Sunday, June 26, 2011

She is Here!!!

I am so so sorry that it has taken me so long to update this blog! This is the first time I am getting on the computer. This post isn't going to be long and as soon as I feel up to it I will update you all on everything. Just wanted to let you know that our precious, perfect little girl arrived Monday June 20th at 11:13am, 8.6lbs and 20in long. She has a head full of hair with a reddish tint to it ;) We are all completely in love with her.
We spent several days in the hospital and came home Thursday afternoon however it has been a rocky road since. Like I said I will update as soon as I feel up to, and I plan on catching up on everyone's blogs too!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well I am officially starting to get nervous about tomorrow! Not sure what to expect tomorrow, so many emotions are running through me right now. I still have so much left to do before tomorrow- I am still doing laundry trying to get caught up, I have to pack myself for the hospital and I have to pack the kiddos stuff for at my parents house this week; and I have to figure out what we are taking to the hospital for our little one to wear.
I am of course still stressed about the whole situation with who gets to see our little one first, etc... but I am starting to just let that go or at least trying. I know God is in control and everything will go fine but I am still nervous.
Today was spent for the most part celebrating Father's Day with my hubby:)  The kiddos gave them their presents this morning and we made him breakfast- bacon, omelet (eggs, sausage and cheese nothing fancy but that is what he likes), biscuits and cina.bon muffins (my daughter wanted me to make these so I did). I gave my hubby his gift from me last night- I got him the very popular book, Go the F*&$. to S.lee.p he loved it! This evening the plan is to go over to my parents and spend a little time with them. Anyhoo I hope everyone is having a good weekend/ Father's Day! I will try to update the blog as soon as I can with news of our little one:) Please say a pray or two for us tomorrow and THANK YOU for ALL the wonderful comments and Prayers they are MUCH appreciated:)

Friday, June 17, 2011


My family is really really stressing me out! I should be excited and not worrying about this but it is all centered around our little one's arrival. I had told my mom she could be in the delivery room (thinking that I would have a vaginal birth) however with the change in plans (c-section) there is only one relative/ person allowed in the OR (assuming I have a spinal and not general- if I have general than no one is allowed in there). I am sorry but my hubby trumps my mom, it is not my rules on only one but I would think that she would understand. So that is stresser #1.
Stresser #2 is who gets to see our little one and when. Hubby and I have decided to take the professionals advice and take advantage of the "golden hour". Thus meaning after I am out of recovery hubby, myself and baby girl will have an hour of bonding without interuptions (when we first mentioned this my mother through a fit and told my brother and sister in law it was a hospital policy and it was for 24 hours! To which my sister in law- miss know it all said that isn't true her friend just had a baby at the same hospital and she was in the delivery room etc.. okay so this once my sister in law was right but needless to say my mom had the family in an uproar). Then we have decided that next to see our little one is our kiddos, we want them to meet there baby sister without outside influences (everyone making over there new little sister)- now honestly I don't expect this time to last long especially with my son he will be rambunctious but I also want to give them all the time that they want. Then after that we are allowing grandparents, and my brother (sister in law if she wants to come to the hospital etc...)to come in the room and see our little one and I have expressed to my hubby and parents that I don't really want any other visitors because I really don't know what to expect or how I will feel etc... Well apparently our wishes are just ridiculous! My mom told my brother that we didn't want visitors so he was texting me last night thinking he wasn't allowed at the hospital- I of course explained everything and he was good with it and understood. My parents have decided that they aren't coming to the hospital until I call and say they can see their granddaughter. I feel totally stressed out and that I am being a horrible person. I don't want to feel like this at all, I don't want people to be upset by our decisions- I get that they are excited as we are too! but I would like people to respect our wishes, am I asking a lot?!.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dentist visit again!

