Monday, May 23, 2011

Making Progress

Before I get to my doctors appointment today I want to talk about my crazy, crazy weekend! Friday when I got home from the doctors my niece was at the house (she ended up staying all weekend) and the handyman was there fixing a few things around the house along with putting a new fixture in the kiddos bathroom:) Saturday ended up being a long day. We got up early and I took the kiddos to the breakfast performance of Pink.a.liciou.s at a local theater- it was a cute show and the kiddos really enjoyed it. Then on our way home I stopped at a local restaurant because they were having a pirate weekend. Well all they had at that time was a guy dressed as Cap.tain but it still made my son's day- he is REALLY into pirates ever since we went to Dis.ney Wor.ld and he rode of the They were suppose to have swashbuckling demos at 1 that afternoon so my hubby took little man up there however they were disappointed because when they got there they said it wouldn't be until 2 (I was a little ticked off about that because just 20 minutes earlier when I was up there they said it was at 1!).  Well we already had plans to go to the outlet mall for a little early bday shopping for me:) The trip to the mall took over 3 hours thanks to traffic/ construction so we didn't get to shop too much but I did get the diaper bag I wanted:) We had a late night, by the time we got home it was 10:30 at night and I hadn't had an opportunity to put my feet up all day long so needless to say my feet, cankles and legs were swollen!
Sunday my daughter had a gymnastics meet, so we all went to that to cheer her on- I was SO SO proud of her!!! She did awesome:) Thankfully after the meet I was able to get my son down for a nap, my niece and daughter played and I was able to put my feet up for a bit. However we realized that when we got home from the meet that our air conditioner was not working:( It was getting hot in the house especially upstairs, thankfully downstairs it was still comfortable. I thought it was going to be a long miserable hot night however when we got home from dinner hubby worked on the ac and got it working:) YAH! Knock on wood the ac is still working and keeping this momma cool:)
Today was run, run, run too! I took my daughter to school for her last regular day of classes, then hurried to the grocery, felt like I sprinted through the grocery so I could get home, put the groceries away and make it to my doctors appointment on time.
Doctors appointment went great:) First up was the usual, weight, blood pressure, and urine sample. The bp was great again- yah! Then it was time for the NST, it went great and it was enjoyable to sit down, feet up and relax in a quiet room. Then it was time for my doctors appointment, I met a different doc in the practice this time. He was nice and explained everything, he measured my belly, and then did the strep test- I will more than likely get the results next week at my appointment.  Then he examined me and I am a finger tip dilated and my cervix is softening- so I am making progress! WOW, hard to believe our little one will be here in 4.5 weeks or less!!!! My next appointment is this Friday for a NST and BPP. I went ahead and scheduled my appointments for next week too. Looks like I get to spend my birthday in doctors offices:( I have a heart doc, ekg, and echo in the morning and that afternoon I have a NST, BPP and ob doc appointment.
Now I am going to rest with my feet up while the kiddos rest before having to head to the dentist:(
UGH!! Please keep me in your prayers I know it seems trivial but I really really dislike going to the dentist especially for a filling. Just praying all goes smoothly, quickly and painless. I will update on how it goes tomorrow.


  1. Yay for progressing! a fingertip dialated? yahoo!

  2. Praying for that dentist appt! I typically hate them too, until a friend of mine became a dentist, now I drive the 2 hrs home just to see him!! So, I understand, having bad teeth dentists are always mean to me! :( Good luck!