Saturday, October 22, 2011

4 Months Old!!

Well we went yesterday for Miss L's 4 month check up. The appointment went well, and it turns out it was good we had an appointment because I noticed L was wheezy. Turns out she is wheezy and they put her on breathing treatments 3 times a day! So now I have two kiddos taking breathing treatments. The doctor said that L was the happiest wheezy baby she has seen:) The rest of the appointment went well aside from the nasty shots (1 in each leg and an oral vaccine). She is a healthy 15.1 pounds (90%); I don't remember her exact length or head circumference but she was 50% for length and 90% for head circumference. So we have a chubby baby with big brains:)
The rest of our day went well, we enjoyed dinner out with my parents and were headed to take the kids for dessert when we were in a car accident. THANKFULLY!!!!! we are ALL okay, shook up but okay. Hubby saw the guy pulling out (in a uhaul truck) and avoided him as much as he could, if he hadn't it would have been worse! So looks like my vans going to be in the shop for a while:( Miss L slept through the whole ordeal, H was excited about seeing the police and M wants to move her seat as she was sitting where we were hit! I'm just so very thankful everyone is okay and it wasn't any worse than it was!
We have a fun weekend ahead with a harvest block party at H's school and then pumpkin picking on Sunday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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