Friday, June 29, 2012

M's present to L

Yesterday afternoon while H was at his ot appointment, L, M and I headed to Buil.d a B.ea.r. M was so excited for some girl time and to take L for her birthday present. It took L a while to choose what animal she wanted as she was drawn to every one that had sunglasses on it. She finally settled on one that was pink, purple and turquoise with a white heart on it's belly. How did we know that was the one? A.) she didn't push it away and B.) it was the first one she hugged. So next M picked out sounds for the bear- we opted for sounds rather than clothes. M put the song happy bday in one paw, I love you in the other paw and a heartbeat too. She filled it so it was still squishy. M named L's bear "Heart". I think the girls had a good time together, I can see in the future L will really enjoy it in a year or so! I have a feeling M will make this a tradition with L. We still had time before H's appointment was over so we did a little shopping. We found some baby sunglasses that fit Heart L's new bear but also fit her so we bought those for her bear and L- they were MUCH cheaper than the one's at B.a Bear! It was a cute afternoon spent with my girls.
After picking up H from his OT appointment we stopped at So.n.ic for half price drinks including slushies for the kids and dt cherry limeade for me:) YUMMO and much needed on the hot afternoon!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Finally getting around to posting about L's 12 month check-up she had last Thursday. I will say the check-up didn't go smoothly I was NOT happy about our experience. I will say that I have liked all the doctors and nurses that we have dealt with up until now- some more than others. We were scheduled to see Dr. R and I signed in and went about our business. We were called back to the room, the nurse was very nice and efficient, took all her measurements, asked the developmental questions etc... and then we were to wait on the doctor. No one ever mentioned that we would be seeing someone other than the doc we were scheduled with, let along at nurse practiciner that I have never met/ knew existed. In walks said nurse practiciner, doesn't introduce herself just gets right to business. L's iron is low and NP says to feed her tuna- really tuna for a 1 yr old? Thought this was strange. She also says that I should start her on 2% milk, I thought they always went to whole milk but she says it has too much fat (I thought that was the reason for doing whole milk). Anyhoo I am not going to rehash the whole appointment but this NP was CLUELESS!!! The nurse over heard her on the milk part and corrected her telling her no I should give her whole milk to which the NP replies "just do whatever you want" Really?! Um thought you all were the experts! The NP also informed me L was going to get like 4 shots when the nurse had already informed me she would only be getting 2- which is what she did get. Needless to say I left the appointment feeling very uncomfortable and some what confussed. I probably should say something but I am going to let it slide this time and if it happens again I will be discussing with the office manager- we go back in a couple weeks to check L's iron levels.
L's stats, gotta love this: height she is almost 29 inches (35%) weight she was 20 pounds 14.5 ounces (65%) and drum roll....... head circumference don't remember the exact measurement it was 19 in something (100%)-YEP BIG BIG Brains!!! LOL!!!! She is already doing skills a 15 month old is expected to do:) So proud of my baby girl!
L is walking more and more every day, getting more independent and more confident.  Her talking is taking off too- she says mama, daddy, papa, puppy, bye-bye, uh-oh, hi, calls her sister and brother by their nicknames- its so sweet!!! She has started blowing kisses when people leave or when she is telling M and H good night.
EVERYWHERE we go at least 1 person comments about her curly curly hair, and it is starting to turn back to more reddish color since the summer:) LOVE the red color just not the temper that comes with it and yes she has that temper-LOL!!!!!! But we love her no matter!
This week is ALL about staying cool which for us is inside! We have been in the 100's as high temps this week and it is expected to last through the weekend- sizzling hot! So we have been doing what we have to outside in the early morning and staying inside the rest of the day. Hope you all stay nice and cool this weekend!
One week till the beach for us!!!!!!! YES we are counting down the days, we leave next Friday night, headed to Orange beach with my family (mom, dad, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew). We have a beach house down there and can't wait!

