Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well I had planned on taking the kiddos to the zoo today. I had several reasons as to why today I was planning on taking them, one being that public school is still in session here (today was there last day) so the zoo shouldn't be too crowded etc... and the weather was suppose to be nice a little warm but still beautiful. Well I noticed last night that L wasn't quite herself, runny nose etc... well we had a rough night sleeping she was restless, congested etc... This morning you could tell L was not herself, she didn't eat much breakfast so I took her temp- low grade but still concerned me. Sunday as L's last dose of antibiotic from her ear infection. So I decided to call the doctors office and see if they thought she should be seen. So I got an appointment for 1:20 this afternoon. I decided to go ahead and take the kiddos to the zoo and take advantage of the morning. The zoo wasn't too crowded the weather was nice a little on the warm side but no rain:) We saw the dinosaur exhibit, the seals, polar bears, zebras etc... played on the playground had a good morning. The kiddos decided to eat lunch in the van on the way to the doctors so they could spend more time at the zoo.
So we get to the doctors at 1:15 for our 1:20 appointment and the doctor did not come in to see L until 2:30- yes by that point I was ready to pull my hair out with all three kiddos. Needless to say we didn't leave the doctors till 3:00 and needed to go to the pharmacy to get L's medicine (as well as to the grocery). The doctor is treating L for another ear infection (or more than likely the first one didn't clear up with the first round of antibiotics). I am really hoping this is not the start of ear infection after ear infection, I am praying this antibiotic takes care of it and we have no more ear infections!!! As a kiddo I had lots of ear infections and several sets of tubes and still to this day have issues with my ears, I do not want that for L! What is crazy is out of my three kiddos L is the only one that was breast fed (granted it was for only 4 months but still the other two didn't get a drop!) and I think she has been the "sickest". I know breast feeding isn't a "cure" or guaranteed protection and I wouldn't change anything- I cherished the time I was able to breast feed. I just find it interesting.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Reading

I'm determined to read several books this summer. Since L's birth I've gotten away from reading. I guess I've been a little busy and by the time I do get to sit and relax I just want to veg in front of the t.v. So I've made a list with a few books that I want to read this summer- kind of a goal. Well I kicked summer vacation off with a new book that I picked up at the store this past weekend. Lets just say I was intrigued by EVERYONE on fb saying they were reading this book and couldn't put it down. So yes I bought and started reading Fi.fty S.ha.des of Gr.e.y. I didn't know much about this book, I have a two cousins that have read or at least tried to read, one tried and couldn't read the book the other has read the book as well as the other two. My sister in law is reading it as well, my question is anyone else out there reading it??? What do you think? I will let you know what I think about it if and when I finish it ( right now I am on chapter 3.)
Any suggestions on other books, greatly appreciated.


Thank you everyone who left comments on my post asking for HELP!  I have finally made a few decisions. I think you all are right simple is the way to go! So I am not making L's skirt- actually found one at one of my fav stores tarjay;) that was probably cheaper in the long run than what I would've spent on materials etc... We are just going to do snacky foods, cake well actually thinking cupcakes and ice cream. I'm not doing a theme just going with the colors- pink, green and purple. I'm going to make a picture banner to hang on the mantel with a picture of L from each month. I have also been working on L's baby book and plan on having that on display. We still need to figure out a time due to hubby's training schedule an L doesn't have a schedule it makes it hard to plan but I'm sure I will figure out something and make it work. I still need to make the invites and get them out asap! But I'm feeling better about it:) Thank you for all your input much appreciated!

Schools Out, Schools Out, Teacher let the monkey's out!!!!!

