Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dentist visit again!

So with my busy, busy day I got to end it with the lovely dentist (*note the sarcasm here!*), because my crown was ready. Thankfully my parents watched the kiddos so I could go. Something that really irritates me is EVERY single time I have an appointment the dentist office calls to see if I can come in earlier- um HELLO if I could come in earlier don't you think I would schedule it earlier?! Anyhoo I am not happy with the dentist, and to add to it I DO NOT like going. But then given my luck I cannot imagine why-LOL!
To sum up the appointment: the crown did NOT fit AGAIN! I was furious!!! This is the second time this has happened! The last crown I had to have (prior to this one) it took 3 visits for them to get it right! Well thankfully my c-section was changed from this Friday to Monday because Saturday morning I am going to the dentist to see if they got the crown right this time. But this time I will be going to the dentist with both the kiddos with me because my parents are going to the lake, and my hubby trains (personal training) on Saturday. Gotta love this the dentist says I guess you want this taken care of before you have the baby? UM you think?! She then said well it is your lucky day because we happen to be open this Saturday (they are only open 1 Sat. a month- even though they advertise Sat. hours). And here I was thinking if it was my lucky day I would NOT be here much less having to come back! I think what ticks me off more than anything is the dentist is so non-chalant about the whole thing saying they did everything right it is the lab's fault for not getting the crown right- well I would be getting a new lab this is ridiculous!
Oh and when re-doing my impressions she kept getting upset that I wasn't biting down all the way. Well once she finally took the bite tray out of my mouth I explained it was hurting and hitting my gums etc.. in the back to which she looked and said "Oh you still have your wisdom teeth!" UM yep and they call you then dentist? WOW encouraging! UGH!
YES I will be finding a NEW dentist, and get established with that dentist in the very near future! Right now I am just hoping and praying that they can get the stupid crown right this time because we are out of time!

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