Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Schools Out, Schools Out, Teacher let the monkey's out!!!!!

Woo-Hoo!!!! School is FINALLY out, and yes I am ecstatic to have all my babies home with me every day all summer long. H had an art show at his school on Friday, that is all they had that day the art show and refreshments. He had a great time with his friends and getting a few last pictures before leaving for the summer. Then we headed to "old macdonalds" as H calls it to have lunch and play on the playground with some of his classmates- more playing than eating of course. Then it was time to head to M's school to get her, she seemed to have a good day. Then it was time to head home and start summer vacation:)
Hubby got home from work early so we were able to head out to dinner at a decent time and then go to one of our favorite local ice cream shops to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.
Saturday was a busy day with Hubby training all morning and M and H had gymnastics. It was M's last class as a level II she is moving up to the Gold team, so so proud of her and all her hard work. Saturday evening we met some good friends for dinner, our plans got changed due to the hot sticky weather! We had planned on going for pizza and then head to the park however we ended up at ch.i.ck fi.la to eat and talk while the kiddos played- it was a fun evening and great to catch up with our friends.
Sunday the girls and I headed to church, hubby slept in and H decided he didn't want to go to church (if he doesn't want to go and we make him, no one gets anything out of church! so right now since he is only 4 we don't push the issue). Then after church us girls headed to st.ar.buc.ks with my cousins and and aunts. Then after hubby's Sunday afternoon training we headed out shopping for pools for the kids along with some water toys. We got the "big" kids a big pool and Miss L a little pool- of course L LOVES the water and prefers the big kids pool- LOL! Isn't that always the case. Sunday night we had a fun family night, with a homemade pizza pool party and family movie night- it was an awesome awesome evening and a great way to kick off the summer. Monday was my first day to sleep in:) ahhhhh so nice to wake up to the kiddos rather than the alarm.
Monday the kiddos enjoyed the pool, nothing like a warm sunny day spent splashing and having fun in the pool and eating popsicles in the pool!
The weekend was jam packed but full of fun family time!!!! Hubby headed back out of town this morning for the week. Today on our first full day of summer vacation I had planned errands- you know the typical grocery, bank etc...however I am staying home right now waiting for the storms and rain to pass- fingers crossed that it actually happens so I don't have to take all three kiddos out in this nasty weather!
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend spent with family and friends and remembering why we have this holiday weekend!

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