Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Prayers Needed **UPDATE**

We have worked feverishly to get the word out about our friends the Vaughn's who are fighting to keep their son who they have been trying to adopt for the past three years (see previous post for story). The court ordered that that Vaughn's turn Grayson over to his biological father however the Vaughn's did not do that because they have pending appeals etc... and it has thankfully not been enforced. However the BF is asking the courts today at 4pm to enforce the order, and if it is granted than Grayson will be turned over to his BF today:(  without a transition plan. This means the courts will order Grayson an almost three year old little boy be turned over to his BF who he has only met 1 time for a little over 3 hours (per court order and the visit ended badly!) a year or so ago. How terrifying this must be for our friends the Vaughn's but especially for Grayson. So PLEASE PLEASE PRAY for our friends the Vaughn's, for Grayson, and for the courts/ Judges who will be making these decisions, that they do so with the best interest of Grayson in mind.
If anyone wants more information on this case and all that we are doing (letters, emails, faxes, petitions, news reports and newspaper reports) there is a face.bk page Keeping Grayson Home  please check it out! THANK YOU for any help and prayers that you might provide:)

Just wanted to give an update on today's court hearing. The court hearing seemed to take FOREVER, I am not a patient person (which doesn't bode well for the 2ww I have a head) however it was good news as good news goes. Grayson is at home tonight with his mommy and daddy:) The courts decided to issue a stay until all the legal matter in Ohio is worked out. The Vaughn's will be going to mediation (don't quite understand that, or what exactly it is for- it was late when we got word/ they got out of court so I hope to find out more); and in the mean time Grayson will have visitation with his BF in Indiana. So we are so thankful that our prayers were answered today/ tonight and that Grayson is home with his mommy, daddy, big brother and sissy. We ask for your continued prayers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We are asking for everyone to please pray for our friends, they are in need of a miracle right now!!! They have been trying to adopt their little boy for 3 years. Their son Greyson was born in Ohio where the birthmother gave up her rights. Our friends live in Indiana, and that is where Greyson has lived his whole life with our friends, their son and daughter. They have had Greyson since he was born. When he was 17months old, Greyson's birthfather came forward saying he wanted his son. Our friends have been in a court battle ever since, Greyson is about to turn 3 the end of Oct. Apparently the courts in Ohio are disreguarding adoption laws and are granting the birthfather custody of Greyson (even though this birthfather showed no interested in Greyson the first 17 months of his life and the birthfather has a criminal record including assault and drug use). Yesterday our friends lost their court battle in Indiana (they had already lost in Ohio) and they now have 48 hours to turn Greyson over. I cannot imagine what our friends must be going through it is BREAKING my heart both for them and for Greyson. I cannot imagine taking a 3yr old from the only family and home he has ever known. Our friends are devastated, and of course their other two children are beyond confused, I can't understand why this is happening and then having to try and make sense of it for the two children?! I don't understand what the judges reasoning is. PLEASE keep this family in your thougths and prayers!!! THANK YOU! Below is a link to a local television station that aired our friend's story on the news last night.

JUST FOUND OUT: Our friends will be on GMA tomorrow morning to get their story out there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Appointment

Today I had my first appointment with the acupuncturist, I thought it was just a consultation. However the appointment was a consultation as well as my first visit. I was excited to have my first visit because I found it interesting and was hoping it was relaxing. YES it was relaxing:)  I really enjoyed my appointment and look forward to next weeks visit. I am doing weekly visits with two visits the day of transfer (one before and one after). It was so nice to get a break in the middle of the day and having something done for me:)  that didn't involve doctors or lab appointments. THANKFULLY my aunt was able to watch the kiddos for me since my husband messed up and thought he work schedule was going to be different this week- it is next week that he will be working the crazy shift (going in at 2/3am and working till mid-morning or so). Which actually have my husbands schedule different next week helps me out because I have my acupuncturist appointment as well as an ultrasound check.
So my question is, those of you who do acupuncture how long after transfer do you continue? Just wondering.
I have a gift certificate for a local spa that I haven't used and I am thinking about using it the weekend before transfer for a massage. I would love to get more than a massage (I have always wanted a facial- had one about ten years ago and LOVED it; and of course a pedicure so my toes look good however I will just give myself one at home) but funds are tight right now so I will just be happy to get a massage!
**Several of the blogsreaders that I  follow had transfers this past weekend- you all are in my thoughts and prayers!!!! Praying for a positive transfer. Those of you who are transfering this week I am thinking of you all as well and sending positive thoughts!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

She has arrived

Well I woke up this morning to my visitor, which I was surprised was a day earlier than expected but I was soooo relieved that AF showed up! My body seems to never cooperate so I was worried, what do I do if she doesn't show etc... So anyhoo I called the doc to make sure we didn't need to adjust any of the timeline and they said nope that it is all an estimate and we are still good to go for my next u/s on the 1st of Oct. So today I started estrogen pills and the estrogen patch; just wondering what to expect any have any side-effects to these meds? Anyhoo I am moving right along:)
Oh and follow up the D-R-A-M-A; we amazingly got everything worked out:) WOO-HOO with the mail order pharmacy and I got all the meds I needed this morning to start them this morning-WOW still cannot believe that it worked out I was really starting to panic. Tomorrow I should receive the last of my meds for this cycle. I will be glad when all meds are in hand and I know I have everything needed to proceed with the cycle. I am getting excited but it is a guarded excitement.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