Woo-Hoo!!!! School is FINALLY out, and yes I am ecstatic to have all my babies home with me every day all summer long. H had an art show at his school on Friday, that is all they had that day the art show and refreshments. He had a great time with his friends and getting a few last pictures before leaving for the summer. Then we headed to "old macdonalds" as H calls it to have lunch and play on the playground with some of his classmates- more playing than eating of course. Then it was time to head to M's school to get her, she seemed to have a good day. Then it was time to head home and start summer vacation:)
Hubby got home from work early so we were able to head out to dinner at a decent time and then go to one of our favorite local ice cream shops to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.
Saturday was a busy day with Hubby training all morning and M and H had gymnastics. It was M's last class as a level II she is moving up to the Gold team, so so proud of her and all her hard work. Saturday evening we met some good friends for dinner, our plans got changed due to the hot sticky weather! We had planned on going for pizza and then head to the park however we ended up at to eat and talk while the kiddos played- it was a fun evening and great to catch up with our friends.
Sunday the girls and I headed to church, hubby slept in and H decided he didn't want to go to church (if he doesn't want to go and we make him, no one gets anything out of church! so right now since he is only 4 we don't push the issue). Then after church us girls headed to with my cousins and and aunts. Then after hubby's Sunday afternoon training we headed out shopping for pools for the kids along with some water toys. We got the "big" kids a big pool and Miss L a little pool- of course L LOVES the water and prefers the big kids pool- LOL! Isn't that always the case. Sunday night we had a fun family night, with a homemade pizza pool party and family movie night- it was an awesome awesome evening and a great way to kick off the summer. Monday was my first day to sleep in:) ahhhhh so nice to wake up to the kiddos rather than the alarm.
Monday the kiddos enjoyed the pool, nothing like a warm sunny day spent splashing and having fun in the pool and eating popsicles in the pool!
The weekend was jam packed but full of fun family time!!!! Hubby headed back out of town this morning for the week. Today on our first full day of summer vacation I had planned errands- you know the typical grocery, bank etc...however I am staying home right now waiting for the storms and rain to pass- fingers crossed that it actually happens so I don't have to take all three kiddos out in this nasty weather!
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend spent with family and friends and remembering why we have this holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Need a little help!!!

First off YES this is my THIRD post of the week!! Crazy I know;)  Second of all HELP! I am starting to go into PANIC mode. Miss L is turning ONE in less than a month and I have NOTHING planned. With M at this point I had EVERYTHING planned out, invites made (yes I made them) and sent in the mail already. With H I had ideas, knew what I was doing and was starting to work on the invites etc... (again I a made the invites). Here it is less than a month to Miss L's birthday and I basically have nothing. The only things I do know are that  we are using the colors light purple, light pink and light green; and with the kiddos first birthdays we serve dinner. I also have ordered a smocked cupcake dress (probably for pictures); and I have a cupcake t-shirt with the colors we are using with the intent to make a tulle skirt to go with it and maybe order some embroidered bloomers (depends on our funds etc.). Now I am not sure about making the skirt, not sure about serving dinner and not even sure where to have the party. With M's first birthday we had the party at my parents because our house at the time was small. H's first birthday was at out current house. The issue with having the party at our house now is two fold trying to get the house presentable and keep it that way (remember hubby is working out of town all week/ only home on the weekends and all the kids will be home every day because it will be summer) and are deck it is in need of serious repairs. Now when I say repairs I mean rip the thing down and start all over!!! We don't have the funds to put a new deck on and I am worried about having too many people on the deck that something would happen etc...
So I don't know where to have the party, what to serve etc.... Also I have made the kiddos cakes in the past especially their first birthday cake and smash cake (but it is a lot of work and stress). Would it be wrong if I took the "easy" way out? Had someone else make the cakes for me and made the invites on the computer (picture card etc...) instead of handmade? I don't want L to feel slighted and I know she won't know this year but looking back on pictures etc... will she feel that way. I am looking for a fun, less stressful but very cute party for my sweet L. So ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated:) THANKS!!!! (I need all the help I can get- LOL!)

Monday, May 21, 2012

4 more days (insert happy dance)!!!!!

