Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sorry guys that I haven't posted in a while, it has been CRAZY around here!!! I had a very busy week and weekend- the weekend was good though with lots of family time:) And then this week has been doctors appointments and dealing with a computer that wasn't working properly.
Yesterday was my birthday (we kind of celebrated with a cookout on Sunday at my parents house with my brother and his family), but it really was a normal day for me other than the fact that I spent ALL day in a doctors office. (Hubby had given me my birthday present the weekend before- the diaper bag that I wanted)My mom ended up taking the day off which was a God send, and she watched the kids for me. I started the day off at the cardiologists, where I had an EKG and ECHO with all GOOD news and results which means they see no reason not to let me labor or have an epidural =) Then it was time to head across town, grab a bite to eat for lunch and then go to the OB's office for an NST, BPP and exam. I was VERY frustrated because I had to wait quite a while to be taken back and then I got the nurses assistant that thinks she knows everything and doesn't listen to the patients, hook me up for the NST. Well she didn't listen and I ended up on the machine for 15 minutes without a good reading, she kept blaming the baby for moving too much yet I kept telling her where they usually place the monitor etc.. UGH ! VERY frustrating and it ended up taking way longer than scheduled or necessary. So then that made me late for my BPP, and once again they were backed up there so I had a wait. But I got to see baby girl:) She is doing fantastic, the u/s tech says she weighs about 7.1 lbs now and if I got to my due date she expects her to weigh right around 8.5 lbs. She says she has a full head of hair too:)  SQUEAL!!! LOTS of bows and hair accessories=) Everything was good with the BPP. Next up was the exam, thankfully I didn't have to wait too long. The doctor is happy with how everything is going, although he did note my edema- swelling in my feet, cankles and legs. Then he examined me- ouch! and there was no change:( But I am happy to get good reports!
After the doctors I went to my parents house to pick up the kiddos and visit for a little bit. Then it was time to head home and fix dinner. My little girl wasn't acting herself, turns out she has a little bug and was running a fever:( So that made for a bad night- I HATE when my kiddos are sick!  Hubby actually made it home in time for dinner and to hang out for a few minutes before heading to the gym. While he was at the gym I cleaned up the kitchen, bathed kiddos and got them ready for bed. So just a normal day, but I guess that is what happens when you get "old" and your a mom!
This morning my little girl was feeling better- thank goodness! I had yet another doctors appointment this time with my endocrinologist and I had to take the kiddos with me. The appointment went well, she was very happy with my A1C, blood pressure etc... however she was concerned about the swelling in my legs, feet etc... and said I need to stay inside where it is cool (we are in the 90's ALL week and weekend with several days flirting with the 100 degree mark- not cool at all when you are 9 months pregnant!), keep my feet propped up as much as possible etc..
Side note the other night I had a very vivid dream about baby girl. I dreamt that I had a c-section, everything went fantastic, she was healthy, weighing 9.6lbs (WOW!), big round face, BIG blue eyes and blond hair. Which is very strange because hubby and I both picture her with dark hair just because our other two kiddos have dark hair- LOL! The round face I saw in the dream does not match the face we see in the ultrasounds either, who knows but it was a good and interesting dream.
I hope everyone is doing well, had a good holiday weekend and is staying nice and cool:)

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