Friday, May 18, 2012

Ear Infection and more

My baby girl has her first ear infection:(  Poor Miss L hasn't been herself this week, she has been extremely clingy, and fussy- which she never is! She hasn't been sleeping well, not eating well and coughing more- she has had a small cough for about a month probably allergies. Then this morning I noticed she was running a fever so I called the doctors office and they wanted to see her. The "bad" thing was the appointment they gave us was 10:10 this morning. I said "bad" because M was off from school today but H had school (they go to two different schools), so M was looking forward to a girls morning of shopping at the mall. I try to make it up to M by stopping at St.arBu.c.ks for a smoothie and a cake pop. We spent ALL morning at the doctor, it was getting so late and the doctor hadn't been in I thought we were going to have to leave to go get H from school without seeing the doctor. Fortunately the doctor came in and checked out L, she has her first ear infection and is now on antibiotic, the "bubble gum" kind. L does not like the medicine, she spits it out, and it is a fight just to get it into her mouth, crazy enough she takes the tylenol just fine! I am hoping L takes after her brother and sister and this is her only ear infection!
We have another CRAZY CRAZY weekend ahead- tball game, gymnastics practice, gymnastics spring meet, birthday party, family get together, church and girl scouts and that is just Saturday and Sunday. Tonight I am taking the kiddos to the church picnic to ride some rides and play a few games. I love church picnics- I grew up going to them, my hubby however can't stand to go, he doesn't like crowds and doesn't see the "fun" in the picnics.
Speaking of hubby he got a new assignment at work this week and he starts that assignment next Wed. it is a temporary assignment that will be evaluated the end June and could be extended till the end of Aug. He will be doing the same thing he does now just at a different location down in the state. Which means he will be gone ALL week, getting home sometime on Friday nights, and leaving late Sunday afternoon. I am thankful that it will be during the summer, and not during the school year. It is what it is and hopefully this will lead to a promotion and a different assignment/ job after this temp. assignment is over:) It isn't going to be easy on the kiddos but we will manage.
Only 5, yes 5 more days of  school WOO-HOO!!!! Can you tell I am excited:) I am looking forward to summertime, and time with my kiddos!!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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  1. Awww...I hope Miss L is feeling better soon. Karis wouldn't take antibiotics the first time either. I eventually got it down her by hiding it in her applesauce or other food. I'd use a dropper to drop a little medicine in each spoonful. The 2nd time she had an ear infection, she took the antibiotic just fine. Go figure!