Thursday, December 12, 2013

Here we go again!

Well it wouldn't be winter if my baby didn't have RSV ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ When H was 4 months old he was diagnosed with it; when L was 8 months old she was diagnosed with it and ended up in the hospital for 4 days. Last week L wasn't feeling good, took her to the docs and she has croup. Then Tuesday EK started feeling bad, figured it was just what L had. After a horrible night with little to no sleep I took EK to the doctors and she has been diagnosed with RSV. I'm praying she gets better soon, and does not end up in the hospital. Poor thing is miserable, it hurts this Mona's heart to see one of her baby's sick especially this sick!!!!
Last night was M's school Christmas program, I was in a bind!! Hubby works CRAZY CRAZY hours, last week was 70+ hours! My mom had the stomach bug, I couldn't take EK so thankfully my dad took M to her performance and other parent video taped it for me. I felt horrible, I feel like the worst mom. M rocked it out and did awesome!!!! I was so proud of her.
This weekend is jam packed with activities so I'm currently arranging rides etc!!! M has a game to cheer at and a g.sco.ut mtg/ Christmas party. All the kiddos were invited to another Christmas party; church has their live nativity this weekend. Library books are due Sat.; and theirs grocery and Christmas shopping to be done!!! Not to mention next Monday is H's class Christmas program that morning and bball practice that evening. I think I need to clone myself!!!!!!!
A little prayer for my sweet EK that she gets better soon!!!! And prayers for me that I'm able to "keep it together" and not disappoint any of the kiddos/ find ways for them to attend all their events.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still here just a crazy life

I'm still here, just a crazy life what can I say?! I'm still reading others blogs just don't seem to have much time to blog these days especially with all the Christmas shopping, Christmas festivities, M started cheering again for basketball season, H is playing basketball again this yr- practices have begun; and hubby is working more and more (last week it was 70+hours!) so that means no help!!
We are doing well, other than L has had croup- still trying to get over it and now EK is getting it:( EK turned 5 months old yesterday, she's just the sweetest baby!!
We are on day two of snow days. Last Friday school was cancelled however ALL the kiddos (with exception of EK) were up at 5:40am- SMH, it's a snow day go back to bed!! They didn't! Now why on school days aren't they that easy to get up???? We spend the day at home, that night we had a pizza party in the living room and watched Christmas specials on tv. Yesterday the kiddos had a normal day of school and activities; then early early this morning we got more snow so we started the day on a 2hr delay (of course I didn't get the notice until I'd already gotten up and showered-grrr!!); the kiddos once again were up bright and early but not 5:40 early it was closer to 6:30. Then the 2hr delay turned into a snow day, school was cancelled, so we are having a pajama kind of day! I'm doing some laundry, finishing up the last of the Christmas cards etc... Really need to do some Christmas shopping, may resort to some more online shopping to get it done (kind of hard to shop with the kiddos!). I've already done quite a bit of online shopping, more than I've done in the past- I like it just HATE paying shipping. Well it's awfully quite in the other room, need to check on the kiddos! Just wanted to say I'm still alive๐Ÿ˜‰

