Monday, September 20, 2010

First Appointment

Today I had my first appointment with the acupuncturist, I thought it was just a consultation. However the appointment was a consultation as well as my first visit. I was excited to have my first visit because I found it interesting and was hoping it was relaxing. YES it was relaxing:)  I really enjoyed my appointment and look forward to next weeks visit. I am doing weekly visits with two visits the day of transfer (one before and one after). It was so nice to get a break in the middle of the day and having something done for me:)  that didn't involve doctors or lab appointments. THANKFULLY my aunt was able to watch the kiddos for me since my husband messed up and thought he work schedule was going to be different this week- it is next week that he will be working the crazy shift (going in at 2/3am and working till mid-morning or so). Which actually have my husbands schedule different next week helps me out because I have my acupuncturist appointment as well as an ultrasound check.
So my question is, those of you who do acupuncture how long after transfer do you continue? Just wondering.
I have a gift certificate for a local spa that I haven't used and I am thinking about using it the weekend before transfer for a massage. I would love to get more than a massage (I have always wanted a facial- had one about ten years ago and LOVED it; and of course a pedicure so my toes look good however I will just give myself one at home) but funds are tight right now so I will just be happy to get a massage!
**Several of the blogsreaders that I  follow had transfers this past weekend- you all are in my thoughts and prayers!!!! Praying for a positive transfer. Those of you who are transfering this week I am thinking of you all as well and sending positive thoughts!!!!


  1. Glad your visit went well! I would so love a massage- for now, I pretty much beg my husband every night for one! =)

  2. THANKFULLY I have the gift certificate- I have actually had it since May but can't seem to find the time etc...

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog. May I say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Acu? It TOTALLY balanced out my hormones when I had postpartum thyroid issues. My cycles swung back into gear in 2-3 months with the fertility herbs they gave me. I will be doing acu pre and post transfer with our little ones. Have a great week!

  4. I have never done acupuncture, so I can't help you there! But, I did get a massage two days before my transfer and loved it! :)