Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rough Couple of Days

Well my dentist appointment was miserable to say the least:(  I had to have a root canal! Yes 35.5 weeks pregnant and I had to have a root canal and then ended up getting two other cavities taken care of as well. I HATE HATE HATE going to the dentist and it had been about a year since I had been, I knew I had some cavaties that needed to be taken care of however my insurance was maxed the last time I was there so I was waiting and then I got pregnant etc... So that is how I ended up with a root canal and right next to that tooth was another cavatity and they were going to fill because I would already be numb. Well apparently there was some miss communication between the dental assistant and the dentist and they ended up filling the wrong one so that is how I ended up with a root canal and two fillings! Needless to say Monday night I was feeling miserable, I was hungry because my appointment was at 6pm (I can't eat prior due to medication I have to take etc...) and I didn't get done till 8pm, had to pick the kiddos up from my mom and dad's and get home. I couldn't eat because my mouth hurt and was still numb. I did have a fruit smoothie around 10 or so that night because I had to have something.
Before I go on something that really TICKED me off when I was at the dentist, and I am sure that part is hormones, part is I HATE being/going to the dentist etc... But the dental assistant made some comment about how nice that I had two adopted kiddos and now I was having my own- UM EXCUSE ME?! My kiddos are my own! Then she was taking to the dentist about me and made some comment about how lucky I am to have so many kids. Yes I am VERY BLESSED- that is the word I would used. Luck, um if you only knew what my hubby and myself have been through in our 8.5 years of marriage to have the family we have! It just rubbed me the wrong way and I needed to express my feelings.
The next morning was my daughter's graduation from kindergarten and I was still feeling bad, my mouth hurt and I hadn't slept well. The graduation went well! Then the rest of the day was bad news, my mouth hurt, I had a headache (I assume from my dental work), the AC went out again, the computer was acting up (why I couldn't update my blog), it just seemed like one thing after another.
Today my mouth seems a little better, still hurting and cannot eat on that side of the mouth etc.. I took the kiddos to my daughter's school for their art fair, that went well, and was very cute! Then it was onto my blood work for the month. After that is when my day started going down hill! My mom called wanting to make plans for a cookout to celebrate my birthday this weekend, everything sounded great until she said my in-laws were invited-UGH! She just RUINED it right there, I told her I would rather not celebrate my birthday, I know that sounds horrible but it is the truth. I would rather not do anything than spend "celebrating" my birthday stressed out the entire time! I am just hoping that she will cancel the whole thing but knowing her she won't. Honestly I had mentioned to my hubby about wanting to take the kids to a baseball game this weekend, I would rather do that for my birthday. My daughter wants to take me to the zoo- LOL! Yes I enjoy the zoo but I really think this is more for her. Anyhoo that is what has been going on.

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  1. boo. so sorry to hear the root canal was the pits. do you at least get to eat a lot more ice cream? : )p