Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well I had planned on taking the kiddos to the zoo today. I had several reasons as to why today I was planning on taking them, one being that public school is still in session here (today was there last day) so the zoo shouldn't be too crowded etc... and the weather was suppose to be nice a little warm but still beautiful. Well I noticed last night that L wasn't quite herself, runny nose etc... well we had a rough night sleeping she was restless, congested etc... This morning you could tell L was not herself, she didn't eat much breakfast so I took her temp- low grade but still concerned me. Sunday as L's last dose of antibiotic from her ear infection. So I decided to call the doctors office and see if they thought she should be seen. So I got an appointment for 1:20 this afternoon. I decided to go ahead and take the kiddos to the zoo and take advantage of the morning. The zoo wasn't too crowded the weather was nice a little on the warm side but no rain:) We saw the dinosaur exhibit, the seals, polar bears, zebras etc... played on the playground had a good morning. The kiddos decided to eat lunch in the van on the way to the doctors so they could spend more time at the zoo.
So we get to the doctors at 1:15 for our 1:20 appointment and the doctor did not come in to see L until 2:30- yes by that point I was ready to pull my hair out with all three kiddos. Needless to say we didn't leave the doctors till 3:00 and needed to go to the pharmacy to get L's medicine (as well as to the grocery). The doctor is treating L for another ear infection (or more than likely the first one didn't clear up with the first round of antibiotics). I am really hoping this is not the start of ear infection after ear infection, I am praying this antibiotic takes care of it and we have no more ear infections!!! As a kiddo I had lots of ear infections and several sets of tubes and still to this day have issues with my ears, I do not want that for L! What is crazy is out of my three kiddos L is the only one that was breast fed (granted it was for only 4 months but still the other two didn't get a drop!) and I think she has been the "sickest". I know breast feeding isn't a "cure" or guaranteed protection and I wouldn't change anything- I cherished the time I was able to breast feed. I just find it interesting.


  1. So sorry she has another ear infection. My Gracie had 5 ear infections during her first year of life, and was breast fed the whole time...go figure!

  2. Our daughter leaned toward ear infection issues and we found that chiropractic care worked wonders. Helps the ears drain properly. Might check into that if you want to avoid the antibiotics and tubes.