Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Questions with UPDATE

First Question: Is anyone else having problems leaving comments on other's blogs? I am! I just keep getting re-directing to the sign in even though I have already signed in. UGH! Very frustrating.

Second Question: I cannot remember if I have already asked this or not but I am planning on attempting to breast feed (I had breast augmentation done 12 yrs ago and I am not sure that I even can but I am going to try!) however I want to get new bottles. We used play.tex drop ins with my other two kiddos however with the drop ins that is an added cost (buying the inserts) so that is one reason why we want to switch, also there are new bottles on the market etc.. and I want something that will be best if I am able to breast feed etc... SO here is the question- I need suggestions on what bottles you would recommend! I seem overwhelmed by all the choices.

Blogger won't even let me comment on my on blog! UGH! Anyhoo I just wanted to clarify my breast augmentation was a breast reduction and lift but still hoping we can use them;) LOL!

THANKS for any help you can give me:)


  1. i had booby implants too! ha ha. hope we can both use them. hee hee. with our son, we used playtex and gerber. but i prefer dr. brown's.

  2. I researched this a lot last summer when we were adopting b/c I wanted to breastfeed then (luckily I didn't start it), and wanted the same thing for bottles! I'm a Speech Pathologist so I'm super super OCD about oral development too! I found Tommee Tippee bottles at Babies R Us, they just stared selling them in the states last summer, and they are made specifically for that! So, since I didn't get to use them last summer, I'll be using them now, but I recommended them to multiple friends who all RAVE about them. So, check those out too! :) I've had a few friends recently try those breast flow ones, but the nipple collapses really bad, which isn't conducive. I've known lots of people to use Dr. Brown's with lots of success! Good luck!!!!