Yes ONLY 4 more days of school for the kiddos. BRING ON summer time:) I am looking forward to Friday and no more school and crazy schedules. I can relax, and enjoy my kiddos. Although this weekend was a crazy busy one, but a fun one with the family.
Friday night we went to our parish picnic, all the kiddos were interested in was riding the rides, which was fine with me. For the most part they loved the rides. H and M rode a kiddie "roller coaster" basically little hills with a little turn type roller coaster. Well I can tell you M is not going to be my roller coaster girl- LOL!!! I kept telling hubby while they were riding she looked like she was going to throw up and he said no I think she is bored. UM nope when she got off she said "Whew! I almost threw up!" LOL!!! I had a blast watching the kiddos have fun and the bond they have together (going on rides with each other, helping each other etc..) is so precious.
Saturday we were split in all different directions, hubby at the gym, my mom had M at gymnastics- she moved up to Gold Team!!!! SO PROUD of her and all the hard work she has put into it:) and I had H and L with me for H's tball game and family day at the ball fields. H did great in his game, I love watching my kiddos in sports and we had fun at the family day at the ball fields. I sure was thankful that his game was early in the morning- it was a HOT one! That afternoon the kiddos and I headed to a birthday party for a friends little girl and then to a family get together that evening. Sunday was church and M's gymnastics meet (she got another trophy- she loves getting those!)as well as a girl scout meeting in the evening. Last girl scout meeting of the school year and M got quite a few new badges to put on her vest. Great weekend with my kiddos!
This morning H's class had a class picnic at the park. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and we all had a great time. H played and played for 3.5 hours and ate a little during that time! I got some great pictures of him with his friends. L enjoyed being outside and watching the kiddos. We fed the ducks right before we left- they were really hungry and a bit aggressive it frighten the kiddos so we didn't stick around the ducks too long. It was a great morning and makes me look forward to picnics in the park this summer with all my kiddos.
Hope everyone has a great week! (how about that, two posts in one day, what's gotten into me- LOL!!)

11 months

WOW!!! Eleven months old already! Time is flying by way to fast and you are growing up too fast *sniff*sniff*. L you are a pure joy, and the happiest baby. You just adore your brother and sister and I am starting to see a special bond between you and H, the sweetest ever, it makes mommy's heart just smile:) You are a very busy little one, who loves to down on the floor playing and getting into anything and everything. You are very determined, you don't let anything or anyone get in your way and if they try whew the temper you have- LOL! I laugh now but have a feeling I won't be in a year or so. You are crawling and cruising all over the place and we have been catching you more and more standing alone. I have a feeling you will be walking or close to walking at your first birthday. You love to play pat a cake, itsy bitsy spider, and twinkle twinkle little star as well peek a boo. You give THE BEST baby hugs ever, I just love to get hugs; and kisses oh my nothing like open mouth slobbery kisses:) You are "talking" more and more. You say momma really really well! It sounds like you try to say your sisters nickname, and occasionally you will say dadda, we've also heard papa.
You are 20.5lbs- we were just at the doctors on Friday for your ear infection:( although you seem to be doing better. You are still in a size 3 diaper but probably moving up to a 4 soon. Clothes are anywhere from a size 12 to a size 24 months (the 24 months are dresses that are a little big on you but look just fine plus it gives you more time to wear them!). You are still taking 3 bottles a day and it varies on how much of them you actually take. Baby food you love your fruits:) Not a huge fan of the green veggies especially spinach and green beans however you do "tolerate" peas, and mixed veggies. I still cannot get you to eat meat so I have quit trying for now. You are LOVING the snacky baby foods like the puffs, and the yogurt melts etc... you are also a fan of chee.r.ios and crackers. You do great with a sippy cup even the one without handles:) You still have only one little tooth so I am not sure on starting table foods etc.. although you had some apple today at the park and corn the other night and did great. You LOVE to make a mess with your foods, I think you do it so I have to give you a bath because you absolutely love the water and bath times, you will get upset when bath time is over. I just recently started bathing you in the big tub, it is a challenge because you are all over the place, pulling up, crawling etc.. but having a blast.
I could go on and on about you. You are a pure joy and I am so blessed you are my daughter! Happy 11 months old L (Oh and you can slow down anytime now;)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ear Infection and more

