Friday, June 29, 2012


Finally getting around to posting about L's 12 month check-up she had last Thursday. I will say the check-up didn't go smoothly I was NOT happy about our experience. I will say that I have liked all the doctors and nurses that we have dealt with up until now- some more than others. We were scheduled to see Dr. R and I signed in and went about our business. We were called back to the room, the nurse was very nice and efficient, took all her measurements, asked the developmental questions etc... and then we were to wait on the doctor. No one ever mentioned that we would be seeing someone other than the doc we were scheduled with, let along at nurse practiciner that I have never met/ knew existed. In walks said nurse practiciner, doesn't introduce herself just gets right to business. L's iron is low and NP says to feed her tuna- really tuna for a 1 yr old? Thought this was strange. She also says that I should start her on 2% milk, I thought they always went to whole milk but she says it has too much fat (I thought that was the reason for doing whole milk). Anyhoo I am not going to rehash the whole appointment but this NP was CLUELESS!!! The nurse over heard her on the milk part and corrected her telling her no I should give her whole milk to which the NP replies "just do whatever you want" Really?! Um thought you all were the experts! The NP also informed me L was going to get like 4 shots when the nurse had already informed me she would only be getting 2- which is what she did get. Needless to say I left the appointment feeling very uncomfortable and some what confussed. I probably should say something but I am going to let it slide this time and if it happens again I will be discussing with the office manager- we go back in a couple weeks to check L's iron levels.
L's stats, gotta love this: height she is almost 29 inches (35%) weight she was 20 pounds 14.5 ounces (65%) and drum roll....... head circumference don't remember the exact measurement it was 19 in something (100%)-YEP BIG BIG Brains!!! LOL!!!! She is already doing skills a 15 month old is expected to do:) So proud of my baby girl!
L is walking more and more every day, getting more independent and more confident.  Her talking is taking off too- she says mama, daddy, papa, puppy, bye-bye, uh-oh, hi, calls her sister and brother by their nicknames- its so sweet!!! She has started blowing kisses when people leave or when she is telling M and H good night.
EVERYWHERE we go at least 1 person comments about her curly curly hair, and it is starting to turn back to more reddish color since the summer:) LOVE the red color just not the temper that comes with it and yes she has that temper-LOL!!!!!! But we love her no matter!
This week is ALL about staying cool which for us is inside! We have been in the 100's as high temps this week and it is expected to last through the weekend- sizzling hot! So we have been doing what we have to outside in the early morning and staying inside the rest of the day. Hope you all stay nice and cool this weekend!
One week till the beach for us!!!!!!! YES we are counting down the days, we leave next Friday night, headed to Orange beach with my family (mom, dad, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew). We have a beach house down there and can't wait!

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