Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Appointment

Well our appointment was really interesting to say the least. It went well, it was just for a lack of a better word awkward. Anyhoo we are on track for embryo adoption, that is what we have decided to do. So we met with clinical social worker this afternoon, who basically just asked us a bunch of questions similar to a home study questionnaire- that was the awkward part. My husband thought it was a racket for what they charged for the 30 minutes we met with this lady. Of course he thinks the whole thing is a racket as far as cost he thinks the infertility specialist and adoption agencies just take advantage of couples who cannot have children on their own. But don't get me wrong, he is on board and excited about this opportunity. We have chosen our embryo's (we actually chose 3 different sets because the one lady who knows exactly which ones are "spoken" for was not there at that time). So anyhoo we are moving ahead. I also scheduled my ultrasound to check my lining next Friday, that is when they will discuss the medicines etc... and I will have a better idea of the time frame we are looking at, and when things will actually take place. Very exciting!!!!!

made an appearance

Well today is the day we meet with the infertility specialist and today is also the day that AF decided to finally show up. It is so funny to me that for 7+ years I have been wanting AF NOT to show up and have a positive pregnancy test  (which has actually happened a couple of times). LOL! Now I am looking forward to AF finally showing up and starting birth control pills so I can get moving toward embryo adoption or egg donation etc.... So today should be an interesting day, I am a little nervous as to what will happen at the docs office and proceeding forward. Only time will tell.
Today I have a lot on my plate but I have also completed a lot in the last couple of days. The consignment sale is over, and I did okay, to be honest I was bummed that I didn't make more money. I heard from a couple of people saying the consignments location and advertising were all poor:(  bummer. Today I go and pick up my left over stuff and pick up my check. The bad part is they don't have appointments for pick up you just come between a certain time- 5 hour time frame which also happens to be right in the middle of our doctors appointment and then getting dinner ready so I am not sure how all that will play out. My daughter started school yesterday and all went well with that other than one sad mommy. I am glad that she did so well. The birthday party this past weekend went well, the kids had a blast, so we only have one more party left- next weekend the family party for my daughter. So I am getting things checked off my list. I think I will have some relief after today's doctors appointment- wish me luck!

Monday, August 16, 2010


So we are now at day 35 and still no sign of A.F. gotta love it! UGH so frustrating. However on a good note we have decided to move ahead/ look into other options as mentioned in my previous post. So we have an appointment the end of the month to discuss our options and meet with a counselor to make sure we are "mentally stable" to go through anything beyond what we have done etc... Should be interesting, and I am excited. I am trying not to get too excited because I have been down this road before when I thought this was the answer and it turned out not to be, so much can happen. I just hope and pray this is the door we have been waiting for to open for us and our prayers be answered to growing our family. It is hard not to be hopeful but at the same time I worry about it which I know doesn't help our cause. I guess my worry is what if for some reason this is not the answer, then we are done:(  I am trying to have faith and put it in God's hands but I know this is something our whole family really really wants- now when I say whole family I am talking about my husband and myself and of course the kids talk about wanting a baby etc... they know nothing as to what we are trying to do etc... I am just trying to stay positive and hopeful.
I have been a very busy crazy woman lately, I have so much going on (which helps get my mind of things) with the up coming consignment sale ( it is soooooo hard to get rid of the kids clothes etc.. but I cannot keep everything plus the last time I made some good money that we could really use right about now!), school getting ready to start (which I dread) and both the kids birthday's = 3 birthday parties one family party for each of them and a joint friends party. So if I don't update for a little bit you will know why:)
Still hoping to get some feedback on anyone who has done or is currently going through embryo or egg adoption. Would like some info since we are looking into those options.

Monday, August 9, 2010

looking into something new

Well we are exploring a new option- embryo adoption or egg donation. We are just exploring our options and seeing if this is something that will get us our ultimate goal of having another child. Lots to think about and explore. If anyone out there has experience in this please share:) This last month I have been using the ovulation prediction tests etc. and I did not/ have not ovulated (I am at day 29). So I guess my body decided to take a break again.
Since my last update we have taken care of the "lemon" car that we purchased. The dealership we purchased it from would not help us out so ultimately we had to move on since the laws don't protect us. We ended up taking a hit on it, but glad to be rid of it and hopefully in a reliable car. We ended up getting a very nice mini-van, yes I know I got rid of my van because I wanted something different however to get the space I wanted and the gas mileage etc... this was the way to go. It will be very nice come vacation time this fall with the kiddos because it has two tv screens/ two dvd players etc... We have had the mini-van for about 2 weeks when my hubby backs out of the driveway and backs into his own car! Um hello the mini-van has a backup camera!! His car is just fine but of course my mini-van is going to need some work- paint. So frustrating.