Monday, June 25, 2012


L's first birthday party was this past Saturday. I had been working all week to get the handmade decorations done, get all the supplies together, get her scrapbook updated and clean the house. By Friday evening we were in GREAT shape for the party. I had all the cupcakes made and iced including L's large cupcake (I made homemade icing- it was quite tasty!); all the decorations finished and most of them up, all the food ready and all but the last minute cleaning. We were "sitting pretty" for the party on Saturday- you don't know how excited I was, typically we never get this much done this early.
So you know where this is going, right?! Something had to go wrong, and it did. Saturday morning we woke up to a noise- it sounded like it was a helicopter outside in our backyard. It wasn't a helicopter it was our AC and it was already quite warm in the house, Yep you guessed it our AC wasn't working:( So we called our home warranty people and they said they would try to find a repair man for that day. As the morning went on and the house kept getting warmer we realized we needed to move the party to my parents house.
Yes I was disappointed but the party must go on, and it did. It came together just fine. I moved all the decorations to my parents house- I made tissue balls in pink, lavender and lime green; I made a banner using ribbon with cupcakes on them, pictures of L from each month with pink, purple and green matting hung on the ribbon with small wooden clips; then I had her scrapbook/baby book on display (it wasn't completely updated but can't do it all!). I had the cupcakes displayed on a tiered cupcake display so that was a centerpiece for the table.
L looked adorable in her little outfit with a cupcake on the shirt and a pink tutu skirt:) Can you guess what the "theme" was? It was two fold- cupcakes and the colors pink, green and purple.
L had a great time playing and visiting with everyone who was able to make it (turn out wasn't quite what I had hoped, several family members were out of town on vacations, none of my friends could make it and my in-laws didn't come either- which honestly was a relief for me). Once again she really wasn't into the opening of the presents just playing with her new toys. She got several new toys, a book, lots of clothes and some gift cards.
When it came to cake time, she loved the singing- she danced again while everyone sang:) But when it came to eating the cake she kept looking around like what's everyone looking at? She did finally get into the eating and destroying of the cake- she had it everywhere!!! It was a great party, and I think everyone had a good time, especially L. After most everyone had left she crashed and took a long nap- mommy needed one too!
** As far as pictures, several of you have mentioned you want to see pictures. Well I don't feel comfortable posting pictures on a open/ public blog. Also because I have/had (haven't posted to it in a long time) another blog that is private I've apparently maxed out the amount of pictures I can posted because blogger won't let me post pictures:( I would love to post non people pictures however blogger won't allow me too. Anyhoo I just wanted to let you know I'm not ignoring you and explain why there are no pictures.
WHEW! That was a long post! Pat your back if your still reading- and thank you;)

Actual Birthday

On L's actual birthday that morning we took her to get her 1yr pictures taken- oh my she was absolutely adorable!!!!! We had a hard time choosing what pictures to get, they were ALL soooo good, especially the ones with the cake! We ended up spending more money than we intended but she is only 1, once. With all three kiddos we get a smash cake for their pictures as well as their birthday party. Well smash she did! L had a great time eating and destroying the large cupcake- she didn't like the texture of the icing so instead of picking it up she went face first into the cake:) She made quite the mess in the portrait studio- it required a bucket and a mop to clean the floor and wall. I took her straight to the sink! It was awesome.
After pictures we had a busy afternoon of lunch, getting M from girl scout camp, taking all the kiddos for a little fun of bumper boats and go carts (L just watched and cheered everyone on). Then we went out to dinner and back to the house for a small birthday celebration. L opened her gifts from all of us as well as my parents- they came over to celebrate too. Then it was cake time again- she loved the singing, she danced while everyone sang and then dug into the cake- making another mess:) I think L's favorite presents were the cell phone from H and the dolly with stroller from my parents- she loves pushing her "baby" all over the place! L wasn't much into opening her presents, she was more in to the "playing".M decided her present for L is taking her to a and helping her pick something out- I think thast is a precious idea, so we are going this Thursday will H is at OT. M requested it be just a girls trip. So L's birthday isn't quite over- LOL! I think it was a good first birthday:)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweetest 1st Birthday!!