UGH! Let's just say I HATE and yes I know hate is a strong word but I HATE Medco pharmacy- that is the mailorder pharmacy we have to use for our insurance. I have never been a fan of theres because it is such a hassle but I really hate them after the fiasco with all my meds needed for the embryo transfer cycle. My docs office faxed the prescriptions on Friday morning and we had not heard from Medco as of yesterday so my lovely hubby called them last night only to find out nothing had been processed, supposidly they were waiting on clarification from my doctor on the medicines (but they had not called the doctors office to get that clarification). So my hubby and Medco decided that I would call the docs office first thing in the morning to have them call Medco for clarification. So I called the docs office and explained the situation. God bless the lady at the docs office for putting up with this whole situation, she was on the phone for over 30 minutes 5 different people and they still at Medco didn't know what the problem or reason for the hold up on the meds! UGH!!!!!! So FINALLY this afternoon I got a call from the pharmacy saying all the meds but one have been processed- the one is a compound drug that they have to have sent to another pharmacy in our plan. But here is the kicker I need two of the meds this weekend to start them hopefully on Sat. and Medco doesn't know if they can guarentee them to arrive by Friday even if we pay to have them overnighted- UGH!!!!! The only one they can overnight for sure is Lupron which I don't need overnighted because it is just a replacement kit that I have to give the docs office for the one they gave me last week. So now I am waiting for a call from Medco to let me know if they can get me the meds on time or if I have to get them from a local pharmacy.
THE ONLY bright spot in this whole mess is the price of the meds, I was quite pleased (and it made the situation more bearable) with the cost of the meds. So anyhoo that is where we are, all I know is I don't need this added stress!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I called the acupuncturist that my fertility doctor recommended yesterday and after waiting till this afternoon with no response I called back and left another message. She- the acupuncturist called me back, she seems very nice and I have set up a consultation for next Monday afternoon. Thankfully my hubby is on a different work schedule so I was able to get an afternoon appointment while the kiddos are napping:) I am excited about getting started. She recommends weekly appointments as well as an appointment before and after the  transfer. Of course hubby wasn't thrilled with the cost, it was the same cost as the 30 min. session we had with the social worker or whatever she was that basically said we are stable to proceed etc... he made the comment that it must be the going rate. He understands the necessity but is just frustrated with how much everything cost, which I am too but I guess we just express it differently. So another step forward in our journey.
I am still feeling tired etc.. so I have my theories either: one I am getting sick because I have a tickle in my throat and congestion etc... or two: my thyroid is out of wack- I am having that tested next week. Or I guess theory 3 could be both! Lupron shots are going well, and I take my last bcp tomorrow:)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We have a timeline

Yesterday was my first ultrasound, this is the one that was going to determine the course of action. So I was a little nervous, just not sure what all to expect. Things went great, ultrasound went fine, I do have two tiny cysts on both ovaries however she said nothing to worry about and they won't be an issue. After the ultrasound we went over how things are going to proceede. We are going to transfer two blastocytes and if all goes well that will happen October 6th. I go back for another ultrasound check on October 1st so we will know at that appointment for sure when the transfer will take place. I started Lupron yesterday, gave my first shot in the doctors office to show them that I could do it- piece of cake. Now when I say piece of cake, I am use to giving myself shots, I take insulin and give myself 5 shots a day so what is one more! On the 15th of this month I will stop taking my birthcontrol pills and that is when the other meds will begin. Just curious anyone who is taking or has taken Lupron, does it make you tired? The last two days I just seemed wiped out. I am excited and nervous. While I was at the doctors office they showed me the transfer room, the recovery room, and went over what to expect etc... My husband has downloaded some relaxing music for me to listen to during and after the transfer. I also talked to the docs about accupunture and they recommend it and recommended someone in the local area, so I will be calling her office on Monday about setting up a consultation. I am not sure how many appointments I will do, but will definately do a couple right around transfer time. I just hope that the accupuncturist has evening hours, with hubby's work schedule it is hard for him to get off work, my parents both work so I really don't have a lot of people to rely on to watch the kiddos especially since the only ones who know about this are my parents. Another question I have is on the paperwork it says after transfer to go home and rest for 3 days, do they mean bedrest or just what? I am sure I will ask to clarify that with me however I was just wondering what everyone else has done. My parents are going to be out of town during our transfer so I won't be able to get any help from them. Also did you drive yourself home after the transfer or will I need someone else to go with me? Just some things that I have thought of after my appointment yesterday.
So that is the latest, exciting, we are one step closer each day:)