 1st bday. Sunday we have to go to 11:30 mass for first reconciliation enrollment for M (yep me and all 4 kiddos by myself- pray for me!!!) then that afternoon M has a football game to cheer at. At some point I'm going to need to go grocery shopping so that will be a fun trip with all 4- don't know how I'm going to do it unless I have M push a cart to put the groceries in, bc L and EK take up a cart themselves. Anyhoo that's what's been going on here and what I've got ahead this weekend- hope everyone has a great weekend:)