Monday, August 9, 2010

looking into something new

Well we are exploring a new option- embryo adoption or egg donation. We are just exploring our options and seeing if this is something that will get us our ultimate goal of having another child. Lots to think about and explore. If anyone out there has experience in this please share:) This last month I have been using the ovulation prediction tests etc. and I did not/ have not ovulated (I am at day 29). So I guess my body decided to take a break again.
Since my last update we have taken care of the "lemon" car that we purchased. The dealership we purchased it from would not help us out so ultimately we had to move on since the laws don't protect us. We ended up taking a hit on it, but glad to be rid of it and hopefully in a reliable car. We ended up getting a very nice mini-van, yes I know I got rid of my van because I wanted something different however to get the space I wanted and the gas mileage etc... this was the way to go. It will be very nice come vacation time this fall with the kiddos because it has two tv screens/ two dvd players etc... We have had the mini-van for about 2 weeks when my hubby backs out of the driveway and backs into his own car! Um hello the mini-van has a backup camera!! His car is just fine but of course my mini-van is going to need some work- paint. So frustrating.

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