Friday, September 21, 2012

15 month check-up

WOW!! I cannot believe that I am posting about L's 15 month check-up, seriously where oh where is the time going???!! OH it is going WAY WAY too fast:( I am trying to soak up as much of this time with L (and with the other two as well), because it just goes back in the blink of an eye.
Our appointment was at 9:30 yesterday morning, so I dropped H off at school and then went to L's appointment with the intention of taking her to the park after her appointment and before picking H up from school at noon. However the doctor didn't come into the room till 10:30 and by the time we got done we didn't get to go to the park:(  L did awesome at her appointment especially since it took a while. She is healthy and beautiful. She is in the 41st % for height right at 30 inches; 71st% in weight 22 pounds 14.5 ounces and drum roll her head circumference 97th% LOL!!!!! LOTS of brains:)
Now when it came to the vaccinations, poor thing got one in each arm and one in her leg- OUCH!!!!! L was NOT happy and she wanted NOTHING to do with the nurse! After her shots the nurse tried to give her a sucker and she shook her head no and turned away; she wouldn't even take the sucker from me! The shots haven't seem to bother her thank goodness. I am so very thankful for a healthy healthy baby girl who is a ball of energy who keeps us on our toes with her antics .

Monday, September 17, 2012

7 Years ago....

7 years ago this past Sunday we were blessed with the most amazing gift- our daughter M. I cannot believe that she is already 7 years old, where has the time gone?! She is truly an amazing young lady with a heart of gold, very caring, loving, smart, the best big sissy to her brother and sister,and beautiful inside and out.
M had a pretty amazing birthday, we celebrated with dinner out several nights, a small get together with my family (mom, dad, brother and his family) and a skate/ Bi.ebe.r party this past weekend with all her friends at the local skating rink- thank goodness I could go out on the floor without skates on :) She decided on a skate party without ever roller skated before- but she did awesome and had a good time. The party was 3 hours so by the end she was pretty tired (that morning she had had 2.5 hours of gymnastics!). H even got on on roller skates and did awesome- after about 10 minutes of my help he was skating on his own:)
She got just about everything she asked for including the Amer. girl doll of the year- Mc.K.enn.a who is a gymnast. H got her a green light saber she had asked for- LOL yes my girly girl asked for a light saber! Everything else she got was pretty girly- clothes. jewelry, purses, J.B. singing toothbrush!! LOL!
I wasn't quite prepared at the age of 7 for my daughter to have sooo many questions about her birth parents already- they mainly center around what they look like (I really really wish I had a picture of them to show her!!! however I did find them on fb so the next time she asks I can show her), when can she meet them etc... I have to admit it isn't easy to talk to her about, don't get me wrong I am forever grateful for their precious gift and I knew this day would come I guess just not yet. I answer her as truthfully as I can with as much information as I can- which is actually limited even though we had an open adoption and live in the same city.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

L update

Thought I would do an update on L since it has been a while since I posted. L is a mess- in a good way, love her like crazy and she keeps me on my toes. L into EVERYTHING, climbing- she can now climb up onto the couch, her brother's bed and move stuff to where she wants to climb- oh my! I think her favorite thing to do is "clean" the bookshelf, now when I say clean what I really mean is empty the bookshelf and we have a lot of children's books. She will stand and watch me clean every single book up and put it back on the shelf and then turn around and "clean" it again! Her second favorite thing to do if given the opportunity is to empty the dresser drawers. We try to keep all the bedroom and bathroom doors closed to keep L out of stuff but you know occasionally a door gets left open and any drawer that she can open will be empty of its contents. Fun times trying to clean in our house!!!
Back when M started school I took H for his kindergarten/ 5yr physical at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week I had L at the doctors because she was sick. I wasn't sure what she had, I suspected either her ears or strep throat- because it was going around. Well when they checked her ears and said they were all clear I knew it was strep even though the doctor didn't think so because she is so young. The doctor went ahead and ordered a strep test and was quite surprised when it came back positive:( So a round of antibiotics and she is all better.
First big boo-boo came over at my parents house when they were suppose to be "watching" her. Apparently the story I get was they were in the backyard playing and my mom was in the yard while the kiddos were up at the back porch and L fell down the steps onto the concrete. L scraped the whole side of her face and had a knot on her head. I wasn't too happy, I know accidents happy but I feel like their best judgment wasn't used. The thing is, we don't have anybody else to watch the kiddos.
Just last night L got another boo-boo. I was bathing H, and my hubby was checking on the muffins in the stove and had M trying to keep L out of the kitchen/ away from the stove when M accidentally bumped L and she fell forward which resulted in a very fat lip, and lots of blood.
The BIG news with L is that she is officially sleeping in her own bed all night!!! I know many of you all are against co-sleeping and yes I know the risks etc... I love the bond that it builds and honestly it didn't start out my plan but after she was in the hospital sleeping on me instead of the bed because that is where they would examine her etc... she wanted nothing to do with the crib and she is VERY STUBBORN!!! Last weekend when we got ready for bed she woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep thought it was fun and playtime, I was exhausted and I was afraid I would fall asleep and she would get hurt so I put her in her bed. The first night I put her in her crib she fussed for just a little bit and was asleep in no time; since then every night I put her in her crib she has done fabulous! Yesterday morning she must have known it was a holiday because she slept till almost 10am! I am so glad it was an easy transition back to her crib- she must have been ready and now we are all sleeping better.
Last thing to update is L is getting another tooth, a bottom tooth, this will be her third one on the bottom and her 7th tooth.