Sunday, July 1, 2012

Need some help with food?!

Okay I could really really use some ideas, suggestions etc.. on what to feed our little lady! L is picky just like her big sister. She won't eat any meat, she doesn't like cheese, too young for peanut butter. What am I too feed her, I am at a loss!?! Breakfast isn't really an issue, she eats fruit, waffles, yogurt, cereal bars etc... My main concerns are lunch and dinner. She likes fruit and veggies- well most veggies she is a little picky. She isn't a fan of pasta, I tried mac and cheese and even did mac and cheese with some ham and peas- not a fan. She loves crackers, breads you carbs- LOL! I've tried some beans with her and she isn't a fan of those either. So you see why I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
She is still on some formula, she doesn't like milk. I have mixed whole milk with her formula and she will take it like that- we are up to 5oz whole milk with 3 oz of formula.
Thanks for any advice:)


  1. Lunch meat, eggs, brown rice, chicken nuggets, yogurt

  2. My DD is a carb lover too. She loves pasta with white sauce and I can even sneak some chicken and peas in it from time to time. She also likes red sauce and I will add some veggies to that.

    As for meat right now it is hotdogs (is that even meat??) and lunch meat.

    A few things my LO likes right now too: chicken and dumplings, beef ravioli (I get the whole grain), and chicken noodle soup (Healthy Choice, it has some veggies).

  3. Karis is picky too! I jokingly say that she will eat well when I stand on one foot, hold my breath, give her an additional spoon, and eventually hit on the right food for that moment. It's not that bad, but definitely different from our first who ate ANYTHING!
    Now that she has 8 teeth, she has been more interested in finger foods. We're having more success with 'grown up' food than toddler meals. Like L, she much prefers goldfish and graham crackers. I've discovered that she likes spaghetti, chicken pot pie, watermelon, carrot sticks, green pepper strips, and after presenting it a few times with no success- she has eaten Monterey Jack cheese. I read that it is important to continue to present rejected foods over and over again. I think it could take as many as 12 times before you win them over.
    This week Karis has been sick with Roseola. She has lost her appetite and only wants to nurse. I'm interested to see what she is ready to eat once her appetite returns!

  4. C loves lunch meat, turkey, I roll it up and tear off pieces, have you tried edemame? C likes that too, but she won't eat pastas really either. However, she will eat quinoa when it's mixed with stuff, which is generally whatever I made for dinner. She doesn't seem to like rice either, but she will eat beans all day long! Especially refried beans. Have you tried any of those little pouches of food? They sound awful to me, but C has never eaten any baby food, like from a jar, but she will eat those and I found some that were organic and she ate them up well. When she's most picky, C will eat yogurt and strangely enough her go to food is steamed spinach, I just give her wads of it on her tray and she eats them.

    I am sure that is so frustrating and I'm so sorry! Wish I had more suggestions. As a mom I want to cry for you, as a Speech Path, I'll tell you that a child needs to be presented with the same food 11 times (at different sittings, not all at one sitting) before you can determine that they really don't like it. Also, C has this new thing she does where she spits out just about anything I give her (even things she's begging for) and then either I put them back in her mouth or she does and she eats it just fine. That is a normal exploratory reaction (albeit gross!!!). Drives me insane! Hope she's out of that phase soon!