Happy Happy 1st Birthday to my littlest princess Miss L!!! Wow, cannot believe you are a year old! This year has flown by, but oh what memories we made/ and have our you are sweet baby girl. Mommy loves you to the moon and back! I'm forever grateful for my precious gift of you and the gift of being able to experience pregnancy and birth. I will do a bigger post on L's birthday and party but it's s crazy crazy week. I will say that L LOVES cake- and oh what fun she had with it:)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

FUN Family Day!! (and an update to my last post)

Hubby was off from work yesterday so we decided to surprise the kiddos with a small road trip up to the In.dy Chil.dr.ens Mus.seum for the day. We had an amazing day, I just LOVE LOVE that place, it is perfect for all my kiddos. H was thrilled to be greeted by bumblebee (the tran.sfor.mer) in the lobby- he was grinning from ear to ear. They had some special exhibits- hotwheels and legos M and H really enjoyed them especially H. L LOVED the baby/ toddler area- she got down and was exploring all over the place, she played at the water table and the sand table and cruising all over the place. All three kiddos road a restored carousel- L was loving it before we even got on she was clapping her hands and kicking her feet she was so excited. It really was a fun filled day especially for the kiddos. For dinner we headed to G.att.itown for some pizza and more fun, playing a few video games and hubby and the kiddos did bumper cars- I do believe that was the highlight of the night all three of them were smiling and laughing having a blast!!!! We ended the night with some YUMMY YUMMY desert at a local ice cream shop that we all love.

Last Saturday I did end up leaving L with my parents, against Hubby's wishes and without telling him. L did fantastic,and  had a good time. I did okay leaving her, it wasn't easy leaving her for the first time but I knew she was in good hands and that she would have a better time there than at the play. The kiddos my niece included had a great time at the play. Then we headed to H's last t-ball game of the season. He did great, had two great hits and even fielded a ball or two:)  At the end of the game he got his team and individual pictures as well as his trophy- his FIRST trophy, he was so so proud!!!! I of course didn't know hubby was going to show up to the game as he usually doesn't come to H's tball games especially those on Saturdays and so I got busted he found out that L had spent the morning with my parents. I don't think he was thrilled but I do believe he realized that she was okay etc... Of course he expressed his unhappiness. Anyhoo we are past it for now till the time comes again that I will need to leave L with my parents again.
Also the song that L is singing YES it's a J.Bie.ber song- LOL!!!!!
This coming week is SUPER busy and a BIG BIG day on Wednesday- L's first birthday. I am not sure I will be posting, I have lots to do- two doctors appointments, L's birthday on Wed. as well as her her 1 yr pictures; her party on Saturday; I am going to have my niece all next week too because M and my niece G are going to scout day camp. I have lots still left to do to get ready for her party, as well as LOTS of cleaning and with an extra kiddo in the house not sure how that is going to go! (saw a post on fb- cleaning house with kiddos in the house is like brushing your teeth and then eating oreos- LOL so so true!!!!) Anyhoo hope everyone has a great weekend (and week)!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Sorry I haven't blogged lately, what can I say but sometimes life takes over. I've had a busy week with the kiddos but a fun week. We've gone to the library, had a picnic at a park, went to a farm to pick strawberries and see the animals as well as all our "chores" and errands. I am trying to find something "new" for us to do each week so we aren't going to the same places each week but also watching our budget too!
Miss L has become very "chatty" lately, talking up a storm in her own baby language- I just love it!!! She also "sings" a song thanks to her older sister. She sings "baby, baby, baby, OOOHHHH" it is so sweet. Anyone want to take a guess at the song/ singer that my little one is singing?? LOL!!! If you get it right you will LOL that my almost 1 yr old is singing this song.
L has also gotten into pointing anything and everything- so cute!!! It almost looks like she is holding up the number 1- just in time for her birthday:) I am making progress on that too, I have the invites sent out and pretty much know what I am serving etc...
The latest "dilemma" is tomorrow I am suppose to take all three of my kiddos and my niece to see a play. My parents have graciously asked to watch L for me so I don't have to take her as it would be a long morning for her and make things easier on me. However I am apprehensive about leaving her for the first time (I know she will be fine and my parents will take good care of her etc..) and hubby doesn't want me to. It would only be for a couple of hours, well 3.5 hours. I know it would be much easier on me to take the two older kiddos and my niece and L would love spending time with my parents. I don't want to upset my parents and tell them no and I don't want to upset hubby either so I am stuck in the middle. Really not sure what to do???
Busy weekend ahead with the church picnic:)  YAY!!! Love that and look forward to it each year. We have the play in the morning tomorrow and then H's last t-ball game tomorrow afternoon. I am hoping to get some shopping in this weekend too, this mama needs a new bathing suit for the beach:) Anyhoo hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, June 4, 2012

