Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Internet issues :(

We are having internet issues at home and cannot get on the home computer to post so I'm posting from my phone thus it will be short and sweet. We had Miss L's pictures taken on Sunday and they turned out adorable so happy with them:) We didn't get as many pictures as we normally do but typically we end up with so many left over so this place worked out well. They were having a special too so we only spent about $10 more than we normally do at the place we've been going to for yrs.
We are gearing up for THE BIG game this weekend!!! Two teams from our state- the two big rivals are playing one another in the final four. The team we cheer for are major under dogs but it's not going to stop us from cheering our hearts out for the CARDS!!! It's almost like David and Goliath. Vegas has us at 8% odds of winning it all. Anyhoo that's a little bit of what's been going on here.
Once our internet is up and working properly I will do a longer post it's just hard to do one on my phone in carpool holding. Very squirmy 9 month old- lol!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Went to Miss L's 9 month check-up this morning. Hubby's work schedule changed for the rest of the week so now he is going into work at 3:15pm and working till about midnight. So he went to the appointment with me today, it is one of only a few of the kids check-ups he has been too. Thankfully Miss L only had to get one shot, she cried but once I picked her up she was all smiles and back to her happy smiley self:) She is quite the character today, just laughing at anything and everything, you would never know she got a shot. The doctor said she is a picture of health, just perfect- which I already knew:) There was no signs of wheezing, said her lungs sounded clear- YAY!!! She weights 19.5 pounds-75%; 28 inches long- 70% and I forgot her head circ. (I have it written down) but she is in the 97% on that-LOL!!! Cracks me up. All in all it was a good appointment and nice to go in on the "well side" this time! Hopefully we won't have to be back there till her 1 year appointment.
Now I am going to figure out what I am going to do for dinner and then hopefully the kiddos and I will go for a walk and enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having- it is suppose to start raining tomorrow afternoon:( H is suppose to have his first t-ball practice on Saturday and he is SUPER excited so I am hoping it is not rained out! Have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9 months!

CRAZY that I am writing this post, I cannot believe that Miss L is 9 months old today! Wow where have the last 9 months gone? She is growing up way way too fast:( don't get me wrong I am loving every second with her and love watching her grow and change but wow, 9 months already?! Miss L is such a joy in our lives, and oh my what a personality! She is on the move now, getting into anything and everything that she can. She is crawling and pulling up on just about anything. Yesterday afternoon she had her first big boo boo. She was in her play area that we have barricaded off for her, when she decided to climb over one the of the barricades- a rubbe.rmade tote. She got over it but then went head first off on the other side right into a tin container the kiddos have for puzzles- she had some nasty looking marks on her forehead but thankfully they are gone today. I am making her babyfood and there isn't really anything she hasn't liked so far:) she loves teething biscuits Ea.rt.s the other kind I bought she wasn't real thrilled with she also is not a fan of the puffs. She still doesn't have any teeth but she is drooling and spitting like crazy- soaks her shirts because she takes the bibs off. She has been enjoying going outside- thankfully the weather has been crazy warm, riding in the stroller while the other kids and I walk/ ride bikes. She is too cute kicking her feet as we walk along and watching the other kiddos play. I really want to attach the toddler swing to the playset however if I do that, that will leave only one swing for the other kiddos. Unfortunately our super nice playset that we purchased right after we moved in almost 5 years ago is falling apart and is quite an eyesore:( It was first damaged by my lovely hubby "exercising" on it, using it as a pull-up bar and breaking the whole one side (the left side that had the monkey bars, two seater swing thing and another swing). Then a storm damaged it some more to the point that all we have left is the slide and two swings on the right side and all that is leaning. I really really want to get the kids a new playset/ swingset unfortunately it's not in the budget. We have a nice big backyard that is completely fenced in with privacy fence but I am embarrassed by the deck which is falling apart and the swingset. It really is a shame because our backyard could be super nice for the kiddos. I am thinking about getting Miss L one of those little kiddie playsets with a small slide and swing for her birthday that will be here in three very short months. Anyhoo enough about that, it just makes me sad. Back to my post about Miss L. I don't have her latest height, weight etc. we go tomorrow morning for her  month check-up. I am guessing Miss L is close to 20 pounds. She wears size 3 diapers, and size 12-18 month clothes depending on the brand etc. We are still working on sleeping in her crib all night since her hospital stay, most nights she sleeps in our bed- I know, I know its not good but it is the only way either of us sleeps. I do try to get her to sleep in her bed first and then in the middle of the night she usually wakes up and end up in our bed. Miss L is still very attached to me and sometimes won't even go to hubby, but she is getting better.  I think she is going to be a waterbug! She LOVES her baths, kicking and splashing water everywhere. She also LOVES and adores her big sister and brother:) They can get her to laughing/ giggling non-stop its the cutest thing!
Since I don't put pictures on here I will try to give you a description of what Miss L looks like- she is chubby:) with fair skin, her eyes are changing from blue to a green color and she has reddish light brown hair with curls- LOVE her curls:) She has the cutest button nose on the sweetest face. I could stare at her for hours, and still amazed that I carried her and she really is ours forever!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What happened to Spring?