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Hope your day is full of treats and no tricks;) Unfortunately where we live Mother Nature is playing tricks on us, they are calling for high winds, heavy rains/ storms and chance of tornadoes- boo!!! So we won't be trick or treating tonight. Many of the neighborhoods in our town have changed the day for trick or treating, some did it last night (we couldn't do it last night because M was making her first reconciliation- I'm so very proud of her!!!!!) and others are doing it this weekend. We are planning on taking the kiddos trick or treating tomorrow night. M is going as a lil devil; H is going as a; L is going as; and EK is going as a little kitty cat.
We have been super busy over the last couple of weeks with all kinds of fun fall activities. We've gone to Wo.rl.d for the day enjoying their Halloween fun- we surprised the kiddos with that trip! We've gone to the pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins, ziplinned, played in the hay maze etc... We enjoyed the fall festival at church and we went to a large trunk or treat in our area. Fall cheerleading has ended- yay!!! Just in time for basketball cheer to start. We decorated our pumpkins, usually I'm the one who carves all the pumpkins, unless we paint them etc well a fellow blogger used stickers, and I LOVED the idea. So I went to the store and got the stickers, the kiddos especially L enjoyed decorating their own pumpkins without needing assistance:) The pumpkins turned out perfect just how each kiddo wanted and I love them!!
Hubby's been sick- strep throat YUCK!!! Now when he gets sick it's like dealing with a kiddo except you would've thought he was dying! (In his defense he has never had strep.) So that was no fun for any of us, and thankfully (knock on wood) no one else has gotten it.
I know I thought Oct. was busy but something tells me the next two months with the holidays are going to be even busier!
This weekend we don't have much going on so I've declared Sat. a family day where we are going to clean up/ out the basement, well the kiddos play area. We are going to go through toys and seriously weed out some toys! We are also going to put away summer clothes and get our winter stuff out. Hoping we accomplish a lot!!!
Well gotta run- hope everyone has a Happy and safe Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Not much to report, just life:)

Not much to blog about or much time for that matter, just busy. The kiddos had conferences last week at school and they both got fabulous reports- I'm one proud momma!!! They were also on Fall Break last Thursday and Friday so I planned some fun activities. My niece and nephew were on Fall break as well so I had them too. Thursday we went and picked apples at a local orchard, then went to out to lunch and played. Friday we spent a good part of the day at the zoo, nothing like taking 6 kiddos by yourself to the zoo!! We had a great day complete with 1 train ride, 4 carousel rides, fed the giraffes and had a picnic lunch- good times, great memories!!! We then came home and put the two little ones down for naps and we made apple pie with some of the fresh apples we picked the day before. The weekend was a washout, literally, we got A LOT of rain:( The two older kiddos went with my mom to a local paint pottery place and painted.
Our October is jam packed with lots of fun family activities, just hope the weather cooperates!!! We have a picnic and ball game this weekend and the rest of the month we have pumpkin picking, an amusement park with Halloween fun, homecoming, fall festival, trunk or treat- looking forward to it all!!!
Little Miss EK turned 3 months old yesterday! She is growing and changing so much. She is such a good easy going baby, and I'm LOVING all the great big smiles I'm getting:) She was sleeping through the night however this past week she started waking up not sure if its just a growth spurt or if she's getting a little cold- she has a little runny nose and congestion going on:(
Yesterday my car acted up in carpool line- giving all kinds of warning signals/ messages (it had done this before and when we took it in, it showed nothing after shelling out $100 for diagnostics). Well after getting the kiddos and leaving school my breaks wouldn't work! Talk about scary, thankfully I wasn't going real fast and I was able to use the emergency break to get it stopped. Thankfully we are all safe and it's in the shop- apparently some computer thing and its under warranty:) Also thankful my parents were leaving today for vacation so I was able to use one of there vehicles which is smaller than my big SUV however everyone still fits safely:)
Hope everyone has a fantastic end of the week/ weekend :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Spinning my wheels

