Monday, May 16, 2011

NST and doc appointment

So today I had my first NST of the week, and baby girl did great, she was very active! My blood pressure was great (again, which I love to hear) and I had another appointment with the doctor. I had just seen the doctor on Thursday and all he did was "talk" to me so I was wondering why I was being seen again. Well I am now officially seeing the doctor once a week, NST's twice a week and a BPP once a week, so we are getting even closer to baby girls arrival:)
Friday I have my next NST and a BPP- get to see baby girl again on the ultrasound:) Then next week, Monday I meet with the doctor again, this time for my first pelvic (first in a while), oh joy!
This past weekend was a busy weekend celebrating my niece's 6th birthday which is always bittersweet for me, she was born on my son's due date so when I celebrate her birthday I cannot help but think that we should also be celebrating William's birthday too (he too would have been 6 years old).
Yesterday my mom came over and helped to get the nursery more together. My mom and hubby took down the border, and cleaned the walls; we got the valance up, the closet door pulls changed, the changing table pad put on the changing table, and hubby put the swing and bassinet together. So we are making progress! We are still waiting for the piece for the crib to be able to put it together. I do feel much much better/ prepared for our little one's arrival. Now I just need advice from anyone on what I NEED to take to the hospital, so please, please I could use some input. THANKS:)
Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I forwarded you a list, hope that helps, someone else sent it to me! :) I'm clueless myself!

  2. Oh THANK YOU!!!!!!! I really appreciate it:) Glad I am not the only one who feels clueless about it!