Ok we didn't really have a winter per say, but now we aren't going to have Spring? We are having some crazy crazy weather!!! Yesterday and today we are in the 80's, the rst of the week and weekend is expected to be in the 80's. Next week we may be in the mid-80's! I want spring!!! I'm so not ready for summer time temps, although I'm loving the sunshine:) Last night we went for a walk- kiddos rode their bikes and Miss L rode in the stroller, we had a great time!! Miss L loves being outside, especially with the other kiddos.
This past weekend I went shopping with my mom and got all three kiddos much needed spring/ summer clothes but hadn't expected them to wear them so soon! Thank goodness we did get the clothes because Miss L wouldn't have had anything to wear!
Well gotta go, Miss M is getting out of school- I'm typing this in carpool line;)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

YES I am posting AGAIN :)

Okay I am going to attempt to catch up on everything but I don't have a clue as to where to begin. Where in the world has the last several months gone? Crazy. The holidays were hectic with all the festivities and my dad was in the hospital for a little over a week right before Christmas that was scary for us all but thankfully he is doing much much better. We had a great Christmas with family and friends. The kiddos got WAY too much stuff as usual and I ate WAY too much as usual- LOL!!The "big" thing that the kiddos got was an x-box which I now regret because they could do the wii without any help, but they are getting better with the xbox. The other issue with it, is my son is ADDICTED to it and we really have to watch how much he plays/ limit his time etc... My hubby can be the same way-UGH!!!
New Years was low key, we've never really been ones to go out and party for new years, as a matter of fact the only time that I think we have was our first New Years together. We let the kids stay up to midnight well that was the plan and they did well till about 11 pm and then it was a struggle they were out by 11:30pm, but my hubby did manage to stay awake this year and ring in the new year with me:) In years past it's been me ringing in the new year with him asleep on the couch or even in bed. January, not even sure what we did or where that month went- LOL! I know we spent it getting back into the routine of things after winter break. Miss L has been sick on an off since the fall, I know I spent a lot of time at the pediatrician's office and doing breathing treatments. After the latest round of breathing issues she ended up in the children's hospital here in town for 4 days, we originally went to the new location- thats where our doctor sent us however after an hour breathing treatment, x-rays and being monitored they realized that she needed to be admitted and they don't have over night beds at  that location so she was transported downtown to the children's hospital. THANK goodness for my parents who took care of the other two kiddos for us during this time. I spent all four days with Miss L, she wouldn't sleep in the crib at the hospital because that is where they examined her and suctioned her out- she wanted nothing to do with it. It was all I could do to put her down or go to the bathroom. So the two of us slept in a very uncomfortable chase lounger in the room. So needless to say Miss L is VERY VERY attached to me and we are having to work through some of that now that we are at home. She gets very upset if I am not where she can see me and we had her sleeping in her crib through the night before all this happened but now she is sleeping with me (I know I know, I am working on trying to get her back in her crib!).On her eating we are slowly getting back to normal. Miss L started cereal right before Christmas and did great with that, then we moved onto babyfood- I have been making all her babyfood at home. I LOVE making her babyfood, it makes me feel good about what I am giving her. Before she entered the hospital she was eating all kinds of veggies- green beans, avocados, peas, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes as well as all kinds of fruits- peaches, pears, apples, bananas etc.. but since getting out of the hospital where she barely took any formula and would only take if from our bottles she doesn't like green veggies any more, warming up to the orange veggies and doing okay on the fruits. Her appetite is coming back:) Now I have to work on introducing some more foods and get some more recipes including chicken etc.. To be honest making baby food with chicken in it is a little intimidating for some reason?! We have also introduced puffs and teething biscuits, she is not a fan of the puffs not sure if its the flavor, the brand or she just doesn't care for them at all?! Teething biscuits she likes most of the time but at times it can be hit or miss. She is doing AWESOME drinking from a sippy cup- we introduced that when we introduced cereal and she is a pro at it now:) She still doesn't have any teeth, but she is chewing/ gumming everything in sight and slobbering like crazy so I keep thinking any day now I am going to see the little white tooth emerging, however for now I am loving, loving her gummy grins!
Miss L is ALL over the place now, she started army crawling around 6.5 months or so and right around 8 months started actual crawling and pulling up on things. She loves to be on the ground exploring things, we have a play area in our family room area/ basement that is Miss L's with all her toys etc.. and none of the bigger kid toys are suppose to be in that area however upstairs I need to create a safe area with the little foam squares and the big gate for her to play in- it's all hardwood flooring up there etc... She is getting to where she isn't such a fan of being in the exersaucer when I am trying to cook or get ready in the morning etc... and she HATES to be in her crib where she can't see me.
Miss L is babbling up a storm and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear her say mamma:) can never hear that enough! I also love to see her playing with her big sister and brother who she adores and they can get her to laughing hysterically over the silliest things. Miss L's two main "words" are baba and mama; she waves bye bye and hi- she is a social butterfly, loves the attention when we are out. Since we have had a warmer winter and some crazy warm days in or at the 70's we have been outside some and she LOVES being outside and going for walks- she rides in her stroller without the carrier attached and loves to see everything- she is a nosey little thing;)
I am trying to remember what else has been going on since I last posted way back in November. We are still having our "issues" one of the big issues is financial, hubby keeps pushing the home schooling thing and I am not wanting that for our kids nor for myself. Yes I was a teacher before the kiddos came along but that was different. The only reason he wants home schooling is because our school system here sucks and we send our kids to private school so it would save us a ton of money. I want the private education with the socialization for the kiddos so anyhoo that is a constant bone of contention. His parents are still an ongoing issue although we haven't seen them much with makes it easier, I know that sounds horrible but it is true.
Well that is about all, think I have you all caught up;) LOL! I will try my best to be a better blogger, especially now that we have our computer back and working!!That was the other thing our computers- yes both laptops were in the shop pretty much Nov. through Jan. one of them bit the dust and knock on wood our other one is doing fine.I have been reading and keeping up with everyone's blogs using my phone, it is just not easy to post from your cell phone.Thanks for those that are still reading!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CRAZY weather!!!!