So with my busy, busy day I got to end it with the lovely dentist (*note the sarcasm here!*), because my crown was ready. Thankfully my parents watched the kiddos so I could go. Something that really irritates me is EVERY single time I have an appointment the dentist office calls to see if I can come in earlier- um HELLO if I could come in earlier don't you think I would schedule it earlier?! Anyhoo I am not happy with the dentist, and to add to it I DO NOT like going. But then given my luck I cannot imagine why-LOL!
To sum up the appointment: the crown did NOT fit AGAIN! I was furious!!! This is the second time this has happened! The last crown I had to have (prior to this one) it took 3 visits for them to get it right! Well thankfully my c-section was changed from this Friday to Monday because Saturday morning I am going to the dentist to see if they got the crown right this time. But this time I will be going to the dentist with both the kiddos with me because my parents are going to the lake, and my hubby trains (personal training) on Saturday. Gotta love this the dentist says I guess you want this taken care of before you have the baby? UM you think?! She then said well it is your lucky day because we happen to be open this Saturday (they are only open 1 Sat. a month- even though they advertise Sat. hours). And here I was thinking if it was my lucky day I would NOT be here much less having to come back! I think what ticks me off more than anything is the dentist is so non-chalant about the whole thing saying they did everything right it is the lab's fault for not getting the crown right- well I would be getting a new lab this is ridiculous!
Oh and when re-doing my impressions she kept getting upset that I wasn't biting down all the way. Well once she finally took the bite tray out of my mouth I explained it was hurting and hitting my gums etc.. in the back to which she looked and said "Oh you still have your wisdom teeth!" UM yep and they call you then dentist? WOW encouraging! UGH!
YES I will be finding a NEW dentist, and get established with that dentist in the very near future! Right now I am just hoping and praying that they can get the stupid crown right this time because we are out of time!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Change of Plans

Well looks like there is a change of plans with my c-section, that I thought was set for this Friday. Saturday in the mail I received my hospital orders which stated that I was scheduled for Monday June 20th?! I was confused by this change and called first thing this morning to find out that when the doctor told me this Friday he didn't realize he was off that day (even though he looked at his desk calendar when he told me- LOL!). So a week from today our little girl will be here:) We have once again rearranged our plans and got the kiddos covered for who will be taking care of them etc... They start bible school on Monday and I really didn't want them to miss that so thankfully my mom is going to take them, unfortunately I won't be able to see her before I go in for my c-section (unless of course I get bumped or delayed etc...). Last Friday the headboard for the crib FINALLY arrived, and hubby put the crib together on Saturday along with hanging our little one's name and putting the rug down. We just have a few more final touches to add and our little one's room will be ready:)
Hubby keeps pushing me about who I want at the hospital, and visitors etc... I really don't know what to expect so it makes it hard. I understand why he wants to know so he can make sure my wishes are followed but it is hard not knowing. Right now I have told him the first day my parents, our kiddos, his parents, my brother, sister in law and beyond that I am not sure I am going to be up to having anyone else. I do want our "special time" where it is just hubby, myself and the baby for at least an hour or so after she is born and then I want our kiddos to meet their sister with just us in there and then after that the grandparents can come in. To be completely honest I am not looking forward to my hubby's parents being at the hospital but I don't have much choice.
Anyhoo things are starting to come together:)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We have a plan

