Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Weekend

We had a Fall filled weekend. Saturday after gymnastics and lunch we headed to H's school for their Harvest Block Party. I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out. I thought since it was a gorgeous day and the event was practically free including the food that it would be packed but thankfully it wasn't. The kids enjoyed doing craft activities, playing in the inflatables, playing the games and enjoying yummy food- hot dogs, nachos, Carmel apples etc and yes it was all free:)Plus it was another reason to wear their cute costumes! We all had a fun afternoon, and I got a great deal on some mums for my flower garden. We headed home and my helpful little helper H, helped me plant my new flowers. As we were working H looks over with a BIG grin on his face, gives me a thumbs up and says "momma sure is a nice day for digging!". Love his little heart. We ended the day with a new recipe- pizza casserole which was a hit. A much better way to end the day than the night before with our car accident. Hubby talked to our insurance agent and we won't thankfully have to pay a penny out of our pocket!
Sunday started out great with surprising the kiddos with homemade biscuits however the rest of the day was not so great. We headed to a local farm for fall fun and pumpkin picking (we were suppose to go last Sunday however we had to have lunch with the in-laws instead and of course last Sunday was gorgeous!). It started raining on the way to the farm and it rained the entire time we were there:( I ended up staying in the car with L because with her wheezing she didn't need to be in the cool damp weather. The other kiddos had fun picking pumpkins, playing in the corn box, riding on the barrel train, doing the corn cannon and of course the hayride to the pumpkin patch. I was really bummed, I had visioned a great family picture with all five of us in our Halloween shirts (girls in their matching pumpkin shirts I had made)on a beautiful fall day in the pumpkin patch. We got no sunny fall day, no family picture. This is the second straight year it's rained on us for pumpkin picking. Not how I had planned to spend Sunday or end our weekend. Hoping for a good week this week!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

4 Months Old!!

Well we went yesterday for Miss L's 4 month check up. The appointment went well, and it turns out it was good we had an appointment because I noticed L was wheezy. Turns out she is wheezy and they put her on breathing treatments 3 times a day! So now I have two kiddos taking breathing treatments. The doctor said that L was the happiest wheezy baby she has seen:) The rest of the appointment went well aside from the nasty shots (1 in each leg and an oral vaccine). She is a healthy 15.1 pounds (90%); I don't remember her exact length or head circumference but she was 50% for length and 90% for head circumference. So we have a chubby baby with big brains:)
The rest of our day went well, we enjoyed dinner out with my parents and were headed to take the kids for dessert when we were in a car accident. THANKFULLY!!!!! we are ALL okay, shook up but okay. Hubby saw the guy pulling out (in a uhaul truck) and avoided him as much as he could, if he hadn't it would have been worse! So looks like my vans going to be in the shop for a while:( Miss L slept through the whole ordeal, H was excited about seeing the police and M wants to move her seat as she was sitting where we were hit! I'm just so very thankful everyone is okay and it wasn't any worse than it was!
We have a fun weekend ahead with a harvest block party at H's school and then pumpkin picking on Sunday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Still Here

Yes I am still here, and reading every one's post :)  I just haven't had much to post about or much time for that matter. This week we marked to major milestones. On Tuesday we celebrated one year since I found out I was pregnant with our sweet little Miss L! WOW- what a year it has been. Then today Miss L turns 4 months old! She is a pure joy, she truly is a sweet sweet baby. She is growing and changing so quickly! We go back to the doctor tomorrow for her 4 month check-up. I say go back because we were just there last week because poor Miss L had a nasty virus, she had diarrhea for over a week and developed a NASTY diaper rash:(  Thankfully she is over the virus and the diaper rash is healing up. While we were at the doctors they put her on the scale and she was a whopping 15.3 pounds!!!!
Miss L is loving tummy time, we got her some new toys including a mirror and she just loves looking at the adorable baby in the mirror and talking to her:) We are still working on rolling over, still haven't quite got that- I think due to limited tummy time because of her spitting up so much.
We are all geared up for Halloween. We went to our local zoo this past weekend for the BIG Halloween party there. All the kiddos seemed to have fun including Miss L who enjoyed watching everything- she went as a Halloween princess wearing a black onsie that says Happy Halloween and has an orange tutu attached. This weekend we have more Halloween activities planned including going pumpkin picking at a farm close by, and going to a fall festival at H's school. We are finally having some fall like weather although today feels more like winter! YIKES it's cold- in the lower 40's with gusty winds making it feel more like 35 degrees, and it't rainy. Good news is the weekend is suppose to be more fall like with warmer temps and sunshine:)
Hope everyone is doing well:)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

WOW!! 1 Year!

Wow! It was one year ago today we had our transfer. I cannot believe an amazing year has already passed. I remember what one year ago was like, all the emotions, it seems just like yesterday. Then I look sown at our L and I'm amazed and so blessed with this beautiful blessing. I love her mom and more everyday, she is an amazing, happy, wiggly, beautiful baby.
I'm continuing to pray that all of you get to experience a beautiful blessing too!! I have not forgot nor will I ever forget what we went through and what so many are still going through.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just a busy life!!!

Well no real excuses except I lead a busy life!!! I start my morning at 5am and ends usually at 11:30pm sometimes even later, and I can never seem to get everything done:( Last week we were all dealing with colds- Ohio Valley crud, thanks to the crazy weather we have and the allergies in these parts. I ended up taking Miss L and H in to the doctors just to make sure it wasn't anything more serious. Well Miss L aka chubawuba- LOL! is up to 14.7lbs. Unfortunately a week later Miss L is still congested and coughing which is leading to more spit-up:( H also is still coughing etc and taking extra breathing treatments.
This past weekend we FINALLY got L's 3 month, M's 6 yr and H's 4 yr pictures, as well as all three of them together. We got some good pictures but it was frustrating because the studio was running behind, our appointment was at 10:40 and we finally got called back at 11:20!
Another reason I guess I haven't been blogging is because I'm struggling with a lot of things, we are struggling financially, and our marriage is struggling. I honestly believe if it weren't for the kids we would already be separated. I don't know how to explain it, other than we just aren't on the same page sometimes I feel as though we aren't even in the same book! We are just going through the motions. It sucks!
Not to change the subject but wanted to update about pumping. Looks like my days of pumping are almost over, I am producing less and less, I get less than .5oz a pump. Given the cost of renting the pump and our financial situation it just doesn't make sense. Believe me I wish I could continue, and my body would cooperate for once but it's just not the case. On top of that my husband isn't supportive of the pumping, he has been after me to stop pumping for over a month, but mommy's guilt has kept me going.
Anyhoo that's what has been going on. M is on fall break this Friday and next Monday and Tuesday so I'm hoping to do some fun stuff with the kiddos, looks like the weather is going to cooperate and be nice:)