I'm still planning on doing a "real" post in the coming days to catch you all up- if I still have any readers! However had to post about the crazy, and I do mean crazy weather we are having!! Last Friday we had high temps near or at 75 degrees and HORRIBLE storms. The weather predicted was so bad that I took M out of school early. Just to the north of us was the horribly devestating tornados (a whole family- mom, dad and three kids were all killed. Another mother protecting her kids during the tornados lost both her legs. Another mother had her four yr old son swept from her arms during the tornado, he along with her great grandparents were killed. So many sad stories). Then Sunday night into early Monday we had our biggest snow fall of the season- 3.5 inches! And today 60 degrees!!! Warm temps tomorrow and Thursday- near 70! What is up with Mother Nature?
So with all this crazy weather, and a warmer than normal winter we've all been sick on and off and I have a feeling this spring and summer are going to be HORRIBLE for allergies (and bugs!). I'm dreading it for our son with his asthma and allergies. We already live in an area that's notoriously horrible for allergies and breathing issues/ asthma:(
Anyhoo, it's never a dull moment here with the kids and the weather- lol! But in all seriousness please keep those affected by the recent tornados in your thoughts and prayers! If you can do more financially or by volunteering please do so every little bit helps! My daughters school is collecting can goods, blankets etc for the victims.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Krisa THANK YOU, for checking in on me!!!!! Life's been crazy, the holidays, kids being sick on and off, overwhelmed with so much and then computer problems on top of it all make it difficult to blog! I've started an update post I don't know how many times and never finish:( I hope to blog a real post coming up very soon! We are all okay. Miss L just got out of the hospital last Monday, spent 4 days there due to rsv and pneumonia- now she is extremely clingy to me so that makes things a little more difficult to do but thrilled she is okay.
Okay I'm rambling, sorry! I will blog again soon- THANK YOU again for checking in on me, makes me feel loved:)