My baby girl has her first ear infection:(  Poor Miss L hasn't been herself this week, she has been extremely clingy, and fussy- which she never is! She hasn't been sleeping well, not eating well and coughing more- she has had a small cough for about a month probably allergies. Then this morning I noticed she was running a fever so I called the doctors office and they wanted to see her. The "bad" thing was the appointment they gave us was 10:10 this morning. I said "bad" because M was off from school today but H had school (they go to two different schools), so M was looking forward to a girls morning of shopping at the mall. I try to make it up to M by stopping at St.arBu.c.ks for a smoothie and a cake pop. We spent ALL morning at the doctor, it was getting so late and the doctor hadn't been in I thought we were going to have to leave to go get H from school without seeing the doctor. Fortunately the doctor came in and checked out L, she has her first ear infection and is now on antibiotic, the "bubble gum" kind. L does not like the medicine, she spits it out, and it is a fight just to get it into her mouth, crazy enough she takes the tylenol just fine! I am hoping L takes after her brother and sister and this is her only ear infection!
We have another CRAZY CRAZY weekend ahead- tball game, gymnastics practice, gymnastics spring meet, birthday party, family get together, church and girl scouts and that is just Saturday and Sunday. Tonight I am taking the kiddos to the church picnic to ride some rides and play a few games. I love church picnics- I grew up going to them, my hubby however can't stand to go, he doesn't like crowds and doesn't see the "fun" in the picnics.
Speaking of hubby he got a new assignment at work this week and he starts that assignment next Wed. it is a temporary assignment that will be evaluated the end June and could be extended till the end of Aug. He will be doing the same thing he does now just at a different location down in the state. Which means he will be gone ALL week, getting home sometime on Friday nights, and leaving late Sunday afternoon. I am thankful that it will be during the summer, and not during the school year. It is what it is and hopefully this will lead to a promotion and a different assignment/ job after this temp. assignment is over:) It isn't going to be easy on the kiddos but we will manage.
Only 5, yes 5 more days of  school WOO-HOO!!!! Can you tell I am excited:) I am looking forward to summertime, and time with my kiddos!!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

I've been contemplating this post and exactly what I want to say about Mother's day and I am still not sure what I want to say/ convey in this post. So here goes. Mother's day is never what I imagined all the years I yearned to be a mother, I think in part to due our struggle with infertility. I have a hard time with Mother's day, yes I am excited to be able to celebrate yet I know there are woman out there that this day brings sorrow and hurt. Just like in church when Father asks all the mothers to stand for a special blessing for some reason I have mixed emotions, I love standing (finally a mommy) yet I hurt for the woman who aren't standing, wondering what they have/ are going through.
I will say the one thing I absolutely love is getting all the special cards and gifts that the kiddos have made at school- I truly cherish those items. This year M's class typed a letter on the computer that says why she loves me: she loves shopping with me and I make yummy pizza:) H made me card and they painted with their fingerprints on a glass cylinder that holds a candle- I got his present Friday afternoon because he was soooo excited. He was so cute when he gave it to me, he warned me it's glass be careful!!! Then when I opened it and saw what it was he said " I could catch it on fire anytime I wanted!" LOL! He's a mess (a  good mess!).
As far as the actual day, it was just a day. The weather was cruddy- raining all day and of course cooler than normal. I went to church with L, just the two of us; M spent the night at my niece's house and H changed his mind and decided he didn't want to go- which I'm not surprised he has a tough time at church. I have to admit I was bummed to be going to church with just L but it was what it was. I did go out for coffee with my aunt and cousin afterwards- which was nice. Then I hurried home so that hubby could go train, so I had the kiddos the rest of the afternoon having lunch and just hanging out. Later in the afternoon we went over to my parents to spend some time with my mom and give her, her gift- I think she liked it, and I hope she enjoys it!!!! (I paid for and got her an appointment with my hairstylist for a haircut and color). Then we went out to dinner just the 5 of us. Going out to dinner is a struggle, because I never know what I want to eat, M is BEYOND picky and due to H's allergies he can't always eat just anything. So we figured out what we wanted and went- it actually went well but then it came time for dessert. We basically went where hubby wanted to go, and it was packed he didn't want to wait so we ended up stopping at Bur.ger K.inG- YUCK and got M some ice cream, H decided he would just have a Popsicle at home; hubby stopped at So.n.ic and got himself a shake and I didn't have any desert. Then it was time for to get the kiddos baths and to bed for school the next day. So in some respects just another Sunday.
I hope you all had a special Mother's Day, for those that struggle with this day, you were in my thoughts and prayers ((HUGS)).

