Thursday, June 9, 2011

We have a plan

Today I went for my NST, BPP and 38 week check-up (technically I won't be 38 weeks till tomorrow). BPP went great, she was moving around, still head down etc... Next up was the NST, she was once again very active- LOL! She does NOT like to be monitored. She is active but she is REALLY active when she is on the monitor. Next up was my doctors appointment, he did the exam and then wanted to discuss the plan in his office. Everything is fine, baby girl is fine, however I am not making any progress. The doctor has decided that next Friday will be our baby girl's birthday. I will be having a c-section, because I am diabetic and he does not like to induce diabetic mom's because of not knowing how long labor will be and trying to manage blood sugars etc... The good news is I will be able to have a spinal, be awake and hubby will be in the room. I am full of emotions right now! I am so nervous and scared about a c-section etc... I am disappointed because it is a c-section and I won't get to experience labor at all. I am sad because my pregnancy is almost over and I don't know if I will ever experience this again. I am excited to meet our little girl. OMG I am a mess right now! I cannot believe we are here!
I still have so much to do! The good news is hubby called the crib makers and the part we needed for the crib was shipped yesterday and we might have it tomorrow. So if we do get the part tomorrow we can get the nursery in order tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out what to take to the hospital and what clothes I will need especially after she arrives. Anyhoo just wanted to update:)


  1. I know how dissapointing it is to hear the "you have to have a c-section" talk from your dr....especially when being able to birth your baby is very important to you. I had both my babies c-section...2 babies and never felt a single contraction. First baby was breech so no options really. And...once I had him...I realized that just having him was the best when I had my 2nd baby (via embryo adoption)...I just chose the repeat section because it really was a piece of cake. Yes...a little pain and slower for a week or so after...but overall...still a wonderful birth experience...just different than what I imagined.

    I hope the next week brings you that spontaneous labor and birth you wanted...but if you get to Friday and have to have the surgery...just are still birthing your is just a little different and it will still be awesome.

    Good luck.


  2. Holy moly! Next Friday! Hooray! I'm so excited for you! I would be disappointed too if I were a scheduled section, so I understand that and am sending love. But we gotta get this girl here safe and sound with a healthy mommy to take great care of her too!!! This is so awesome for you!!

    Here's a few random things that our patient care coordinator told me to bring that weren't on any other list...
    Mouthwash, when you can eat you can squish this with some water to feel a bit fresher! (may not need with a c-section)
    baby book or family bible or anything you want foot/hand prints in
    air freshener (it can just get stale in the room)
    hand sanitizer for people who try to touch your baby without washing hands!

    Hope that helps! Wishing you so much luck!! Praying good things for you and baby girl!

  3. She also told us to bring our own Kleenex b/c theirs is like cardboard--just a thought, I'm anticipating tears!! :)

  4. I know you are a bit disappointed to be having a scheduled C-Section. However, the most important thing is to get baby girl here and have both her and Mommy be as healthy as possible.

    As someone who JUST had a C-Section 2 days ago and was completely unprepared for the trip to the hospital, my suggestion of things to be sure to bring would be either some gowns you will be comfy in and/or some PJs with bottoms that have a very soft and comfy waistband. The incision will be low on your belly, so I would say something that has an elastic band that will comfortably fit over your pregnant belly. This way, post delivery they will still fit and be comfy?

  5. You will do great with the c-section. They're not fun, but very common!