Monday, May 21, 2012

4 more days (insert happy dance)!!!!!

Yes ONLY 4 more days of school for the kiddos. BRING ON summer time:) I am looking forward to Friday and no more school and crazy schedules. I can relax, and enjoy my kiddos. Although this weekend was a crazy busy one, but a fun one with the family.
Friday night we went to our parish picnic, all the kiddos were interested in was riding the rides, which was fine with me. For the most part they loved the rides. H and M rode a kiddie "roller coaster" basically little hills with a little turn type roller coaster. Well I can tell you M is not going to be my roller coaster girl- LOL!!! I kept telling hubby while they were riding she looked like she was going to throw up and he said no I think she is bored. UM nope when she got off she said "Whew! I almost threw up!" LOL!!! I had a blast watching the kiddos have fun and the bond they have together (going on rides with each other, helping each other etc..) is so precious.
Saturday we were split in all different directions, hubby at the gym, my mom had M at gymnastics- she moved up to Gold Team!!!! SO PROUD of her and all the hard work she has put into it:) and I had H and L with me for H's tball game and family day at the ball fields. H did great in his game, I love watching my kiddos in sports and we had fun at the family day at the ball fields. I sure was thankful that his game was early in the morning- it was a HOT one! That afternoon the kiddos and I headed to a birthday party for a friends little girl and then to a family get together that evening. Sunday was church and M's gymnastics meet (she got another trophy- she loves getting those!)as well as a girl scout meeting in the evening. Last girl scout meeting of the school year and M got quite a few new badges to put on her vest. Great weekend with my kiddos!
This morning H's class had a class picnic at the park. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and we all had a great time. H played and played for 3.5 hours and ate a little during that time! I got some great pictures of him with his friends. L enjoyed being outside and watching the kiddos. We fed the ducks right before we left- they were really hungry and a bit aggressive it frighten the kiddos so we didn't stick around the ducks too long. It was a great morning and makes me look forward to picnics in the park this summer with all my kiddos.
Hope everyone has a great week! (how about that, two posts in one day, what's gotten into me- LOL!!)

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