Monday, June 25, 2012

Actual Birthday

On L's actual birthday that morning we took her to get her 1yr pictures taken- oh my she was absolutely adorable!!!!! We had a hard time choosing what pictures to get, they were ALL soooo good, especially the ones with the cake! We ended up spending more money than we intended but she is only 1, once. With all three kiddos we get a smash cake for their pictures as well as their birthday party. Well smash she did! L had a great time eating and destroying the large cupcake- she didn't like the texture of the icing so instead of picking it up she went face first into the cake:) She made quite the mess in the portrait studio- it required a bucket and a mop to clean the floor and wall. I took her straight to the sink! It was awesome.
After pictures we had a busy afternoon of lunch, getting M from girl scout camp, taking all the kiddos for a little fun of bumper boats and go carts (L just watched and cheered everyone on). Then we went out to dinner and back to the house for a small birthday celebration. L opened her gifts from all of us as well as my parents- they came over to celebrate too. Then it was cake time again- she loved the singing, she danced while everyone sang and then dug into the cake- making another mess:) I think L's favorite presents were the cell phone from H and the dolly with stroller from my parents- she loves pushing her "baby" all over the place! L wasn't much into opening her presents, she was more in to the "playing".M decided her present for L is taking her to a and helping her pick something out- I think thast is a precious idea, so we are going this Thursday will H is at OT. M requested it be just a girls trip. So L's birthday isn't quite over- LOL! I think it was a good first birthday:)

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  1. M's build a bear idea is so cute and sweet. Glad she has had such a nice birthday!