Friday, May 11, 2012

7 years ago today

7 years ago today I should have been giving birth to my first son, William Joseph however God had another plan. On this day 7 years ago I mourned the loss of our son and what should have been a joyous day for us. 7 years ago I picked my nephew up from daycare took him shopping for his new baby sister. I then took my nephew up to the hospital to see his mommy, daddy and new baby sister for the very first time. 7 years ago I stood in my sister-in-laws hospital room happy for them and my new niece while quietly trying to hide the pain inside, wishing that it was me showing my baby to everyone, wishing the pain would go away, wishing that it was all just a horrible horrible nightmare and I would wake up and everything would be different- but it wasn't. I remember every detail of that day 7 years ago. I also remember every detail of my pregnancy and loss of our sweet William. As the years have gone by, it has gotten easier but by no means have I forgotten anything and I still feel the pain and the hurt.
There are days that I wonder what if? There are days I often wonder what it would've been like if things would've been different. But it is God's plan, and God's plan has played out with my little Angel in heaven watching over his baby sisters and brother.
I think what hurts the worst today is some of the "comments" put on my fb post by two of my family members today. I posted my remembrance message for our sweet William. I know that when we lost William that I inadvertently hurt some people in how I dealt with my grief, but I dealt with it the best and only way I knew how. I cannot believe that some people cannot just let me remember my son and grieve the way I want to.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The "adventures" of shopping with 3!!!

WOW! Holy cow! I just got back from a shopping trip from you know where at one of my favorite places Tarjay;) What was I thinking taking all three kiddos in the middle of the afternoon?? I tell you what I was thinking, my three days that H is in school this week I have other things I have to accomplish while he is in school; we needed to get my niece's birthday present and M wanted to pick it out or at least help pick it out so that meant we needed to go sometime after she got out of school. So that is why we headed to Tarjay this afternoon with all three kiddos. Well M typically has  a bit of an "attitude" after a long day at school; H typically falls asleep on the way to pick M up from school so he was still a little sleep = cranky and then you have L who is typically okay till about 3:30ish when she takes her afternoon bottle. ALL three kiddos had their "issues" on the shopping trip, but I was SHOCKED by my sweet baby L!!!! Well Miss Thing has gotten to be a handful, trying to stand (often times succeeding) and throwing a fit each time I would sit her bottom back into the seat- sheesh she has quite the temper already! (Yes I buckle her in the front of the cart however I have one of those cart covers and so I can't use the actual buckle to the cart) M was giving me attitude because I would point stuff out and she would get upset; well come to find out she didn't want her cousin to have something she didn't- WOW! Needless to say I did make her get her cousin something she didn't have (and likes) trying to teach her a lesson. Then there is H who was cranky, and upset that I wouldn't buy him an icee (UGH!!! my mom buys the kids icee's I think every time she takes them to Tarjay), upset that I wouldn't shop in the boys aisle and just cranky because we were shopping to begin with.  Then while I was wrangling with L to stay in her seat, dealing with Cranky H and trying to purchase my prescription I handed M the coupons and asked her to hold them for me- she lost over half of them- how I don't know:(  Then there was me trying to hold L (I finally gave up on trying to keep her in the seat) put the stuff from the cart on the belt and talk to the lady checking us out so I could get gift receipts while M and H also putting stuff on the belt and arguing over who can put what on the belt- talk about chaos.  Needless to say I am so HAPPY to be home!!! I do want to put a disclaimer on this post that I am BEYOND THANKFUL for my three beautiful blessings and love them beyond anything I could ever image (but some days are not easy).

