Friday, May 20, 2011


Wanted to give a quick update since I am not sure when I will be able to update because I have a super busy day and weekend ahead. Well last night I barely slept and it had nothing to do with pregnancy. I have a toothache that kept me up most of the night (as well as the million and one trips to the bathroom). I have known I have had a cavity for several weeks now but have avoided going to the dentist because
1.) I HATE the dentist!
2.) I was afraid to go because of being pregnant (I have to pre-medicate due to heart condition) and didn't want to put anything in my body that might harm our baby etc...
3.) I am not happy with the dentist I have been seeing and want to switch just don't know who to switch too (LONG story on why I am not happy)
4.) My gag reflex has gotten worse since becoming pregnant
5.) trying to schedule an appointment is next to impossible because of all the other doctors appointments, daughters school schedule and trying to find someone to watch the kiddos

 EXCUSES, EXCUSES just didn't want to go and deal with it but now I have no choice! I called this morning and cannot get in until Monday evening. So I will have to go through the weekend with this tooth pain:( But it will give me an opportunity to talk to the doc today while I am there for my next NST and BPP as to what I can take, what they can do etc... what all is safe since I am pregnant.
NOT how I wanted to start my weekend. Hoping the pain will ease over the weekend but I do plan on keeping my appointment!

I am struggling to stay awake right now, and there is no time for a nap today:( I have to pick my daughter up at school at noon,stop by the grocery because hubby just called and he wants pizza rolls for lunch and we don;t have any,  the handyman is coming at 1:00 (hubby is suppose to be home at that time too for lunch and to watch the kids), leave to go to 1:30 BPP and 2:00 NST; get home, load the kiddos up to drive an hour+ to get my niece for the night; drive back home and get dinner and then hopefully crash for the night.
Tomorrow I am taking my niece and daughter to breakfast and the  play Pin.kali.cious. Then we are suppose to head up to the outlet malls for a little early bday shopping for me thanks to hubby:) Sunday my daughter has her spring gymnastics meet. I am going to be exhausted come Monday which may be good, maybe I can just sleep while the dentist works on my tooth! I wish!!!!
Anyhoo I hope everyone has a great weekend, with beautiful weather!!!!!

Well there was a change of plans. Thankfully my niece had a field trip here in town and my sister in law went on the field trip, so after it was over they were able to bring my niece over to our house. So now I don't have to drive one hour + each way to go get my niece. I am now able to relax this afternoon, my son is able to get his nap- which he still really needs:)
My doctors appointment/ NST and BPP went really well. They were fast and efficient at the doctors office. The BPP was first and it was great to see our little girl:) Can never get enough of that! She is doing fabulous, my fluid level was actually up from last week, and I found out my my ribs have been hurting/ sore! Little Miss is breach with her head, and feet in my ribs! Thankfully there is still plenty of fluid for her to flip back to head down (but that also means there is plenty of fluid for her to flip back again to breach).  The NST went smoothly, she was plenty active but they were still able to get a good reading. So I go back on Monday for my doctor appointment (first pelvic) and an NST.


  1. I'm so sorry about the tooth! Sounds awful and I so wish you didn't have to do that while being pregnant. Sending you lots of love!!

  2. all i have to say is ... ICE CREAM! Good for sore mouths. ; )

  3. Ice cream sounds wonderful, however I'm diabetic so no ice cream for me:(