Friday, June 29, 2012

M's present to L

Yesterday afternoon while H was at his ot appointment, L, M and I headed to Buil.d a B.ea.r. M was so excited for some girl time and to take L for her birthday present. It took L a while to choose what animal she wanted as she was drawn to every one that had sunglasses on it. She finally settled on one that was pink, purple and turquoise with a white heart on it's belly. How did we know that was the one? A.) she didn't push it away and B.) it was the first one she hugged. So next M picked out sounds for the bear- we opted for sounds rather than clothes. M put the song happy bday in one paw, I love you in the other paw and a heartbeat too. She filled it so it was still squishy. M named L's bear "Heart". I think the girls had a good time together, I can see in the future L will really enjoy it in a year or so! I have a feeling M will make this a tradition with L. We still had time before H's appointment was over so we did a little shopping. We found some baby sunglasses that fit Heart L's new bear but also fit her so we bought those for her bear and L- they were MUCH cheaper than the one's at B.a Bear! It was a cute afternoon spent with my girls.
After picking up H from his OT appointment we stopped at So.n.ic for half price drinks including slushies for the kids and dt cherry limeade for me:) YUMMO and much needed on the hot afternoon!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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