not exactly what I expected

Well last Thursday was my 37th birthday (gosh I am getting old, funny thing is I don't feel it, guess that is a good thing:) and the day didn't go quite like I thought it would. The morning started off okay just handing out with my kiddos, we didn't have much planned for the day. Thankfully the weather was nice most of the day so I decided to take the kiddos to the park for some fun. I let my kiddos choose which park we were going to and we had a great time.
I got all kinds of birthday wishes on fb, several phone calls wishing me happy birthday we well. The rest of the day went well like a normal day lunch, laundry, baths etc... My parents had planned on taking me and the kiddos out to dinner for my birthday (hubby is working out of town during the week) however we got some storms right around dinner time so I decided not to go out to dinner- didn't want to have to drag the kiddos out in the rain etc... So before the storms hit my parents stopped by for a short visit and to bring me a cake:)
So my birthday was okay for one exception, my husband. I got a text from him in the morning- nothing about my birthday all about his work day. Not till 3:30 in the afternoon did a get a TEXT! yes a TEXT that said "Happy Birthday!". I am assuming that, he was on his lunch break checking fb saw that it was my birthday but even if he didn't it still hurts that he didn't say happy birthday till the afternoon and then he did it in a text! And that is ALL I got for my birthday from him. I was crushed I really cannot believe that he didn't call and say or singing happy birthday, no card, no flowers nothing. I know that he has never been very good at romantic but he has at least put some effort forward. I cannot explain the hurt, it is almost as if he doesn't care?!
My parents took us out last night for my birthday, it was my parents, me the kiddos and hubby; unfortunately my brother and his family couldn't make it. I did have a good dinner and a good time. All in all I had a great day with my kiddos for my birthday and I remember many a birthday that I didn't even want to celebrate when we were going through infertility treatments etc... so to be able to celebrate with my 3 beautiful kiddos was very very special. I just wish I knew why my husband didn't "celebrate" my special day with me.


L has her 2nd tooth popping through!!!! I noticed on Saturday that L had another tooth trying to pop through right next to her first tooth. So now I wonder was it her ears that were bothering her late last week or actually teething? I am still giving L her antibiotic just in case it was her ears or a combination of her ears and teething.
I have been giving L more "table food" really just fruits, veggies; however she has had some plain noodles and homemade banana bread- she seemed to like it however I am not sure how much she actually ingested but she sure did make a mess with it-LOL!!!
I finally ordered L's birthday invitations today (better late than never) and will hopefully be here tomorrow or at the very latest Wednesday so that I can get them out this week. So I am making progress and feel better about L's party. Now if my in-laws couldn't make it that would make me feel even better about the party- I know that is horrible but I get sooooo stressed when they are around!