Sunday, July 1, 2012

On the move!!!

Yes she is officially on the move! L is walking more and more everyday. Just in the last week L has taken off and walking everywhere. Last week she was taking maybe 3 steps at a time and this week she is walking across the room; down the hall; into other rooms it's crazy how fast my baby is growing up! She is "exploring" everything. I even caught her in L and H's room on H's bed, he sleeps on a toddler bed still and she managed to pull herself up there all by herself!
I have a feeling L is going to be a girly girl just like her big sister (even though everyone seems to think she is going to be a tomboy!). She loves jewlery, phones- by the way anything and everything is a phone including her sister's hairbrush- LOL! and she LOVES purses. M gave L one of her small purses to carry and around and she loves it- walks around the house with her purse on her arm and her arm raised in the air to keep it on her arm. Back to the phone, she has a couple play phones and the other day she was "talking" on her phone while eating lunch- I said it must have been a working lunch, already multi-tasking. L is a hoot and I am loving every second with her. I have a feeling vacation is going to be a BLAST with my three kiddos and I cannot wait!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend and staying cool:)

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