Some days I feel as though I'm just spinning my wheels, trying to get traction to get moving/get things accomplished and yesterday was one of those days!!!!! My day started bright and early, a few minutes before 6:00am with feeding EK which I thought would workout perfect because my alarm was set to get up at 6:40. While I was feeding EK, L woke up, well this put a little wrench in my plans. L was settled in watching tv so I thought she would be ok while I showered (and she was). Well EK apparently was super hungry and took longer to eat but I still thought I would be ok. I got EK settled back in the bassinet and I jumped in the shower to get ready for church. As I was in the bathroom I heard EK fussing so I was trying to hurry up and get ready and get her. After getting EK and getting her settled down I fixed breakfast- which I guess I should've just had something quick. I got about halfway through eating and had to feed EK again. Well needless to say by 8:30 (the time I need to leave to get to 9:00am mass on time), I was showered but not dressed for church; L and I had eaten breakfast; L's clothes were out but she wasn't ready; EK was dressed but still eating so church didnt happen ๐Ÿ˜ž. I was so aggravated and bummed. It seemed like the rest of my day went this way too, I needed to go to the grocery but M wasn't cooperating with getting dressed; by the time I got the list compiled and coupons gathered it was time for EK to eat again- I was also under a time crunch because M had a ๐Ÿˆgame to cheer at in the afternoon. Thankfully my mom watched the kiddos except EK while I ran to the grocery; then she took M and H to the football game for M to cheer. My mom was wanting to see M cheer and this helped me out because L could get her afternoon nap on time. At the end of the day I felt like I didn't get much accomplished, but then again I'm sure this happens to everyone, I just feel like its more frequent for me.
I'm having issues with getting and keeping the house clean. I'm home just about all day (with the exceptions of running errands and running the kids here and there) but I can't seem to get anything done. The kiddos are NO help, I've tried implementing chores however this turns into more battles trying to get them to do them and I just give up. Hubby is like another kid, he doesn't help out with house work- if I could just get him to clean up after himself that would be a big help! I don't know what to do but I feel like I'm leaving in a pig sty and what little bit I'm able to get accomplished by the end of the day you can't even tell I did. So frustrated!
On a happy๐Ÿ˜Šnote, HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!!!!๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ป
It's definitely felt a little more like Fall the past few days around here- long pants, light jackets. So now I guess it's time to start putting away summer clothes and pulling out the fall/ winter stuff (fingers crossed it still fits!!).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finally posting ;)

YIKES!!! Didn't realize I haven't posted in September. Well what can I say other than I've been crazy busy!!! Running the kiddos to and from school; H played "hooky" for the first time; Girl Scout mtgs; cheer has begun for M; we had M's 8th birthday last weekend; L started gymnastics; and EK turned two months old, we had her check-up.
Where to begin? Well H pulled a fast one! School called me to say H had thrown up; I felt so guilty for sending him to school thinking it was just allergies- his allergies have been pretty bad lately:( So I get to school and the principal tells me she tried to take his temp several times- when she said this I was thinking why couldn't you get his temp? But didn't say anything. So on the way home H and I are talking and I find out they have an oral thermometer and H has a horrible gag reflex thus why he threw up all over the principal and also why she couldn't get his temp!! Anyhoo H stayed home, rested/ took it easy bc of his allergies. The next morning he woke up and said he was fine however once hubby left for work he said he wasn't feeling well etc I decided not to push things so I didn't send him to school. After dropping M off at school and getting home H announces "GREAT NEWS!!! I'm all better!" LOL! Yeppers Mr. H was playing Hooky! He then asked where we were going for lunch. Needless to say H was disappointed to find out he was eating the lunch I packed for school, there would be no tv, video games, tablet, computer etc and oh yes momma has worksheets/ school work that I came up with for him to do- not exactly the day he had planned;) Then when M got home from school she had all his work he had missed the last two days. I don't think H will be playing hooky anytime soon;)
M had her friends party at a local pottery place- it was a girls only party. The girls got to pick out the pottery piece they wanted to paint off several shelves then they had an hour to paint their piece. The girls also put their thumbprint on a plate and the store creates a birthday plate for M. After the girls painted, they had pizza, juice pouches and mini cupcakes- it was a really cute party and Madelyn had fun!! Then that evening we celebrated M's birthday with the family. On her actual birthday she had school where she took Popsicles to celebrate; then at home after dinner and leftover cupcakes she opened gifts. I had a tough time figuring out what to get M and she didn't have many ideas, I can't believe my baby girl is 8yrs old!!!
L started gymnastics, it's more of a tumbling class. L was SUPER Excited and couldn't wait to finally start gymnastics. The class she is in has two other kiddos and two instructors. My cousin found L a leotard at a local consignment sale- she loves wearing it for class- she's sooooo cute in it with her hair in piggy tails. L did well listening to the instructors and she's familiar with the gym and the instructors because its where M took gymnastics.
EK is two months old!!!! Where has the time gone?? She's no longer my little newborn :( She is becoming an alert, chunky little infant. EK had a great check-up at the pediatrician's office, she is just perfect but then we already knew that:) EK is in the 66% for height (22 7/8inches); 49% for weight (11lbs 5oz); and 45% head circumference (15) which I think is the size L was born with- LOL!!! The worst part was the shots:( The manufacturer that makes the additive or whatever you call it so you can combine the shots is not making it or is behind in making it something like that, anyhoo EK ended up with 4 shots (2 in ea leg) and an oral vaccine. Yes it was horrible for me too and I tried to hold it together. I hate shots but I also know they are necessary.
I have another crazy busy weekend ahead and hubby is not only going to be at the gym all day Sunday- his usual but all day Saturday too! So I will be solo for all: Sat M has cheer practice; then im planning on heading home to catch the BIG state rivalry college football game; then we have my cousins little girls 1st bday. Sunday we have to go to 11:30 mass for first reconciliation enrollment for M (yep me and all 4 kiddos by myself- pray for me!!!) then that afternoon M has a football game to cheer at. At some point I'm going to need to go grocery shopping so that will be a fun trip with all 4- don't know how I'm going to do it unless I have M push a cart to put the groceries in, bc L and EK take up a cart themselves. Anyhoo that's what's been going on here and what I've got ahead this weekend- hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cardiologist check up for both of us

