Monday, June 6, 2011


Well this past weekend I started experiencing contractions- or what I assume are contractions since I don't really know what to expect/ what they feel like etc... Of course I am sure it didn't help that Saturday evening we took the kiddos to a local baseball game. We had gone the weekend before, had awesome seats in the shade, behind home plate, with a nice breeze etc... So I was thinking even though it was in the 90's we would be okay- LOL! WRONG! We had different seats (we got the seats free through my hubby's work), actually better seats for watching baseball however we were in the sun:( I was miserable, my daughter was complaining, my son my sweating worse than a whore in church. We attempted to move to the shade however the people whose seats we were in showed up, so we decided just to leave, which was the BEST move! We got home, I changed my clothes, headed for the basement where it is coolest, and propped my feet up. Needless to say Saturday was when my contractions started, and I have been having them on and off, no rhythm to them yet.
This morning I had another NST. Baby girl was once again VERY active when she is on the monitor, so they had a hard time keeping her on it but thank goodness they did not send me to L&D again:) The nurse did comment that I had a pretty decent contraction while on the monitor. So sounds like we are getting closer to meeting our baby girl!!!!


  1. Sitting in the sun at a baseball game sounds horrible right now!! And I'm cracking up at your son sweating like a whore in church! Hooray for getting closer!