Today I went for my NST, BPP and 38 week check-up (technically I won't be 38 weeks till tomorrow). BPP went great, she was moving around, still head down etc... Next up was the NST, she was once again very active- LOL! She does NOT like to be monitored. She is active but she is REALLY active when she is on the monitor. Next up was my doctors appointment, he did the exam and then wanted to discuss the plan in his office. Everything is fine, baby girl is fine, however I am not making any progress. The doctor has decided that next Friday will be our baby girl's birthday. I will be having a c-section, because I am diabetic and he does not like to induce diabetic mom's because of not knowing how long labor will be and trying to manage blood sugars etc... The good news is I will be able to have a spinal, be awake and hubby will be in the room. I am full of emotions right now! I am so nervous and scared about a c-section etc... I am disappointed because it is a c-section and I won't get to experience labor at all. I am sad because my pregnancy is almost over and I don't know if I will ever experience this again. I am excited to meet our little girl. OMG I am a mess right now! I cannot believe we are here!
I still have so much to do! The good news is hubby called the crib makers and the part we needed for the crib was shipped yesterday and we might have it tomorrow. So if we do get the part tomorrow we can get the nursery in order tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out what to take to the hospital and what clothes I will need especially after she arrives. Anyhoo just wanted to update:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This afternoon I had another dentist appointment to get my crown put on (or as my daughter said: your going to be crowned Queen for a day LOL!), thankfully hubby is on vacation this week to watch the kiddos for my appointments. So once again (I AM SOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!!!) something was wrong with the crown, and they had to put the temporary back on. The last root canal/ crown I had done at this dentist it took 3, yes 3 visits for them to get the crown right!!!! Well here is the problem I don't have a lot of time before my due date so I need this done ASAP! I go back next Monday and hopefully they can get it right this time! Yes I will be getting a new dentist, I am not happy with this one, not to mention it is a ways away from our house. I do NOT like going to the dentist so this really frustrates me, I know it is just a crown but I don't like it at all! UGH!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Well this past weekend I started experiencing contractions- or what I assume are contractions since I don't really know what to expect/ what they feel like etc... Of course I am sure it didn't help that Saturday evening we took the kiddos to a local baseball game. We had gone the weekend before, had awesome seats in the shade, behind home plate, with a nice breeze etc... So I was thinking even though it was in the 90's we would be okay- LOL! WRONG! We had different seats (we got the seats free through my hubby's work), actually better seats for watching baseball however we were in the sun:( I was miserable, my daughter was complaining, my son my sweating worse than a whore in church. We attempted to move to the shade however the people whose seats we were in showed up, so we decided just to leave, which was the BEST move! We got home, I changed my clothes, headed for the basement where it is coolest, and propped my feet up. Needless to say Saturday was when my contractions started, and I have been having them on and off, no rhythm to them yet.
This morning I had another NST. Baby girl was once again VERY active when she is on the monitor, so they had a hard time keeping her on it but thank goodness they did not send me to L&D again:) The nurse did comment that I had a pretty decent contraction while on the monitor. So sounds like we are getting closer to meeting our baby girl!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Spent a couple of hours in L&D

So this afternoon I had my usual NST at the doctors office, thankfully my dad had the day off today and was able to watch the kiddos for me:) I thought things were going smoothly when I got called back right away, and hooked up to a monitor pretty quickly (blood pressure was good etc...). Well once I was hooked up to the monitor it didn't take long for baby girl to get active. The nurse had to re-adjust the monitor a couple of times etc... and she took the reading to the doctor to see what she thought. Next thing I know the nurse comes back and says I am going down to L&D triage for monitoring but everything is okay?! Well if everything is okay why am I being sent down there? So I quickly call hubby to let him know what was going on, and I head to registration. Once I am registered (by the way the girl in registration asks why I am there and when I tell her my story she says "oh there office is getting ready to close for the day and that is why they sent you down here") I am put in a triage room, get into a gown, asked why I am there to which I reply I am no sure?! and they get me hooked up to a monitor. The nurse comes back in to check on me and says everything looks great, that I have no reason to worry. So I stay on the monitor, keep in touch with hubby through texts, and just hang out watching tv- would have been better if I could have changed the channel but I couldn't find the remote anywhere. So the nurse comes back in takes my history, looks at the monitor readings, says they look great, she isn't sure why I was sent down to them and she was going to call the doctor on call which thankfully was my regular OB:) A short time latter she comes back in, says I am good to go, I can get dressed and leave. So THANKFULLY nothing was wrong and we are all doing well aside from a little minor scare! I am home resting comfortably on the couch while the kiddos play wii:)
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
OH almost forgot to mention I am considered FULL Term now, I am 37 weeks today!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Questions with UPDATE

First Question: Is anyone else having problems leaving comments on other's blogs? I am! I just keep getting re-directing to the sign in even though I have already signed in. UGH! Very frustrating.

