Friday, June 8, 2012


Sorry I haven't blogged lately, what can I say but sometimes life takes over. I've had a busy week with the kiddos but a fun week. We've gone to the library, had a picnic at a park, went to a farm to pick strawberries and see the animals as well as all our "chores" and errands. I am trying to find something "new" for us to do each week so we aren't going to the same places each week but also watching our budget too!
Miss L has become very "chatty" lately, talking up a storm in her own baby language- I just love it!!! She also "sings" a song thanks to her older sister. She sings "baby, baby, baby, OOOHHHH" it is so sweet. Anyone want to take a guess at the song/ singer that my little one is singing?? LOL!!! If you get it right you will LOL that my almost 1 yr old is singing this song.
L has also gotten into pointing anything and everything- so cute!!! It almost looks like she is holding up the number 1- just in time for her birthday:) I am making progress on that too, I have the invites sent out and pretty much know what I am serving etc...
The latest "dilemma" is tomorrow I am suppose to take all three of my kiddos and my niece to see a play. My parents have graciously asked to watch L for me so I don't have to take her as it would be a long morning for her and make things easier on me. However I am apprehensive about leaving her for the first time (I know she will be fine and my parents will take good care of her etc..) and hubby doesn't want me to. It would only be for a couple of hours, well 3.5 hours. I know it would be much easier on me to take the two older kiddos and my niece and L would love spending time with my parents. I don't want to upset my parents and tell them no and I don't want to upset hubby either so I am stuck in the middle. Really not sure what to do???
Busy weekend ahead with the church picnic:)  YAY!!! Love that and look forward to it each year. We have the play in the morning tomorrow and then H's last t-ball game tomorrow afternoon. I am hoping to get some shopping in this weekend too, this mama needs a new bathing suit for the beach:) Anyhoo hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Justin Beiber - I love that song (looks down embarrassed) Good choice little one. ;)

    Looks like you have a busy week! Have fun!