Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Need a little help!!!

First off YES this is my THIRD post of the week!! Crazy I know;)  Second of all HELP! I am starting to go into PANIC mode. Miss L is turning ONE in less than a month and I have NOTHING planned. With M at this point I had EVERYTHING planned out, invites made (yes I made them) and sent in the mail already. With H I had ideas, knew what I was doing and was starting to work on the invites etc... (again I a made the invites). Here it is less than a month to Miss L's birthday and I basically have nothing. The only things I do know are that  we are using the colors light purple, light pink and light green; and with the kiddos first birthdays we serve dinner. I also have ordered a smocked cupcake dress (probably for pictures); and I have a cupcake t-shirt with the colors we are using with the intent to make a tulle skirt to go with it and maybe order some embroidered bloomers (depends on our funds etc.). Now I am not sure about making the skirt, not sure about serving dinner and not even sure where to have the party. With M's first birthday we had the party at my parents because our house at the time was small. H's first birthday was at out current house. The issue with having the party at our house now is two fold trying to get the house presentable and keep it that way (remember hubby is working out of town all week/ only home on the weekends and all the kids will be home every day because it will be summer) and are deck it is in need of serious repairs. Now when I say repairs I mean rip the thing down and start all over!!! We don't have the funds to put a new deck on and I am worried about having too many people on the deck that something would happen etc...
So I don't know where to have the party, what to serve etc.... Also I have made the kiddos cakes in the past especially their first birthday cake and smash cake (but it is a lot of work and stress). Would it be wrong if I took the "easy" way out? Had someone else make the cakes for me and made the invites on the computer (picture card etc...) instead of handmade? I don't want L to feel slighted and I know she won't know this year but looking back on pictures etc... will she feel that way. I am looking for a fun, less stressful but very cute party for my sweet L. So ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated:) THANKS!!!! (I need all the help I can get- LOL!)


  1. I'm all about taking the easy way out. For my son's first birthday, I had a friend make the cupcakes, and I sent out an evite. For Sienna, I booked a place that will do all of the entertaining, food, etc. All I had to do was send out some pre-made invitations!

  2. I'm of no use to you as our plans aren't solidified yet, and Karis' birthday is next week!!!!! I'd say, have the party at your parents' house, if possible. Order a cake or cupcakes. When she looks at pics, she'll see the faces of people who love her. That's the important thing!

  3. I would definitely do whatever is easiest! Less stress!