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kristen from Louisville, Ky

This is for SUYL (Show Us Your Life) on Kelly's blog, I am (attempting) to link up to meet and maybe make some new friends in my city:) I would love to find / make some friends who have kiddos who are close to L's age. I am a stay at home mommy of three beautiful kiddos, I am 36 (almost 37 yrs old). All my current friends have kiddos around M and H's age and that was fantastic for play dates especially since I am a stay at home mom and they didn't go to preschool till they were 4 years old. I would love to find/ make some friends who have a kiddo around 10 months of age for play dates.
A little about me, as I mentioned I am a stay at home momma of three kiddos, M is 6.5 yrs, H is 4.5 yrs and L is 10 months old. We struggled with starting our family, going through some infertility issues and the loss of our son. We turned to adoption, and were blessed with two beautiful children and then to continue to grow our family we turned back to fertility treatments and were blessed again with our precious L.  Would love to hear from you if you live in our around the Louisville area:) Who knows maybe we could become friends, meet up at one of the parks or the zoo for a fun play date. Thanks for stopping by and reading :) Have a great Derby weekend!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mental Health Day

Yes I cannot believe that I did it, but I did not send my daughter to school today but to be honest I am so fed-up and frustrated with her school I feel as though I could give her more at home than she gets at school (and the sad thing is the money we have spent to send her to this school!). If she didn't have just 13 more days left (YES we are counting down the days till summer vacation!!) we would pull her out and I would home school her for the remainder of the school year. We have already picked out another school for next school year, just hoping and praying it is better than where she was this past year, if not I will be home schooling! It's a battle every morning to get her up and it use to not be that way really just the last couple of months has it gotten to be that way. I want my kids to love school and she is too young to already dread going to school. Both kiddos are off from school tomorrow due to Oaks Day, so we just extended her weekend and had a fun day together. We went to the park this morning and had a great time playing and swinging, as well as going on a nature walk- LOVE the smell of honeysuckle:) Then this afternoon we did some "school" type activities, writing, math, reading etc.. I have loved my day today and in a way wish I felt more confident about the whole home schooling thing to actually do it.
Miss L is growing up WAY WAY WAY too fast!!!! I know I have said it before and I will say it again, but I just cannot believe how fast the last 10 months have gone:( We have "caught" L on several occasions standing on her own, without holding onto anything. It won't be long and little little baby girl will be taking steps and walking:(
L loves being outside, we've gone to the park twice this week and she just loves it especially swinging either in the baby swing or in my lap she just squeals with delight and kicks her feet- it is so so cute. I know we are going to have lots of fun this summer!
In other news it's a"BIG" week in our town, we live in the "Derby City" so there is all kinds of fun activities going on all around the town, and of course this Saturday is the big race for those of you who don't know what I am talking about it is the Ky Derby- horse race. I have been to the race once in my life, when I was in college, I did the infield thing which is quite the experience!!! SO so much fun, if you are young:) However I have no desire to do the infield thing again, I do however desire to one day go to the Derby  in style! All dressed up, with a fancy Derby hat etc.. I have several friends and family members who go to the Oaks (the run for the fillies the day before the Derby- tomorrow) as well as the Derby- I love seeing all their pictures and hearing all about it. The town is "electric" it is so neat to live and be here for the Derby, all the festivities- the parade, balloon race and glows, marathon, the boat race, the fireworks, the parties I could go on and on there are too many to name. Hubby isn't much on crowds so unfortunately we don't do much, I have taken the kiddos for what they call the parade preview day where you can see the floats up close and personal etc.; a couple of years we have gone to the festival kickoff with the air show and fireworks- worlds largest fireworks display! and we watch the parade and boat race on television. I also watch the races both Oaks and Derby day on television and pick my horses for each race and occasionally we will bet on the Derby and or the Oaks- just good fun. Anyhoo enough about that, just wondering do any of you all out there reading know what I am talking about, and if so do you watch the race? Just curious:)
Hope you all have a great rest of the week, a great weekend and a HAPPY Derby Day;)