Friday, September 17, 2010

She has arrived

Well I woke up this morning to my visitor, which I was surprised was a day earlier than expected but I was soooo relieved that AF showed up! My body seems to never cooperate so I was worried, what do I do if she doesn't show etc... So anyhoo I called the doc to make sure we didn't need to adjust any of the timeline and they said nope that it is all an estimate and we are still good to go for my next u/s on the 1st of Oct. So today I started estrogen pills and the estrogen patch; just wondering what to expect any have any side-effects to these meds? Anyhoo I am moving right along:)
Oh and follow up the D-R-A-M-A; we amazingly got everything worked out:) WOO-HOO with the mail order pharmacy and I got all the meds I needed this morning to start them this morning-WOW still cannot believe that it worked out I was really starting to panic. Tomorrow I should receive the last of my meds for this cycle. I will be glad when all meds are in hand and I know I have everything needed to proceed with the cycle. I am getting excited but it is a guarded excitement.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. So glad that af showed and you got all your meds sorted out! What a relief.

  2. Congrats on AF! Now, you can prepare for your FET - So exciting!

    The Lupron gave me regular and very miserable headaches, but not everyone gets them - so, I hope you won't be one of them! :)

  3. THANKS! YES it was a relief to have the meds all sorted out and for it not to cost as much as the doctors office estimated:)
    So far haven't really had the headaches, although I had one this afternoon but hopefully it won't become a regular occurance:)