 Yesterday I had my follow up with the cardiologist and EK had her appointment to check out her heart (because of my congenital heart defect she needed to be checked out). I scheduled this appointment some time ago, then last week less than a week before my appointment the office calls to say that they can't get our echo's scheduled at the time they told me and could I come another day/ time?! I was beyond upset because here I thought it was scheduled and hubby had taken the day off to come with me. We were able to work it out that we went to the hospital right by the doctors office for the echo's then to the doctors office to see the doctor, however this meant we had to be at the hospital (downtown) for registration by 8:15- YUCK!!! We managed to get the 2 older kiddos ready for school (my mom took them for us), and the two younger ones ready in time to go, traffic was horrible but we got to the hospital no problem. The problems arose when we got to the hospital, they didn't have the orders for EK, then insurance denied her twice even though the day before we had received a letter saying she was covered! After several phone calls we got both issues straightened out. We finally headed to get our echo's. EK went first and she did quite well, I feed her during the procedure which helped. Then it was my turn, it was enjoyable- LOL! Yes in a dimmed room, laying on a bed covered up, yes I took a little nap while I had the echo. I'm telling you with the lack of sleep, when I see a bed I want to lay down and sleep, ask me to lay down where it's quiet and the lights are dim I'm going to fall asleep!!
After both of our echo's we trekked over to the doctors office to fill out a ton of paperwork and to sit and wait and wait!!! Finally we were called back where both EK and myself got weighted, blood pressure checks and ekg's. Little Miss Chunky Monkey weights 10lbs 8oz!!!!! I knew she had gained but not that much- wow!!! Then it was time to see the doctor, and I'm so HAPPY to say we both got great reports!!!! EK is a beautiful healthy little girl:) She has a small vsd, and slight murmur which are all absolutely normal for her age. They do want to see EK back in two yrs to make sure the vsd closed up and everything is still normal, which the fully expect it to be. My ticker is doing great, the doctor said looking at my echo/ ekg etc you would never know I've had a baby let alone two- that everything is the same no effects from the pregnancies. WOO-HOO!!!!!! That was the best news after spending ALL morning at the hospital/ doctors- it was after 12:00 by the time we got done! EK and L were both troopers. I was so so proud of L, she was in the stroller the whole time and did awesome!!! By the time we stopped and had lunch because we were all starving!! I had to drop hubby at his afternoon doctors appointment at the orthopedist (he's been released, just ease back into things the next couple of weeks), then head to M and H's school to pick them up. It was a long day but with great news:)