Friday, August 31, 2012

Attempting to post again!!!!!!

You alI don't know how many times I have attempted to post!!! It seems like everything is against me with trying to blog- LOL! Between having very little time, to computer, internet and blogger issues I think I finally might get a post posted!
I am going to break this post up into several smaller posts in hopes of actually getting one done:) It has been a CRAZY busy time with the kiddos. I took a little break (or at least that was my intention) from blogging to enjoy my kiddos during the last days of summer before school started. We had a great time enjoying a local slash park; the city zoo as well as a small independent zoo; going to W.orl.d; the library, a local play place with inflatables etc...I tried to make this a fun memorable summer for my kiddos and I wanted to enjoy every second with them- they are growing up way too fast!!!! We also enjoyed watching the especially the gymnastics- M LOVES Gabbie:) She is sooooo excited to see her and the others on their tour. We are going to have a Mommy and M night- I got us tickets to see the tour when it comes to town the end of October.
M started first grade at a new school and she is doing AMAZINGLY well, I am so pleased with how things are going. She joined the volleyball team and seems to be enjoying it- of course that just adds to my "to do" list with practice on Thursday evenings and games on Sunday afternoons- both times when I have all three kiddos and no help from hubby. But I am thrilled that she is getting involved and making friends. School seems to be going well for her with a few minor bumps along the way with adjusting to a new grade and school but all to be expected.
H started back to school just this week and of course it has been an adjustment for him as well. He is in kindergarten and this is his last year at his school before moving to the same school as his sissy:) He was thrilled to be back and see his friends and his cousin who is going to the same school and is in the same class. So I am thrilled that even though we were all dreading to some extent the end of summer and the beginning of school it all went smoothly:)
H turned 5 the middle of August- I still cannot believe that my baby boy is FIVE years old!!!!! That seems so big:(  He had a FANTASTIC birthday, of course we don't just celebrate one day it is like a whole weekend:) We went out to dinner with my parents, brother and his family and then back to my parents house for cake and presents. Then there was celebrating at home with just us and getting his presents from us- it was an ALL birthday from the presents to the decorations and cake. Then there was his friends party at a local candy shop, the theme was and at the party the kids got candy le.go.s to build with and eat.  We were suppose to have a family party with all the cousins (second cousins too), aunts, uncles (great aunts/ uncles) etc... however with everyones crazy schedules it just wasn't going to work out.
Now we are getting ready to celebrate M's 7th birthday in just 9 days. So I am busy preparing for that, she is having a friends party at a local skating rink which should be really interesting because she has never roller skated before (only ice skated once!). She is having a party- oh my baby girl is growing up:(
So you can see I have been busy busy!!!!! Well gotta run and get H from school . Fingers crossed that blogger will let me post this:) I will try to post more late or this weekend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I know I've been M.I.A, and I'm sorry. I promise I will get back to regular blogging with updates:) I've been trying to enjoy the last sweet days of summer with my kiddos before school starts next week. I've also been enjoying the Olympics, especially the gymnastics. I'm looking forward to seeing our Olympic gymnastics teams in person this fall when I take my little gymnast to see them on their tour! It's been a hoot watching the Olympics with my kiddos and hearing the things they say!
Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics as well as the last days of summer before school starts back. If your kiddos have already started back like my niece and nephew hope they had a good start to a great school year!!