Friday, May 13, 2011

34 weeks and an update

I am 34 weeks today!!!! And I am finally getting around to updating (apparently Blogger was down most of the day/ afternoon and night yesterday).
Let's start with Mother's Day. I had a good day, slept in which was much needed since I am having a hard time sleeping/ getting comfortable. Then my daughter surprised me with a card, and some cute things she made at school- I LOVE the homemade stuff!!! My son I could tell was upset because he didn't have anything for me, and he headed to his room looking for something to give me- love his heart! So I went in and told him that what Mommy really really wanted was hugs kisses; and he said "you don't want surprises?, you don't want presents?, all you want is hugs and kisses?". Then he gave me big hugs and kisses:) While I was getting ready for the day the kiddos went with their daddy to get me breakfast, according to my son, my favorite breakfast from Harbee's- LOL! Yes they got me a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from Har.dee's (my husband's favorite breakfast place!); it was yummy and since I am limited on what I can eat it was nice not to have to cook:) During breakfast hubby surprised me with a little shopping spree to the BIG baby store for stuff we need and I was beginning to panic about. (I had told hubby I didn't want him to spend any money on Mother' Day because we still had a lot to get for baby girl, plus we start paying on our son's preschool tuition this month and our daughter's school tuition in July, and not to mention all the medical bills that will be rolling in soon!) So after breakfast we went shopping and we got the stroller, car seat- YAY! we can bring her home now;) swing, wrap, and changing pad cover. We also made a side trip to tarjay for stuff we needed at home etc... When we got home it was lunch time, nap time for mommy and the kiddos and daddy worked in the yard. After the kiddos and I got a decent nap in and daddy cooled off from working outside in the yard we headed over to my parents to celebrate Mother's Day with them (my brother and his family were there too!). We all headed out to dinner (the mother's got to put their choice of restaurant on a piece of paper and then we drew where we were going to eat- it was the place I chose:) We had a good dinner and then headed out for dessert at a local ice cream shop that my kids LOVE and I had introduced my mom to several weeks ago and she wanted to go back. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside on the patio of the ice cream shop while everyone (except me- no ice cream for me!) enjoyed their treat, chatted and the kids played- great way to end Mother's Day:)

Okay about my week, well really about my NST's (non-stress test) and Bio-Physical Profile (BPP). Tuesday afternoon I had my second BPP and an NST. The BPP was good, she wasn't real active at that point, but we did see her "practice" breathing, and got a cute picture of her little toes flexed:) She is head down :)  Next it was on to the NST room. Well I got a little ticked because the chick hooking me up to the monitor didn't listen to me when I told her how our little girl was positioned, she put the monitor on the opposite side and thus after 20 minutes on the monitor the reading wasn't clear/ good enough,because anytime she moved they didn't get a reading. UGH! I was on the monitor FOREVER!!! I ended up having to text my hubby to go pick our daughter up from school, which was a task texting, because I was having to hold the monitor on my belly with one hand, push the button with the other each time she moved, kicked etc... all the while I was trying to text! When I finally got done all was well, it was a good reading and she was very active. I went to check out/ schedule my next 2 weeks of test and their computers were down:(  Get out to the car and hubby is in a BAD mood because it took so long and he was away from work for so long, and oh by the way he tells me not to drive too far because the gas light is on and the van needs gas! So I go to fill up at the gas station and while I was at the docs gas took a HUGE jump (40 cent jump to be exact), but what are you going to do you need fuel so I fuel up get back into the car to leave and my little one has to go to the bathroom. OMG! I felt like I was never going to get home!
That same day I had to take the kiddos back to the hospital (where my ob's office is) for their sibling class, thankfully hubby joined us:)  Well the sibling class was interesting, I think my daughter enjoyed it and got some stuff out of it however my son was not cooperative at ALL!!!! I have come to the conclusion that when son is embarrassed or uncomfortable in a situation he acts out- and this is exactly what he did! He would not participate, ran around, making noises etc... he wouldn't settle down until they had snack and watched a movie- which he did watch. Anyhoo I am hoping that he got something out of it.
Then yesterday I had my second NST of the week and an OB check-up (with a different doc than I usually see because my doc is on vacation). So I do the usual bp check (which the last two times has been FANTASTIC:), weight (um, no comment), urine sample etc... Then I am taken into the NST room by a nice nurse who actually listens to me about where baby girl is and we have no problems with the recording this time:) So I am suppose to be on the monitors 20 minutes. 20 min., pass then 30, no one has come into check on me or anything at this point! then 40 minutes, oh and at this point the machine runs out of paper- LOVELY. So I start hollering trying to get someone's attention to no avail, finally after 45 min. on the monitor I get up with monitors still attached, go to the door and holler out into the hallway to get someone's attention. Apparently it is funny that I was forgotten on the monitor, and the nurse comments well at least there was enough paper for your recording, then tells me I can unhook myself from the monitors- gee thanks. So finally I am put in a room to see the doc. Doc comes in seems nice enough, all we do is talk!??? What no belly measurements? I understand no need to listen to her heartbeat since I just finished my NST. He says everything looks good to him. So I go to the check-out desk to schedule my next two weeks of NST's and BPP's (b/c remember their computers were down on Tues). well apparently for some reason don't know why the ob doc wants to see me back on Monday?! Um ok and he only put me down for one NST for next week. I told the receptionist I am to get 2 NST's a week and 1 BPP a week so thankfully she did schedule me for those next week but unfortunately my usual ob doc is still on vacation next week. So I am not sure what to expect. SO FRUSTRATING!!!! The good news was even with all the chaos at the appointment I got done in time to pick my daughter up from school so hubby was in a little better mood when I got done.
On a good note I sent in my pre-admit forms today in the mail:) And I got a nice surprise in the mail too!!!! My momma ordered me covers, crib sheet and a changing pad cover and it came in the mail to me- a very nice surprise!!!!!!
Well if you have managed to finish reading my ramblings pat yourself on the back:) and thanks for hanging with me! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!


  1. it sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day... and phew... even through all those doctor visits, you and your little girl are still doing well!

  2. Goodness! I'm sorry you're having such adventures with your NSTs. Hopefully next week will be MUCHO better!