Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Prayers Needed **UPDATE**

We have worked feverishly to get the word out about our friends the Vaughn's who are fighting to keep their son who they have been trying to adopt for the past three years (see previous post for story). The court ordered that that Vaughn's turn Grayson over to his biological father however the Vaughn's did not do that because they have pending appeals etc... and it has thankfully not been enforced. However the BF is asking the courts today at 4pm to enforce the order, and if it is granted than Grayson will be turned over to his BF today:(  without a transition plan. This means the courts will order Grayson an almost three year old little boy be turned over to his BF who he has only met 1 time for a little over 3 hours (per court order and the visit ended badly!) a year or so ago. How terrifying this must be for our friends the Vaughn's but especially for Grayson. So PLEASE PLEASE PRAY for our friends the Vaughn's, for Grayson, and for the courts/ Judges who will be making these decisions, that they do so with the best interest of Grayson in mind.
If anyone wants more information on this case and all that we are doing (letters, emails, faxes, petitions, news reports and newspaper reports) there is a face.bk page Keeping Grayson Home  please check it out! THANK YOU for any help and prayers that you might provide:)

Just wanted to give an update on today's court hearing. The court hearing seemed to take FOREVER, I am not a patient person (which doesn't bode well for the 2ww I have a head) however it was good news as good news goes. Grayson is at home tonight with his mommy and daddy:) The courts decided to issue a stay until all the legal matter in Ohio is worked out. The Vaughn's will be going to mediation (don't quite understand that, or what exactly it is for- it was late when we got word/ they got out of court so I hope to find out more); and in the mean time Grayson will have visitation with his BF in Indiana. So we are so thankful that our prayers were answered today/ tonight and that Grayson is home with his mommy, daddy, big brother and sissy. We ask for your continued prayers.

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  1. We are praying hard for this family and our hearts are heavy for them, we will keep lifting them up and praying for victory and peace.