Monday, June 25, 2012


L's first birthday party was this past Saturday. I had been working all week to get the handmade decorations done, get all the supplies together, get her scrapbook updated and clean the house. By Friday evening we were in GREAT shape for the party. I had all the cupcakes made and iced including L's large cupcake (I made homemade icing- it was quite tasty!); all the decorations finished and most of them up, all the food ready and all but the last minute cleaning. We were "sitting pretty" for the party on Saturday- you don't know how excited I was, typically we never get this much done this early.
So you know where this is going, right?! Something had to go wrong, and it did. Saturday morning we woke up to a noise- it sounded like it was a helicopter outside in our backyard. It wasn't a helicopter it was our AC and it was already quite warm in the house, Yep you guessed it our AC wasn't working:( So we called our home warranty people and they said they would try to find a repair man for that day. As the morning went on and the house kept getting warmer we realized we needed to move the party to my parents house.
Yes I was disappointed but the party must go on, and it did. It came together just fine. I moved all the decorations to my parents house- I made tissue balls in pink, lavender and lime green; I made a banner using ribbon with cupcakes on them, pictures of L from each month with pink, purple and green matting hung on the ribbon with small wooden clips; then I had her scrapbook/baby book on display (it wasn't completely updated but can't do it all!). I had the cupcakes displayed on a tiered cupcake display so that was a centerpiece for the table.
L looked adorable in her little outfit with a cupcake on the shirt and a pink tutu skirt:) Can you guess what the "theme" was? It was two fold- cupcakes and the colors pink, green and purple.
L had a great time playing and visiting with everyone who was able to make it (turn out wasn't quite what I had hoped, several family members were out of town on vacations, none of my friends could make it and my in-laws didn't come either- which honestly was a relief for me). Once again she really wasn't into the opening of the presents just playing with her new toys. She got several new toys, a book, lots of clothes and some gift cards.
When it came to cake time, she loved the singing- she danced again while everyone sang:) But when it came to eating the cake she kept looking around like what's everyone looking at? She did finally get into the eating and destroying of the cake- she had it everywhere!!! It was a great party, and I think everyone had a good time, especially L. After most everyone had left she crashed and took a long nap- mommy needed one too!
** As far as pictures, several of you have mentioned you want to see pictures. Well I don't feel comfortable posting pictures on a open/ public blog. Also because I have/had (haven't posted to it in a long time) another blog that is private I've apparently maxed out the amount of pictures I can posted because blogger won't let me post pictures:( I would love to post non people pictures however blogger won't allow me too. Anyhoo I just wanted to let you know I'm not ignoring you and explain why there are no pictures.
WHEW! That was a long post! Pat your back if your still reading- and thank you;)

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