Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The "adventures" of shopping with 3!!!

WOW! Holy cow! I just got back from a shopping trip from you know where at one of my favorite places Tarjay;) What was I thinking taking all three kiddos in the middle of the afternoon?? I tell you what I was thinking, my three days that H is in school this week I have other things I have to accomplish while he is in school; we needed to get my niece's birthday present and M wanted to pick it out or at least help pick it out so that meant we needed to go sometime after she got out of school. So that is why we headed to Tarjay this afternoon with all three kiddos. Well M typically has  a bit of an "attitude" after a long day at school; H typically falls asleep on the way to pick M up from school so he was still a little sleep = cranky and then you have L who is typically okay till about 3:30ish when she takes her afternoon bottle. ALL three kiddos had their "issues" on the shopping trip, but I was SHOCKED by my sweet baby L!!!! Well Miss Thing has gotten to be a handful, trying to stand (often times succeeding) and throwing a fit each time I would sit her bottom back into the seat- sheesh she has quite the temper already! (Yes I buckle her in the front of the cart however I have one of those cart covers and so I can't use the actual buckle to the cart) M was giving me attitude because I would point stuff out and she would get upset; well come to find out she didn't want her cousin to have something she didn't- WOW! Needless to say I did make her get her cousin something she didn't have (and likes) trying to teach her a lesson. Then there is H who was cranky, and upset that I wouldn't buy him an icee (UGH!!! my mom buys the kids icee's I think every time she takes them to Tarjay), upset that I wouldn't shop in the boys aisle and just cranky because we were shopping to begin with.  Then while I was wrangling with L to stay in her seat, dealing with Cranky H and trying to purchase my prescription I handed M the coupons and asked her to hold them for me- she lost over half of them- how I don't know:(  Then there was me trying to hold L (I finally gave up on trying to keep her in the seat) put the stuff from the cart on the belt and talk to the lady checking us out so I could get gift receipts while M and H also putting stuff on the belt and arguing over who can put what on the belt- talk about chaos.  Needless to say I am so HAPPY to be home!!! I do want to put a disclaimer on this post that I am BEYOND THANKFUL for my three beautiful blessings and love them beyond anything I could ever image (but some days are not easy).

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