Second Question: I cannot remember if I have already asked this or not but I am planning on attempting to breast feed (I had breast augmentation done 12 yrs ago and I am not sure that I even can but I am going to try!) however I want to get new bottles. We used play.tex drop ins with my other two kiddos however with the drop ins that is an added cost (buying the inserts) so that is one reason why we want to switch, also there are new bottles on the market etc.. and I want something that will be best if I am able to breast feed etc... SO here is the question- I need suggestions on what bottles you would recommend! I seem overwhelmed by all the choices.

Blogger won't even let me comment on my on blog! UGH! Anyhoo I just wanted to clarify my breast augmentation was a breast reduction and lift but still hoping we can use them;) LOL!

THANKS for any help you can give me:)


Sorry guys that I haven't posted in a while, it has been CRAZY around here!!! I had a very busy week and weekend- the weekend was good though with lots of family time:) And then this week has been doctors appointments and dealing with a computer that wasn't working properly.
Yesterday was my birthday (we kind of celebrated with a cookout on Sunday at my parents house with my brother and his family), but it really was a normal day for me other than the fact that I spent ALL day in a doctors office. (Hubby had given me my birthday present the weekend before- the diaper bag that I wanted)My mom ended up taking the day off which was a God send, and she watched the kids for me. I started the day off at the cardiologists, where I had an EKG and ECHO with all GOOD news and results which means they see no reason not to let me labor or have an epidural =) Then it was time to head across town, grab a bite to eat for lunch and then go to the OB's office for an NST, BPP and exam. I was VERY frustrated because I had to wait quite a while to be taken back and then I got the nurses assistant that thinks she knows everything and doesn't listen to the patients, hook me up for the NST. Well she didn't listen and I ended up on the machine for 15 minutes without a good reading, she kept blaming the baby for moving too much yet I kept telling her where they usually place the monitor etc.. UGH ! VERY frustrating and it ended up taking way longer than scheduled or necessary. So then that made me late for my BPP, and once again they were backed up there so I had a wait. But I got to see baby girl:) She is doing fantastic, the u/s tech says she weighs about 7.1 lbs now and if I got to my due date she expects her to weigh right around 8.5 lbs. She says she has a full head of hair too:)  SQUEAL!!! LOTS of bows and hair accessories=) Everything was good with the BPP. Next up was the exam, thankfully I didn't have to wait too long. The doctor is happy with how everything is going, although he did note my edema- swelling in my feet, cankles and legs. Then he examined me- ouch! and there was no change:( But I am happy to get good reports!
After the doctors I went to my parents house to pick up the kiddos and visit for a little bit. Then it was time to head home and fix dinner. My little girl wasn't acting herself, turns out she has a little bug and was running a fever:( So that made for a bad night- I HATE when my kiddos are sick!  Hubby actually made it home in time for dinner and to hang out for a few minutes before heading to the gym. While he was at the gym I cleaned up the kitchen, bathed kiddos and got them ready for bed. So just a normal day, but I guess that is what happens when you get "old" and your a mom!
This morning my little girl was feeling better- thank goodness! I had yet another doctors appointment this time with my endocrinologist and I had to take the kiddos with me. The appointment went well, she was very happy with my A1C, blood pressure etc... however she was concerned about the swelling in my legs, feet etc... and said I need to stay inside where it is cool (we are in the 90's ALL week and weekend with several days flirting with the 100 degree mark- not cool at all when you are 9 months pregnant!), keep my feet propped up as much as possible etc..
Side note the other night I had a very vivid dream about baby girl. I dreamt that I had a c-section, everything went fantastic, she was healthy, weighing 9.6lbs (WOW!), big round face, BIG blue eyes and blond hair. Which is very strange because hubby and I both picture her with dark hair just because our other two kiddos have dark hair- LOL! The round face I saw in the dream does not match the face we see in the ultrasounds either, who knows but it was a good and interesting dream.
I hope everyone is doing well, had a good holiday weekend and is staying nice and cool:)