Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

I've been contemplating this post and exactly what I want to say about Mother's day and I am still not sure what I want to say/ convey in this post. So here goes. Mother's day is never what I imagined all the years I yearned to be a mother, I think in part to due our struggle with infertility. I have a hard time with Mother's day, yes I am excited to be able to celebrate yet I know there are woman out there that this day brings sorrow and hurt. Just like in church when Father asks all the mothers to stand for a special blessing for some reason I have mixed emotions, I love standing (finally a mommy) yet I hurt for the woman who aren't standing, wondering what they have/ are going through.
I will say the one thing I absolutely love is getting all the special cards and gifts that the kiddos have made at school- I truly cherish those items. This year M's class typed a letter on the computer that says why she loves me: she loves shopping with me and I make yummy pizza:) H made me card and they painted with their fingerprints on a glass cylinder that holds a candle- I got his present Friday afternoon because he was soooo excited. He was so cute when he gave it to me, he warned me it's glass be careful!!! Then when I opened it and saw what it was he said " I could catch it on fire anytime I wanted!" LOL! He's a mess (a  good mess!).
As far as the actual day, it was just a day. The weather was cruddy- raining all day and of course cooler than normal. I went to church with L, just the two of us; M spent the night at my niece's house and H changed his mind and decided he didn't want to go- which I'm not surprised he has a tough time at church. I have to admit I was bummed to be going to church with just L but it was what it was. I did go out for coffee with my aunt and cousin afterwards- which was nice. Then I hurried home so that hubby could go train, so I had the kiddos the rest of the afternoon having lunch and just hanging out. Later in the afternoon we went over to my parents to spend some time with my mom and give her, her gift- I think she liked it, and I hope she enjoys it!!!! (I paid for and got her an appointment with my hairstylist for a haircut and color). Then we went out to dinner just the 5 of us. Going out to dinner is a struggle, because I never know what I want to eat, M is BEYOND picky and due to H's allergies he can't always eat just anything. So we figured out what we wanted and went- it actually went well but then it came time for dessert. We basically went where hubby wanted to go, and it was packed he didn't want to wait so we ended up stopping at Bur.ger K.inG- YUCK and got M some ice cream, H decided he would just have a Popsicle at home; hubby stopped at So.n.ic and got himself a shake and I didn't have any desert. Then it was time for to get the kiddos baths and to bed for school the next day. So in some respects just another Sunday.
I hope you all had a special Mother's Day, for those that struggle with this day, you were in my thoughts and prayers ((HUGS)).

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