Wednesday, September 15, 2010


UGH! Let's just say I HATE and yes I know hate is a strong word but I HATE Medco pharmacy- that is the mailorder pharmacy we have to use for our insurance. I have never been a fan of theres because it is such a hassle but I really hate them after the fiasco with all my meds needed for the embryo transfer cycle. My docs office faxed the prescriptions on Friday morning and we had not heard from Medco as of yesterday so my lovely hubby called them last night only to find out nothing had been processed, supposidly they were waiting on clarification from my doctor on the medicines (but they had not called the doctors office to get that clarification). So my hubby and Medco decided that I would call the docs office first thing in the morning to have them call Medco for clarification. So I called the docs office and explained the situation. God bless the lady at the docs office for putting up with this whole situation, she was on the phone for over 30 minutes 5 different people and they still at Medco didn't know what the problem or reason for the hold up on the meds! UGH!!!!!! So FINALLY this afternoon I got a call from the pharmacy saying all the meds but one have been processed- the one is a compound drug that they have to have sent to another pharmacy in our plan. But here is the kicker I need two of the meds this weekend to start them hopefully on Sat. and Medco doesn't know if they can guarentee them to arrive by Friday even if we pay to have them overnighted- UGH!!!!! The only one they can overnight for sure is Lupron which I don't need overnighted because it is just a replacement kit that I have to give the docs office for the one they gave me last week. So now I am waiting for a call from Medco to let me know if they can get me the meds on time or if I have to get them from a local pharmacy.
THE ONLY bright spot in this whole mess is the price of the meds, I was quite pleased (and it made the situation more bearable) with the cost of the meds. So anyhoo that is where we are, all I know is I don't need this added stress!


  1. Gah! That mail order pharmacy sounds horrible! Sorry they are giving you so much grief. I use caremark and they have been really good. I hope you get everything in time. Worst case scenario you probably can get a little from your re's office.

  2. How frustrating!!! I had a lot of issues with our mail order pharmacy as well. I hope that everything arrives in time.